Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 27 - Sebastian

It was like a movie reel, flashing through my head. Everything came back to me at once. And I instantly knew that I loved this girl.

I was in love with Avery.

I pulled her closer to me, not wanting to let go. I was afraid if the kiss broke, I would lose all this new information. I wanted to see all of it. I needed to see all of it.

For the first time since I woke up, I knew my place. I had a purpose. A reason for being.

Destiny had brought us together. It had pushed her to Colorado Springs. To me. She was why I was alive.

From start to finish, I witnessed how it all happened. How we got from there to here.

And I understood.

We were twin flames. Kindred spirits. Soulmates. Placed thousands of miles apart, only for fate to cause our paths to cross. My purpose for Traveling was intentional, though only known to my subconscious. The different places, the different faces... I was searching for Avery. Something inside me, deep down in my soul, recognized that my life depended upon her. Finding her, bringing her here was the only way to stay alive.

And I was certain, without a single doubt, I would forever be by her side. From this life to the next.

I pulled away from her, stumbling backwards. My poor brain was having a hard time computing all this new information. My head hurt. My legs felt weak. I sat on the arm rest of her couch, trying to gather my thoughts. Emotions filled my body. Happiness, confusion, wonderment and excitement swirled around inside me like a hurricane. No rhyme or reason, no certain path, like paint exploding onto four walls of a room. These feelings surged through my body.

I felt her hand touch my arm. Looking at her for the first time since recalling every memory of us, she smiled at me.

"I saw it. I saw everything. Every second I was with you, every conversation we had, every touch," I smiled, "I saw it all."

How could I have forgotten her? How she took over all my thoughts, how she effected all my actions and influenced every decision I made.

And then I was upset.

"Oh my God, Avery, I am so sorry I didnt remember. I dont understand how I could have forgotten that--forgot Us."

She started to cry, but this time they were happy tears.


I opened the door, excitedly. I didnt let her say a word, I wrapped her in my arms and lifted her off the ground. She giggled. I loved that sound.

She put her hands on both side of my face, grinning at me, she kissed me. It was the best feeling in the world.

"You're late," I said on her lips.

"No, you're just on 'Sebastian' time. I'm actually early!" I laughed. She was right. She was almost ten minutes early, but it didnt matter. Her arrival was never early enough for me.

"Hey! Stop hogging Avery! You're not the only one that missed her, ya know!" I heard my dad yell from the kitchen. I rolled my eyes. She winked at me, making me smile.

"I knew I could always count on you to save me, Sam!" She called back to him.

He laughed.

We had spent every day together for the last three weeks, though it never seemed like enough. She had quit her job at the hospital as her reputation had taken off with rumors of her artwork. She was racking in the dough now.

I had started my job with a new architect company in town. They were up and coming but we were quickly swamped with job proposals as our style was unique and highly sought after. I love my job but I loved Avery more. It took more of my time away from her than I would have liked, but I was saving up to surprise her. I needed as much cash as I could get right now.

I grabbed her hand and dragged her into the kitchen. Mom was making lasagna. My favorite.

"Hi sweetie!" Mom said as she hugged Avery.

"Carolyn, it smells delicious in here... as always."

"What the hell Avery?" Chase was sitting at the table in the corner of the room, pouting because she hadnt noticed him right away, "How you gonna ignore me like that? I thought we were tight," he grumbled.

"Well apparently, you were wrong," she joked.

I snickered. He glared at me. He was pretty bummed when he found out about me and Avery but after I explained all the weird shit that happened, he was cool about it. He was actually happy for us and it didnt seem to bother him much.

Sometimes though, he would hug her a little longer than I found appropriate.

He's such a dick.

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