Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 28 - Avery & Sebastian

Sebastian opened the door to a smiling Avery.

She was dressed in a light pink knee high pompon dress. The top of it was black and elegant.

"You look amazing," he said breathlessly.

He wore a blue slim fit suit and white button down the front shirt. Minus the tie. Of course.

She grinned and looked him up and down, "You look pretty yummy yourself there, Stud. "

He laughed.

Grabbing her hand, he led her into the back yard.

She gasped at the sight.

The trees were strung with soft white lights, illuminating the two table top dinner setting beneath them. Candles sat on the patio, surrounding their table. The sun was setting behind the mountains, turning the sky a deep purple and pink hue. Music played in the background.

He held the chair out for her.

"Sebastian... this is beautiful."

He sat beside her and smiled, an act that Avery never tired of seeing, "I'm glad you like it." Scooting closer, he whispered in her ear, "I want to show you something." His breath was warm on her neck, sending pleasurable chills throughout her body. Really, all she wanted was his mouth on hers.

He picked up a book that lay in the center of the table. Staring at it, he tapped his fingers nervously against the black cover. Avery immediately recognized it as his sketchbook. Confused, but anciously curious, she softly replied, "Okay?"

He sighed and flipped through the pages, trying to locate his latest masterpiece. He had a lot of drawings and they were all amazing. He was so talented, she often wondered why he chose architecture instead of art. He was too imaginative to be forced to pencil straight lines for the rest of his life, but it made him happy so she never said anything about it. He placed the book in her hands gently.

It was a drawing of a house. A beautiful house, actually. "Sebastian, this is amazing," she said breathlessly.

It was a three story colonial style home. A half rounded front porch with two columns on either side that held up a small balcony on the second story. There was a sliding glass door in the center that led to that balcony and two huge windows on either side. The third story had three windows that jutted out from the roof. It was a big house. He had even drawn the landscaping., complete with color penciled bushes and flowers. It was breathtaking.

He was studying her, "You like it?"

She smiled at him and his gorgeous hazel eyes, "I love it! Who commissioned you for this?" Thinking someone had paid for him to design their house.


She was taken aback, "What?"

He held her hand and inhaled deeply, "I dont feel like I see you as much as I want to... with this job and all. You have your place. I still live at home. So..." he trailed off, I still wasnt sure where this was going, "I thought, you know, if you wanted... we could live here." He pointed at the sketch, "Together."

She was speechless.

And Sebastian thought maybe it was too soon. They had never had a deep conversation about their future together, they had just been enjoying life in the moment. But now, he realized there might be a possibility that she hadnt envisioned him in her's. The thought made his heart sink and he couldnt help but ramble on now--something to fill the weird silence that rarely occurred between the two. "I've been saving up every paycheck for this. I finally have enough for a down payment and as soon as I hand them the money, we can break ground," he said, still unsure what her reaction would be.

"Are you asking me to move into your new fancy house with you?"

"Yes." He smiled, sheepishly.

"I don't know..." She frowned.

This was not good.

His face dropped and his heart pounded ceremoniously with his chest, "Okay? Can I ask why?"

"Think of how heartbroken Chase would be. We just cannot do that to him, Bastian," a slow, mischievous grin spread across her face. He looked stunned at first, then he blinked a couple times, finally catching on and taking a huge, relieving gasp of air, "You are such an ASS AVERY MONROE!"

"Yeah, but a cute one," she pointed out.

He laughed.

Touche, he thought.

Then he asked her to dance as a new song started to come over the bluetooth speakers.

"Bring your wild, bring your innocent
Bring that smile when you bite your lip
Bring that two-glass, tipsy kiss
That stayed just a little too long..."

He pulled her close. One hand around her waist, the other holding her's close to his chest.

"Bring that laugh, bring those stars
Bring your jagged little heart
All the pieces of you
I ain't scared to love you, baby bring it on..."

They swayed to the music. Faces close, enjoying the moment.

"Come along with your heart on your sleeve
That makeup that you don't need
That angel that you don't see
When you look in the mirror
Bring your future, bring your past
Bring your scared to fall too fast
All those perfect imperfections
Bring that girl I gotta have..."

He pulled her hand up and twirled her around. She laughed.

"Bring it on, bring it on
Bring the fire, bring the storm
All your love like a flood
Rainin' down on me
Bring that laugh, bring those stars
Bring your jagged little heart
All the pieces of you
I ain't scared to love you, baby bring it on..."

He lifted her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his.

"Don't hold nothin' back
Go ahead just fall
Everything you have
Girl I want it all..."

"Marry me," he whispered, slipping a ring on her left hand.

"Put your hand in mine
Let me hold your heart
Baby let me see
Everything are..."

She didn't have to look at the ring. The size of the diamond wouldn't change her mind either way. "Of course," she smiled, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Baby bring it on, bring it on
Bring the fire, bring the storm
All your love like a flood
Rainin' down on me..."

He kissed her and held her close. They had their light at the end of the tunnel, their happy ending.

"Bring that laugh, bring those stars
Bring your jagged little heart
All the pieces of you
I ain't scared to love you, baby bring it on, bring it on, bring it on."
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