Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 5 - Sebastian

I watched her desert her painting and head to bed. I didnt follow her this time. Instead, I studied the art piece in front of me.

It was dark. Dark blues, grays, blacks and greens. One bright color--only one--pink. And there was very little of that. It was a landscape scene with lone tree upon a hill and it was way too dark. Everything was dark. The sky was dark, the grass was dark, the tree was dark. Little pink flowers randomly dotted the leaves of the tree, some falling to the ground, others looked to be flying away in an imaginary wind.

You can tell a lot about a person by their artwork. I wasnt an expert or anything but I knew she was the tree, without a doubt--alone and struggling to survive, possibly. I suppose the flowers were parts of her--maybe symbolic of losing herself, petal by pink petal, falling to the ground and blowing in an unknown direction by the wind.

The world was beyond her control.

I hated that she felt this way. I wanted nothing more than to see her smile. I wanted to be the one to bring about her happiness, as corny as it may sound. And what if I tried hard enough? Maybe it was delusional on my part, but if I really worked at it, in the end, would it also help me?

I had never dwelled on being lonely before. My life had always just been this way as far as I could remember. Sure, there were times, like now, that I wished to be seen--to be more than what I was. And when I would feel the need to connect, I always chose my own kind... ghosts, spirits, lost souls, whatever you want to call them. But here, with her in this apartment, the need to connect to the human world, for me, was stronger than ever. And I knew now, the thought of not being near her would inevitably bring about the loneliness of Traveling.

What is she doing to me?!

I turned and stared at her sleeping form. Milo was curled up beside her on the second pillow. He kept his eyes on me but never raised his head. He had been watching me the whole evening, uncertain of my intentions. After the dresser incident, he probably had every right to be. Hell, I didnt even know what my intentions were anymore.

I wondered what she was dreaming about and hoped she atleast found her missing happiness inside her tiny escapes from reality.

I had to know...

Others of my kind had entered people's dreams. They spoke of it, but I never thought much of it. I was a Traveler and an Observer and I never interfered, that wasnt why I was what I was... whatever I was. But now, I was curious if I could manage to Dreamscape. The Other's reasons were more malicious than mine but it was a technique that worked. I had just never had need to attempt it before. I never messed with people-- ever touched them, never moved their stuff as others would do--I wasnt a Terrifier. I was an Observer, a Traveler. But she made me want to venture outside of my comfort zone.

After feeling her eyes meet mine earlier, I needed more. I was curious. Why her? Whats so special about her compared to everyone else I had ever ran across? I had to know the why I was now so quickly obsessed.

How did this happen so quickly?

I studied her. She was in a deep sleep now, her eyes twitching beneath her lids. She looked peaceful, angelic even. I really just wanted to curl up beside her and spend the rest of this never ending existence by her side which surprised me, honestly. I had ever found something that felt like what I would assume was "home," but in this very moment, that's exactly how I felt.

I crouched down bedside the bed, inches from her face. I closed my eyes, focusing only on her, concentrating on entering her brain.

I appeared in a different realm. Brick wall to my left. Another to my right. As far as the eyes could see. It was a long, never ending corridor of brick. There was no sun, no clouds, no sky... just darkness. The same dark colors of her painting.

I heard feet slamming against the pavement. She was running. I looked to the distance as she came into view. She opened her mouth, no sound came out. She was obviously terrified, which immediately made me angry... she should never feel scared.

She was moving fast now, headed straight for me but looking over her shoulder.

She wouldn't see me in time to stop.

I prepared myself for impact.

She ran into my chest and I instantly wrapped my arms around her. She let out a tiny yelp and started struggling within my arms, but I didnt let go.

And I wouldnt let go because the tiny spark I felt even when she crashed into me was obvious. It confirmed that she was special and it reaffirmed that I wasnt going to leave her side.


"Hey, it's okay! You're safe," I whispered softly. I desperately wanted her to stop thrashing about and just let me hold her... I wanted--no, needed--to comfort her. "You're safe," I promised her.

And I meant it.

As if on demand, her body seemed to relax, causing my heart to flutter. I smiled as she buried her face in my neck.

Saved the damsel in distress--CHECK!

"I cant let it get me," she whimpered. Frowning, I looked in the direction she came from, seeing nothing behind her. "It wont," I reassured her. She looked up at me now. Seeing me for the first time. Actually seeing me! I swear my heart was beating double time.

"Who are you?" She was looking in my eyes, her face full of wonderment and curiosity.


She smiled and whispered, "Avery."

And then, she disappeared, vanishing into nothingness in my arms.

I instanly jumped up and backed away from the bed, watching her. She looked at her alarm clock and cursed. She flew out of bed, changing clothes as she frantically headed to the bathroom.

Milo raised his head warily. His eyes landed on me. He hissed... naturally. "Oh, tone down that extra-ness, demon, I mean no harm," I muttered, remembering what Avery had said to him last night at the door. He just glared at me... not that I would have expected anything less.

Standing in that empty space I knew this wouldnt be our last encounter. I would make sure it wasnt. I wasnt going anywhere now. From the moment she saw me, really saw me in that dream, she had me. I would forever be stuck by her side.


Her name was just as beautiful as her.

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