Sebastian The Traveler

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Chapter 8 - Avery

"You dont belong in this world. You can visit, but you cant stay. I cant stay." I was confused, so he continued on, "Think of this as The Middle. You come half way. I come half way. We meet here."

"Always?" I asked hopefully.

"Always." He smiled

I woke up. "DAMNIT!" I yelled, frustrated that I wasnt still asleep. The feeling I had both times after waking from a Sebastian dream left me feeling girlishly giddy. He was quite gorgeous--I give props to my subconscious for whipping up such a delicious specimen. But the longer I replayed that dream, the quicker my mood tanked.

I really needed to get a life. Making up some imaginary crush in my dreams fell under the category of lonely and pathetic. Obviously I had been single for way too long, I needed to get out more. I needed to date. What kind of woman desires a relationship with a guy in her dreams? What kind of woman wants that.

A crazy one, that's who.

Why did I feel this way? Was this what love at first sight was? Thinking back on last nights dream, the first dream, I hadnt seen his face immediately. I felt him first. Love at first feel? Ha. But that feeling was of safety, security... protection. All of which I was blatantly lacking in my waking life. My subconscious was fucking with me and I wouldnt be able to continue living like this.

I sighed, disheartened.

Milo purred beside me and I scratched under his chin, he stretched and meowed. It was time to get out of bed. He knew it. I knew it. Neither of us really wanted to do it. His loving gaze broke away from me, staring at the empty air beside me. He growled and visciously swatted at nothing. I pushed the concern out of mind. His demeanor lately was questionable and I was beginning to think he was contracting some form of kitty dementia. Did that really happen? Do cats brains deteriorate like human's?

Of course there was Veda's theory...


That was silly.

Dont be silly, Avery.

I crawled out of bed and went to examine my painting. I would keep this one as it would be a reminder of my short time with Sebastian in The Middle. But as I studied the artwork, I instantly became aware of something being very wrong.

I could feel the color drain from my face, a ball of dread knotted tightly inside my stomach. My painting was still my painting, but there was a shadowed figure there now, a figure I didnt paint on my canvas. But I recognized the body shape. His back was to me, looking out into the vastness of rolling hills and dark sky.


I closed my eyes and shook my head. Surely, I was seeing things. But when I opened my them, the figure was still there. I furrowed my brows in confusion. Had I done that in my sleep? Was I a sleep walker? I lightly touched the figure with my finger. The paint was dry. I put my hands on my hips and frowned deeper. If I had painted that sometime in the middle of the night, it would still be somewhat wet. I always used a thick amount of paint. And this? This was painted on thick.

My thoughts were interrupted by a ringing from my cell. I looked at the ID seeing Tessa's picture pop up on my screen. She better not ask me to cover a shift. I had been there 10 days in a row and I needed this weekend off.


"Avery! Whatcha doing tonight?"

"Uh, I didnt have anything planned... why?"

"Slut it up! We're going OUT!" She exclaimed.

I stared at the painting. The figure that had mysteriously appeared overnight, reminding me of my desperate attempt at a love life created by my subconscious. I hated going out. I hated the drunks, the noise, the horrible pick up lines...

"What time?" I asked.

She squealed. "I told you she would come!" She yelled at someone in the background. Probably someone who knew me. Had it been yesterday, I would have declined and they would have been proved right but after the events of last night, I needed to get out.

"I'll meet you downstairs at 10pm?" Tess asked.

"Yeah, sure." I replied and hung up.

I stared at the painting, tapping my phone in my other hand. Was there a Sebastian out there somewhere? I wouldn't find out staying locked in my apartment my whole life. I went to my closest to lay out clothes for this evening.

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