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Deadly Storm

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(BOOK 1) Sarah Harper, an American, who lives in a small town Cooperstown NY. Ordinary life with ordinary friends, right? Vampires are everywhere and at the school. No matter where people go, they are there. People disappear when they enter their territory. What will happen when Sarah gets caught up with them and all human kind and vamp kind starts a showdown? Some credit to Ava Corbet, a friend who doesn't have this app but had helped plan this series. Book series: Deadly Storm Fading Sins Fallen Thirst

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter one

Sarah's POV

In the midst of October, Halloween is just around the corner and everyone at Cooperstown Central high school is getting ready for the Monster Bash. Yeah, the Monster Bash where everyone gets ready for the celebration where the vampires that live around the town.

As soon as a vampire is present, everyone freaks out and stays at least fifty feet away from them. Scurrying to their classes as fast as they could. It felt weird and scary that the vamp kids come to school and not crave for blood. Actually, they each have some sort of item to keep them from craving our blood.

There's a band, a necklace or a belt that the vamp kids wear. From what I heard, it's to keep them from going on a rampage for our blood type. If they crave it, whatever they have will shock them. From what I heard.

I'm Sarah Harper, a junior in high school and 16 years old. I'm a lonely child with great friends. I try to stay away from the vampires as well but can't when it comes to classes. Everyone hates them and they hate us, win win. We hate them because they're vamps and worried they can't bite us, and they hate us because they can't get their blood they crave.

As I made my way down the hall, I could hear someone, or rather people, behind me.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here."

Recognizing the voice, I turn on my heels with a disapproving look on my face. Marie.

"What do you want Marie?"

"Don't use that tone with me." She spoke bratty like.

"Don't use that tone with me." I mimicked her squeaky voice.

"Arghh!" Stomping away from me I'm surprised her minions aren't with her. I continued walking down to my Social class. Walking in the class, everyone is in class chatting waiting for the teacher. The only spot open left is at the back of the class and one beside the vampire himself.

Blade Ramose.

I scan the room for any other spots but that was the only one. Luckily he wasn't looking so my plan is to slip in, do my work unnoticed by them and leave. Great plan right? What could go wrong?

Everyone stayed as far away as they could and I always do too. Since there's no other place I made my way towards the back feeling eyes burning through my head. I scan the room seeing people's worried faces staring back at me.

What the hell are you doing?

Don't sit there?

Come sit with us.

I gave them a pleading look of how I have no choice and that I'd be okay. I don't know these kids personally, but I do know them.

We all look out for each other like siblings. Except for Marie and her gang of friends. No one likes her. We all would rather be around the vamps instead of them. Yeah I said it. We all would 'cause she's a nasty one. She's disresectful, nasty, rude and the list goes on an on.

I mouthed "I'm sorry " for everyone who have to watch me suffer. Slipping into the seat quietly as possible, some students pleaded me and I returned a sorrowful look.

"Well, well, well. Look it boys. The most quiet kid in school decide to sit with us," Remose said. The boys snickered beside him. I glanced at one of my classmates, Ellie, and she gave me a worried look.

She waved me over to a spot that's finally open as one of her friends left. I took my chance as I grabbed my bag and began to lift from the chair when I felt a cold hand wrap around my arm.

"Not so fast Harper," Blade said coldly. He pulled me down on the seat and sat there not knowing what to do.

"So you tried to escape from us?" the other one said. I stayed silent staring at Ellie. Feeling cold hands linger onto my shoulders which broke my staring contest with Ellie, sending cold shivers down my spine.

"Get your hands off of me or I will stake you," I threatened with a serious tone. All four guys laughed while acting scared.

"The quiet girl finally steps up to talk to us vampires like that. How impressive," Remose responded. I tensed up as their cold skeleton like fingers didn't leave my arm and shoulders.

"You commited to sit in this seat, got that Harper?"

"Copy that Remose," I said harshly.

"Oooh," the boys said in unison. Just then the teacher walked in getting ready for the lesson. About time. "Mr. Vance sit down and leave Mrs. Harper alone." Keir did just that, thankfully. Blade Remose let go of my arm too. I got out my notes and started jotting down the important things.

This class felt slower than usual. Maybe it's because I'm sitting with these idiots. I may hate them and frightened, but they are harmless with their accessories on. Cautious though as I casually glanced over to my left to see the boys paying attention thankfully. Looking back to the front, the teacher kept talking. Soon enough, he finished as the rest of us finished taking notes.

The bell rang as I scurried to put my things in my bag and take off. The second I stepped out of the classroom, I run to my locker to drop everything off to head to lunch. Slipping through the students as I made my way thinking how I'm going to tell my friends about the encounter with the vamps during Social.

Spotting my friends outside at a table talking I walk up to them ready to tell my story. I sit down beside Lennix and Lauren. "Hey girl!" Lauren and Katherine said unison.

"Hey guys. Guess what happened to me in Social?"

They gave me their full attention now. "I got touched by the vamp kids."

They all gasped. "I had to sit beside that Blade kid because there were no more seats when Ellie had an open seat beside her. I was about to go when he touched me forcing me to sit back down. Then one of his friend, Keir Vance, touched my shoulders. I can still feel his fingers on my shoulders."

"Wow!" They stared in shock asking all sorts of questions once I finished the story.

"Wow! I never thought the vamps would be all over you Sarah," Sabor commented smirking away.

"Oh shut up Sabe."


Sabor hates it when I call him Sabe, yet his reaction is hilarious. Between all of us, Sabor and I have the best relationship ever. We actually started this group with the friends and throughout the years, Lauren, Lennix, and Katherine came in.

I laughed hysterically at his remark.


"I'm home!" I call into the home hoping one of my parents can hear.

"Hey honey, we're downstairs!" My mother called.

Placing my bag down on the couch in the living room, I head downstairs into the basement to find both of my parents in my father's' office. My father, Jeffrey Harper, is the leader of the vampire hunters. Yep, vampire hunters. For as long as I can remember, ever since vampires roamed the area and taking souls, my father gathered a big group of people and trained them to become vampire hunters.

It helps protects our town from them. They have killed many vampires until they got their bands, necklaces, and belts. The government has paid them to kill until now. My father and their group still goes out occasionally catching vampires who aren't supposed to be around. When I'm older, my father said I'll be joining the group to help with the town.

Making my way in the room my dad sat in the office chair while mom hovered over his shoulder. My parents are too busy sometimes to even notice I'm here. So for them to know I'm present I have to speak up.


My mother glanced over her shoulder to acknowledge me. "Hello darling, how was school?" she asked looking back to whatever they're looking at.


"Hello Sarah," my Dad grumbled.

"Hey dad."

Leaving them to do their business, I head upstairs to grab my bag walking upstairs to my bedroom.

With light grey ish blue walls, a bed with white sheets and white pillows and two turquoise pillows. My window leads out to the garden with a neck I front for me to chill and look out. Three pillows, two white and one blue pillows.

Throwing my bag on my bed, I grasped my turquoise pillow and sat on the bench on my windowsill looking out into the fall scenery. I did my homework until my parents called me down for dinner.
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