Deadly Storm

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Chapter two

Sarah's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing beside me. Groaning, I rolled over on my back reaching lazily for my phone. I slapped my table until my phone dropped on the ground.


Leaning over, my top half is falling towards the ground. Swiping my phone off the ground, I saw three text messages and a missed call from Sabor.

Scanning the texts, I called Sabe back. My voice sounded hoarse when I answered to him.

"Where the hell are you."

"In my bed asleep."

"Well why your but out of bed. We're waiting for you!"

"Where are you?"

"Outside your home. For half an hour now. Did you forget?"

"Nope," I lied.

"Okay . . . Just get ready."

I hung up and rushed to the bathroom. Brushing my teeth while combing my hair is a bad decision. Cupping some water in my hands, I splashed my face a couple times before making my way to my bedroom.

Yanking my closet doors open, I picked out the first thing my eyes laid on. I grasp ripped jeans from my drawer. Putting on my white blouse. I grabbed socks and rushed downstairs with my phone tucked in my back pocket.

Jogging into the kitchen, my mom made breakfast. I took a piece of bacon with me.

"Where're you going in such a rush?"

"My friends are waiting outside for me."

"Oh, where're you going?"

"The Chase."

"Okay, have fun."


I ran out out the door slamming it behind me. A red BMW awaits with my friends inside. Sabe honked the horn, then raised his arms to signify, what took you so long, gesture.

I mumbled a sorry and got into the back with Lennix and Kathrine. I caught a glimpse of Lauren's orang-red hair in front of me. "So, you've been waiting for me for half an hour?"

"Yeah, basically," Lauren said as Sabe pulled out of the curb.

"You forgot, didn't you?" Kathrine asked.

"Why would I forget?"

"Because you knew we had to get up early," Sabe defended.

"Okay fine, you caught me. I did forget, but I was busy with homework last night, plus the assignment that's due on Monday."

"Okay, we forgive you. Just this once you get off the hook."


It was silent in the car apart from the radio which is turned down low just for background music.

Once we got into the school parking lot, we got out as he locked his car. Making our way up to the entrance we entered the quiet school. Making our way down the hall to the gym where the rest of the juniors are.

There are no teachers in the gym so we crept our way to the back of the group. Sabe pushes us towards the back as we hurried.

"Look, the mortals are late."

"Shut up Ramose," Kathrine fires.

"Roberts and Harper are the same person. Rude, huh?"

"Alright Ramose, I swear if you don't stop you'll regret it," I threatened. I walk up to him stopping inches from him. He smirked at my braveness.

"Little Harper's all grown up, huh? Defending for her friends and herself. Is that what your going to do? When you become a vampire hunter, just reason with them?"

The four vamps broke out into a roar of laughter.

I rolled my eyes waking with my group. I can't stand them, but I'd rather them than Marie. I found them at the other end of the enormous group. I stood beside Lennix as the teachers entered the loud gym.

"Everybody calmed down. Now gather around in groups of five or six."

People started searching for their group to be in while we have our own. We talked until the teachers got all of our attention.

The whole gym went silent. The principle spoke up.

"Okay, since you guys are lucky to be doing the Chase, you will need to stick with your groups. If for some reason you are separated from your group, come back to the school. Don't stop anywhere else, but come to school and you'll wait for the others."

People nodded in agreement.

"After we review the rules, you'll be partnered with another group. And yes we will be picking the groups."

Mourners were heard around the gym for the ones who gets the vampires. Honestly, people don't care who they get paired up with, it's when it comes to vampires, it gets real. I get we hate them, but as long as they wear their accessories, I know I'm safe.

"Rule number one, stick with your group. Like I said, if you get separated, come back to the school. Number two-" some people snickered, "-don't argue with each other. Don't mind the disagreement but don't full on attack each other." The principle glanced over at the vamps.

I snickered silently to myself as they're being singled out. It's hilarious of their reaction.

The principle went on to explain all the rules that are needed to participate in the Chase.

Technically, from what I know, the Chase is about going around town finding this one person to bring back to the school. Each team is responsible for one person that is part of the Monster Bash in the town. We, high school students, don't actually get to participate in the Bash unless if we've got younger siblings. We instead go to parties around town. Just the same high school parties every other town has for Halloween.

I have a cousin who participated in this and said it was fun. He moved to California to become a business worker. I haven't seen him since he left for college there. It's been five years since I've seen him.

After the rules she paired us up with another group. "Rivera's group will go with Vance's group."


Of course we get paired up with the vamps. I mentally face palmed myself as I moved closer into the group. Of course, that's just luck.

They came over to us. I moved to the other side slowly. Soon, there's three big groups waiting in the gym to start.

One of the grade twelve teachers gave our group the person were chasing through out the city.

"Okay, since you've got vampires, you will be chasing the vampire that will give drinks."



Like this day couldn't get any worse. I mentally groaned. Taking a sneak peak at the others I could tell they hate it too. Well, we're done for. Of course they've got the advantage.

When the teachers are done with the groups of telling them what to do, they gathered back at the front.

"On your marks . . . Get set . . . Go!"

We huddled together, I tried to stay away from them as possible.

"Okay, this is what we're going to do," Frey started, one of Ramose's friend, "since we've got the vamp, we know what's happening. So we are going to have to lure him which means putting you in danger."

I'm stunned!

They're putting us in danger?!

"What did you say?" I asked still stunned.

"Your putting us in danger?" Kathrine asked.

"How else are we going to lure him in," Talon answered.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure your all safe and no harm will come to you," Blade answered. He seemed serious for once. Surprising.

"We know where this person will be but we will tell you what to do. Don't mess around or mess up and you'll be okay," Keir replies.

We nodded.

"Okay, here's the plan . . ."


We walked up the road towards the forest. I stopped dead in my tracks. Lauren notices and stopped too.

"What's wrong, Sarah?"

The others noticed and stopped. I always have a fear of going into the forest. I never know what's in there. Everyone gave me a questioning look.

"I . . . Can't."

"What do you mean you can't?" Ramose said.

"I . . . Not in there." My whole body trembled. I couldn't control my body. Sabe walked over stroking my back trying to calm me down. Beads of sweat formed in my forehead and upper lip.

Sabor lowers down to my ear and whispers.

"It's okay. We're just going in and coming out. I don't usually say this but right now, I trust them."

"We're. . . We're going on their territory though."

"It's their territory, I know. Right now we need to trust them. If anything happens to us it's their responsibility."

I nodded.

I took a tiny step forward. My body still trembling as I descended forward. Every step I took felt like I was stepping on knives. I felt so scared to enter that forest. I felt tears prickle my eyes.

All eyes were on me and I felt the pressure. Tripping over my two feet, a strong arms caught me as I nearly fell to the ground.

Sabe caught me and helped me walk to the forest. As soon as we caught up to the others, tears are streaming down my face. The vamps looked at me weirdly.

"She can't come in the forest like that. The vamp were facing can feed off fear," Blade said.

We gave him a strange look. "I'll stay with her," Sabe offered.

"Actually, I'll stay with her. I really hate this guy. We're not on speaking terms," Ramose exclaimed.

"I don't think-" Sabe started but got caught off by Keir.

"I think it's a great idea. Blade will take care of her until she calms down, but he's right. This person will feed on the fear of her. Wilson, you will come with us. She will be safe with Blade. Out of all of us, he's the most trustworthy person here."

He nodded then hand me off to Ramose. I was still shaking from the fear. I watched the rest of them walk into the forest.

As soon as they were out of sight, I push Ramose out of the way and walk towards a stump to sit on.

"Why'd you push me away?"

"Why didn't you go with the others? I'm fine staying here."

"I told you, I'm on bad terms with this guy right now. Answer my question."

"I hate you. That's why I pushed you away, I don't need comforting from a vampire."

"Now that's racist."

"Well . . . I can't help it if are craving my blood."

"Actually, I can crave all I want but it'll hurt me-" he lifts up his left wrist to show his band from his sweater, "-I can't suck on human blood unless if they're in our territory."

"That's possible?"

"Sure. It's our territory you humans are trespassing on. If you can't make it out before we catch you, well . . . I guess your dinner."

I scrunched up my nose in disgust. Thinking of how we're dinner for them.

"Don't worry though, your friends are safe with my friends. If something were to happen then we'd be responsible."

"How so?"

"Like . . . If something were to happen to you, it's our fault. Say if you got lost in the forest and a vamp found you. You'd get bitten and we kids would be responsible for that. Taking you in our property and not watching you. It's like taking a kid to the park and not watching it and it gets kidnapped."


"Yeah. It's not the best explanation, but it's something."

He took a step forward to me and I moved back a bit. He noticed that I felt uncomfortable about it and took a step back. I breathed out a sigh. I glance towards the forest.

I hope they're going to be okay.
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