Fading Sins

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(BOOK 2) It's been nine years since the war with the Vanetts and the vampires and hunters. Everything seems normal with everyday events. There's a law where all vampires must not attack on people unless if in the forest, or they will be killed instantly by the hunters. One day, a stranded vampire goes on a rampage of a killing spree. An unknown vampire goes to Cooperstown and kills around five people in three days before leaving town. Sarah Harper, the daughter of the vampire hunter leader, Jeffery Harper, stands her ground of being part of the team, partaking like her father wanted. Only one thing, she's not the leader. A hardcore guy comes into town and becomes the leader. He's very strict and cruel the hunters in training and putting a lot of pressure on them, especially Sarah. When they find out that a mysterious vampire is running around on a killing spree, they are out to action. One thing, they aren't working alone. The Tandler return from their "recovery" to discover the same news. They come and help them catch the vampire and are very experience with this, since they're all vampires. What will happen when the hunters team up with the Vampires for a game of Cat and Mouse? Series: Deadly Storm Fading Sins Fallen Thirst

Fantasy / Adventure
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Unknown Vampire's POV

He walked along the sidewalk in New York City. The lights shines the roads in the dark. For it being passed one in the morning, there sure are a lot of cars out and about.

With his head dipped down and his hood pulled over his head. The cool air hitting his face as he walked. His breath showed as he breaths.

His goal tonight is to look for a victim but doesn't know where.

His phone rang in his pocket. Checking the caller, of course it's his boss.


"Have you done it yet?" His deep hoarse voice spoke over the phone.

"No. I don't know where to go without getting caught."

"What do you mean without getting caught?"

"I'd you didn't know, it's New York. People are out and about."

"Well I've never actually been to New York City."

"Well I'm here and it's hard to find someone and lure them away without suspicion."

Turning around the corner, he accidentally bumped into a woman.

"Sorry," she mumbled.

He stopped in his tracks to turn around finding her turn the corner he just came.

"I've got to go, talk to you later."

"Wait, I'm not-"

He hung up on his boss and followed the woman. He kept his pace and distance so it really doesn't look suspicious.

Cars zoom by not thinking twice of what could happen. All oblivious, even her, of what he's planning.

His throat stung with dryness, feeling his eyes change from delicate gold to deep red. Licking his fangs as if tasting the juicy, irony blood, draining the dryness and her.

He still kept his distance even as she picked up the pace. As if she's hurrying somewhere.

Picking up his pace he follows her picking up his pace to catch her.

Once he's at closer range, he grabs onto her shoulders and covers he mouth as soon as she screams.

"Shh. Don't worry. I'm here to help you."

She squirms in his arms wanting to escape.

"Don't worry. It'll hurt just a bit."

Licking her neck he sunk his teeth into the skin, breaking it instantly. Sucking the blood and life out of her.

The woman stops squirming which signifies that she's dead.

"See, that wasn't so bad? Now let's make sure you stay dead."

Twisting her head to the side making sure he hears a cracking sound.

"There. Have a safe trip to Hell. Also, thanks for the drink, I appreciate it."

He walked off to the other side of the alley where a chain fence stood. Jumping over it he phoned his boss.

"I've done it."

"Perfect. Next stop, Cooperstown."
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