Fallen Thirst

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(BOOK 3) What happens when new vampires come to town? A new group of vampires comes to town that the Tandlers have no idea who they are. Not a group they would recognize. Taking over the old, abandoned home the Vanetts left years ago, this group of vamps wants to be part of their society, maybe even take over Cooperstown. This made them want power, wealthy, becoming rulers, only to realize who the Tandlers are. Blade Carl Ramose is part of the Tandlers. Hardly anyone knows about his past life, even Raul whom created him. Blade doesn't like talking about his past, especially people calling him by his full name. The Tandlers, even the town, thinks they know so much about him. What happens if he's not what he appears to be? Warning: Abuse in effect Series: Deadly Storm Fading Sins Fallen Thirst

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one

Sarah's POV

Three years ago I would never had expected to be living with vampires.

Well I am.

Let me fill you in.

After we came home from our little trip in Canada from killing Dean and Marshal from killing innocent people, the others had taught me to restrain my thirst against mortals.

Raul and the others have welcomed me into their family which I appreciate. It felt wired adapting to a new lifestyle but I got over it fast.

The first year was the hardest, especially when we came back and told the others that I wouldn't be joining them and that Dean and Will are dead. It was hard telling them that Dean was responsible for it all but he's gone and nothing has happened since.

To say the least, the boys were glad I was okay and had moved on from that lifestyle. Since there's no one to guide them, they all parted their ways.

Not long after I became Blade's official girlfriend and we've dated for a year now. He's taken me on a few dates which lead him to asking me out.

Of course I'm happy with being with him. I couldn't imagine who else I would rather be with.

Right now I'm at my old home, yes my old home. I didn't want to sell it but still keep it. I'm cleaning up a bit since it's my day. Twice a week I'd come and clean the home.

It's late at night where everyone in town is asleep. I have the tv on for noise as I don't want it to be silent.

The front door opens and closes hearing footsteps walk through the home.

Blade shows up with two bottles of fresh blood.

"Hey babe." I hug him giving him a welcoming kiss.

"Hey babe, I've got you something."

He raises a bottle of blood. "Thanks."

I start to grab but he rips it away from me. He smiles as he moves away.

"Blade," I stifle a chuckle trying to be mad. He backs away still chilling as I'm trying to reach for the blood.

"Fuck . . . My . . . Shortness!" I jump up but he raises on his toes making me more mad.

"Blade I'm thirsty!"

"I know."

Finding his amusement he finally gives in to give me my drink.

"Thank you."

I gulp down half of it. Blade drank his as well.

I grab his hand bringing him to the couch, he sat down and I sat beside him with my legs on top of his. Resting my head on his shoulder he rests his on top of my head as we watch tv.

It's been a long night of cleaning and I just want to spend time with my boyfriend.

"So, how's your night been so far?" He asks. Blade knows that I've been cleaning this house.

"Busy. It's nice that you came."

"I'm glad I came too. I don't know what you do if I didn't come."

"Still cleaning that's for sure."


We drink our blood while relaxing on the couch in my old home.

Watching tv Blade's phone rings. "Hello."

Even though I can hear the conversation I zone it out. It's none of my business anyways.

"Ok, bye."

He hangs up. "Alright, we are meeting the others at the Vanetts old home."

"Wait, really?"

"Yeah, they want to clean up the place before destroying it."

"Why would they do that if they want to destroy it?"

"Take out all of the furniture and sell it."

"Ahh okay."

We get up and I lock up the home for the weekend until I come back. Walking in the quiet night we get into his black Hatchback.

He drives off with his radio on. I sing along with the lyrics as he laughs.

He drives through town into the forest. Let's just say that I'm not scared of the forest anymore since I've became a vampire.

I'm glad for that.

We drive through the long road in the forest, the turning left instead of right to the Vanett lane.

When we get there, everyone is there waiting with multiple cars.

But some I don't recognize.

Getting out, Raul walk over to us.

"So we have a problem. When we came those cars were here. When we rang the doorbell and knocked, no one answered."

"So what do we do?" I ask.

"We'll have to explore the home."
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