The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 14: Helvegen

The powerful creature spoke to Julius in a way that felt very convincing, but he did not go into much detail about what there is to expect from the mountains. Nobody has hiking been to the mountains in a long time; they had no idea if they were expecting powerful monsters or even titans. Julius went closer to the demon and gazed upon his appearance to see if he could really put his trust in him.

“Interesting that you know who I am. You haven’t even introduced yourself,” he said.

“Call me Helvegen. I am someone who has seen all things and knows all that is needed to be known,” he answered.

“You have a lot to answer for. How do you know I should trust you?”

“I have seen past the deepest of the oceans and I have been to the edges of the earth. My lord has given me the ability to know all things and share it with those who are worthy.”

“I didn’t come here to receive knowledge from you. I came because you called my name as you skulked in the shadows. I shall do what I should’ve done yesterday.”

“I told you before. Mere humans can’t defeat me. Give me much more than suffering and agony. The Demon Wolf who lives in the misty mountains can give you anything. I can take you there if you desire power and immense strength. You just have to do one simple thing for me.”

“Why would I fight for you? What purpose do you have as this demon wolf gives me power?”

“A great storm is coming. Humanity is facing ruin and despair. And yet, there has not been someone worthy of being a champion other than you. I have not forgotten the things that will occur tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Of course, in the meantime, nobody will ever expect to hear from you.”

“What do you mean by that? What makes you think I should put my trust in you? After all the things you have done to my men?”

“You lust for power, don’t you? All who get lost in killing demons... they all lust for power. Dominion over their enemies, dining at the largest halls, wielding the souls of all your opponents, and protecting your own family. Those are the only things in life you desire, are they not?”

The way the demon spoke to Julius was unlike any creature the knight has faced before; he spoke to Julius in a way that a man speaks to his friend. It was truly something that has never happened before in his entire life, and he would always remember this conversation. Helvegen was once a demon who was cursed to know all the fates of those who would throw away their lives to hunt down the night creatures. Now he is more than that, he has become even stronger and more dominant over all the higher-class demons. Then Julius looks at the night sky through a window and tries to think of an observation as he was with Helvegen.

“The Demon Wolf. A creature of darkness. What is he really after?” He asked. Then, Helvegan holds out his hand and places it on Julius’s shoulder and keeps it there for a long while.

“You look like you’re thirsty. Would you like a drink?” He asked. Julius stood there and felt the icy fingers lay on his left shoulder, and he remained silent.

Then, Helvegen pours a bottle of wine and adds some extra flavor into the drink; the wine itself had lots of texture, and it was far different from most wine. He then gives the chalice to Julius and takes a few steps back as he watches him drink the wine. He watched Julius drink the wine and felt utterly surprised because none other would accept a fateful challenge so easily. Julius drinks it all the way to the bottom because he was really thirsty after killing all of those other demons. As he made it to the last sip of the drink, he felt his veins responding to the flavor of the wine, and he felt drunk.

“What’s in this?” Julius asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing terrible. I’m sure of it,” Helvegen answered. He then looks around to see if there is something else that he would like to tell him.

“Well, what now?” Julius asked.

“Oh, nothing else at the moment. You will start thinking about it, won’t you?” The demon asked.

“Of course, I will. I always think about everything I come in contact with.”

“Yeah? Good. Now, I shall be on my way. We’ll meet again!”

And so, Helvegen spreads his wings and the window shatters into a thousand pieces, and he takes one last look at the night sky. Then, he jumps out from the tower and starts flying away into the clouds as the night continues. His wings were massive, thick, and never slowed him down so long as he did not go too high. The powerful demon was a creature of darkness that lived to bring illusions and misdeeds to whoever he comes across. Rarely, there are demons and servants of the night who would tell others of their fate and what they will soon endure in life.

Then Julius looks down at himself and feels some sort of power enter his body; it was some potent wine with a distinct taste and sensible kind of flavor. His insides were tingling and rapidly moving as if he had never moved a single step in his entire life. That he is having this feeling right now and not later is definitely something he never knew would happen. Helvegen put something in his body that could never possibly happen to any man: dark power and twice as much strength. It seemed like that powerful demon could read anyone’s mind and tell what they are worth, and he could look into their eyes and tell their worth.

“What did he do to me?” He asked himself. Then, Julius had both of his hands onto his face; his face was burning up and his vision was getting even stronger.

“What form of magic is this? What has that fowl creature put in that wine?” He asked again. Everything that he felt was coming full circle, and his imagination was filled with blood and darkness.

“Get back. I must get back,” Julius said. Then, he sauntered out of the mighty tower and noticed that it was no longer under control of Helvegen.

This would mark the last encounter between him and Julius before a more major event happens during this era. That creature was very smart and convincing for having an explanation to those who are worthy. The demons spread terror, but were also recognized as those who had several high-class beasts. These beasts were wise, cunning, powerful, and mighty as they lived amongst humanity. They were much more powerful than the usual type of demons who were being part of the invasions.

Then, Julius made it outside of the tower and gazed upon the sky; it was no longer visible of clouds and endless darkness. The moon turned back to normal and was no longer stained with blood, and there were no more demons standing in his way. Julius continued to have horrible thoughts and began drifting away from what he is usually thinking about. He could not figure out why he was feeling this way and why the demons were calling for him at such a time as this.

Just get home. I must... get back home. Julius thought. He has already wasted enough time dealing with devils, and he could not care about what might happen to Helvegen.

Julius still did not know who Helvegen was, where he came from, and why he should care about someone such as that monster. That demon was just as much a servant of Hell, like all the others before him. He continued onto the trail which led to his house; he had to get home to rid himself of all of this madness. The next thing he ever wanted to do was be somewhere to rest for the entire day, or maybe the next day. He has been through enough trouble to go on any further under the midnight moon, and his mind was changing.

It was at that moment when he found himself before his house after seemingly endless hours of walking on the road. Since he knew of the things that might come his way, he kept his eyes open and stared at the direction the road was taking him. Before he left his house, he told his wife to keep all the doors locked, and he had no choice but to sleep next to the front door.

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