The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 17: The Blade of Lancelot

It was during the afternoon that Harald looked at his library of books and gazed upon its structure. The books mostly belonged to his father and remained a special place in the hearts of his family and relatives. At the center of the library was the statue of King Lancelot; the statue was made of silver and about ten feet tall. His collection of books is massive, and he had quite several stories written by a bunch of playwrights. These books ranged from being a collection of poems, tragedies, comedies, to stories from historical events.

Then, his wife came in through the library to see what he is doing; her name is Erica, and she was a year younger than him. She has known him ever since her childhood days and always wanted to be around him because he was born from royalty. There are rarely any people out there who fall for a man who is born for greatness and destined to be king of the world. Being a king and being an earl are two different things, but the similarity is that they are both leaders and speak for their people. Erica was standing beside her husband to be with him until the celebration came.

“Oh, hello Erica,” Harald said.

“Harald, what are you doing here all by yourself?” Erica asked.

“Nothing much. Just looking over my father’s collection. Something I like to do to never forget about him,” he answered.

“So, how long have you been doing this celebration for the people?”

“For about twenty years. He chose me instead of my brother to rule Midland’s people before he died. But everyone knows of that horrific event, and so do you. My heart was filled with too much grief and sorrow. I had to fulfill my father’s promise to be a mighty leader like he was. Everyone knows me and Julius, and he’s still a good brother. I don’t think he’ll ever plot against me.”

But little did he know that Julius was already tempted by evil spirits, and his brother never did a single thing to prevent them from entering his mind. Julius was still a powerful man at heart and would do anything to keep his people away from the desolation of war. Unfortunately, there was not a war between nations and kingdoms because everyone had to team up together to fight the demons. This did not stop Julius and Harald from obeying the express commands of their father and king to defend Midland. Harald did not know the day or the hour when Julius might do something that would make him betray his brother.

Then Harald walks over to a bunch of books in an entire section of poems and stories from ancient times; King Lancelot had them all stacked in a nice, comforting area. He inspected everything that his father ever kept and owned, and he was utterly satisfied. Then, Erica followed her husband from behind and have the same reaction as him when she looked at the massive collection of apparatus and other items. These other commodities were for safe-keeping and show-off if anyone wanted to inspect Lancelot’s things. Then Harald stopped moving for a long while as he stood beside a collection of swords and shields used only for decoration.

“What are these swords doing here?” Erica asked.

“They are not just swords. They serve as a memorial for the kings of older times,” Harald answered.

“As in the older kings of Midland?” She asked.

Then Harald answered and said to her, “Yes. They are attached to this wall for a reason. They are never to be taken down because it resembles how far we have come as a kingdom. But after my father died, there wasn’t that much to bury from his body because they took his head as a trophy. You may notice that one sword is missing, and that is the sword of King Lancelot. On the battlefield, all they have given me was his double-edged sword, and the rest of his body.”

“What happened after that?”

“After that, I became the sword’s new owner. I am now the wielder of the sword of Lancelot. And I shall carry it with me until I die. There comes a day when some people wield an heirloom sword, and that person dies without his sword by his side. Only for the heritage of that man or woman take the sword as their own. And with this sword, Midland’s people will still thrive for many years to come.”

And so, Harald went towards a window that was in the far back of the library, and he looked at all the buildings and the people of the city. He gazed at all the foundations that the city had and was satisfied that it all stayed intact. Then Harald turns his head and sees all the emblems that the city had so far; they were all enormous things that remained true to the heart and soul of the city. He was stunned because such a big city would have so many decorations in just one day. It was as if even the people knew the day of which they would celebrate the day that King Lancelot gave his life for his people.

Then, he walks out of the library and wanders around the palace until everything about the city is situated. Loftain was a very special place because it had the remaining number of people from Midland living under its foundations. The people who were old still remembered all the good times they once had while living in the kingdom. Harald was walking all over the palace and seeing many signs and flags that resembled the colors of their kingdom. The flags have been around since the reign of King Mordred, and they stand as an important symbol for the city.

Then he said to himself, “Father, these flags are for you. These statues and emblems are for you. Before the end, we will bow only to you. Only by your sword can these people be saved from all the night creatures.”

He knew that the creatures of the night would never set foot into the city of Loftain because of how protected everything is. Everything that was behind the walls remained in defense, and the demons could not enter or get through the walls. Then, he took one last look at all the people who were working hard to make this feast possible. Midland’s people were always protective of all their children and family relatives, and they all carried a specific type of weapon to carry with them. Most of them carried swords on their sides, and only a few of them carried swords on their backs.

Meanwhile, Julius was looking at the sky and noticed that the afternoon sun was already up, and the clouds were covering a fraction of the sun. The sun’s rays were not enough to light on Julius’s body and make him feel warm and ready. He was still pretty silent from so much backlash about this morning and still felt pretty awful. He would have so much to explain to his brother if he told him of all the things that occurred last night. It would cause quite an uproar and the people would wonder if Julius is fit to be the leader of the knights.

Julius tried his very best to make sure he does nothing else that would damage his reputation. Then, he got himself up from the chair beside the front door and went back inside the house. The time has already come for him to be ready and prepared for the big event and make sure he does not mess it up. He then gathers his items and weapons to attend the feast and allow the knights to know that he is one of them. It took him about ten minutes to put his armor on and put the scabbard of his greatsword onto his back.

Then Julius goes to his bedroom to see if his wife was okay and ready to have a conversation. She was doing alright and nothing horrible seemed to have happened to her face and body.

“Hey, Lucy. Are you ready?” Julius asked.

“For the feast? I thought that was tonight,” Lucy said.

“It is. But, because I am the leader of Midland’s knights, I have to be the first to arrive,” he said.

“Well, I’m just about as ready as you are. Shall we take our leave?”

“Of course we will.”

Then, Julius had nothing more to say other than they should be careful and remain on the road if they wish to get to Loftain.

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