The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 28: The Magic of Helvegen

As the powerful demon said this, he walks towards Julius and causes dark magic to revolve around his hand. He wanted to give some of his power to the descendant of King Lancelot and made sure he does not die tonight. It would be terrible to die right after a celebration being dedicated to the last king of Midland. The demons were being circled in a corner, and each of them had a reason to either trust Helvegen or devour Julius. They imagined if this is all truly going the way it should go as the midnight moon is upon them.

“With this magic, you will breathe and be noticed by the Demon Wolf himself. He has prepared this day only for you. This power shall protect you once you get to the other side,” Helvegen said. His magic proved very useful to others who were mighty warriors and knights, and they were all willing to accept whatever challenge was ahead for them.

“My apologies, Julius. You have no other choice,” he said.

“I know. I never did. I accept,” Julius said. He could not turn away from this approach and had no choice but to go with Helvegen’s plan.

If he did not do so, he would still be tempted by the demons day and night for not going to meet up with the Demon Wolf. Then, Helvegen walks over to Julius and places his hand on his cheek, and he makes the knight leader kneel before him. The process was quick, yet felt like an eternity of pain while being given dark magic. The magic of the night creatures was of sorcery and infused with the flames of Hell. Helvegen released his hand from Julius’s face and made him stare at the ground for the decision he had made.

“What is happening to me?” Julius asked.

“I have given you the strength you need to stand before the Demon Wolf. The mountain itself is riddled with poison that will instantly kill any human. You are the first to set foot inside the mountain in over a thousand years,” Helvegen said.

“What’s going to happen to me? I must know!”

“And know, you shall. You will be given the knowledge and strength to stand ready for many more challenges. It is said that if you lust for ambition, kill many, many more demons. It is in your blood to rule, is it not? You have done what no other mortal has done in over a millennium. The answers and guidance you seek shall wait for you on top of the mountain.”

“How do you know this if you haven’t been up there yourself?”

“I have been up there myself! I, too, desired to rule above my enemies and make them taste their blood for killing my family and taking away my kingdom. We are bound, you and me. The only difference is that you still have a family to protect. You still have those who love you more than anyone. So pure... so compassionate... so loving.”


Julius still had no idea if he could put his trust in a man who became a demon king, but he was anxious about his family. All he ever cared about was keeping them safe from the night creatures; he wanted his enemies to feel excruciating pain for the many crimes they have committed against his people.

“I will not kill them. I will not touch them. I want what you want... to be certain they are all kept from the darkness,” Helvegen said. Julius had nothing more to say, and his head turned towards the mountains to look for the one who is waiting for him.

He then gets up from the floor and walks towards the mountain’s entrance and thinks about his family. Then, he takes one last look at the demon and the other nightly beasts who were with him.

“You will stay away from my wife and daughter. If I see you lay your hands on them, I will have your head,” Julius said. And so, he rushed inside the mountain and believed what might happen to his soul.

He did not know the danger of what might happen to him if he goes along with this plan. It was not necessarily a plan to be dealt with most kindly; it could go to seem satisfying, or it could lead to his fateful end. As he walked, he could see candles being lit up and demonic voices being heard from within. These voices were being spoken to him as he walked up the stairs, which led to the very top of the mountain. He did not care how many steps the cave had, but he knew his time would be wasted if he turned back and went home.

Then Julius looked up in the sky and see that it was a never-ending cycle of reaching the highest peak. It was rather apparent that he would leave everything behind to save his people from his opponents. He then thought of the power behind Helvegen’s magic and how powerful it must have been to use it against a lot of obstacles. Meanwhile, Lagertha was still sleeping in her bedroom and thought about everything that has happened at the celebration. She has been at many feasts, but none of them were as active or as massive as the one she just had.

At the palace, Lagertha found out about her cousin and wanted to know so much more about him. Going to the castle all by herself would cause a large stir upon her mother and father. If she was gone for too long, she knew what would likely happen to her by her parents. As she slept, she began thinking about her cousin and what she would like to do with him if she ever sees him again. She started seeing visions of her and Brant being together under the sun and doing things together.

Lagertha would have to ask her mother and father first, but she knew how they acted with her going places, especially when the night comes. She opens her eyes and looks at the ceiling as she tries to think about what she would like to say to Brant. The earl’s son was a gentle person who genuinely cared about those he started having conversations with. She had her hands on her chest and thought of many things to herself, and all the time, she could have with him. She also had many things to be doing in the early afternoon, so she needed to be awake for that.

“Brant. What would you like me to do with you?” Lagertha asked. She was hallucinating from all the wine she tasted at the feast, and she did not feel bad about it.

Lagertha feels nothing has happened to her head as she struggles to close her eyes and get more sleep. She did not know that her father was out; she did not know if all of her trusts should be placed upon her beliefs. Lagertha had many questions run into her head and could not get them out because she needed all of them to be answered. She had her bed sheet over her cold body, and even that could not let herself get some rest. Not only was she worried about her father, but she is now concerned about herself and what the future has in store for her.

“I wonder... what has everyone at that palace been doing? I wonder what my father has been doing... and what will he do?” Lagertha asked. She imagined herself being held back from every obstacle that needed to be passed and every question needing to be answered.

Meanwhile, Julius has been walking up the stairway for about an hour and saw nothing but stones and walls. The walls were being full of paintings of ancient times, and he saw a bunch of sculptures of the creature he was looking for. This demonic beast was his only guide now and the only person out of anyone who will give him what he needs. He could not trust Harald to help him out; he could no longer rely on him for help in his life. Julius was not only going to the Demon Wolf for power, but he had so much to discuss with him and his destiny for killing a million night creatures.

It was not long until he realized that he had made it to the highest peak of the mountain of Zesteria. This one mountain was about six miles away from his home and ten miles away from the kingdom of Midland. It was at that moment when he stood before the Demon Wolf and watched him stare at the horizon.

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