The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 29: The Knight and the Wolf

The creature was beyond that of a demon, and his appearance was unlike anything Julius has ever seen. His body was far too demented and ungodly; anyone who stared upon the beast would be traumatized for all eternity. Julius walked forward towards him and knew he would not escape the night creature so easily. The body of the demon was much bigger and more frightening upon the eye than any other wolf. Julius realized his time of being tempted into darkness was far from over, and his suffering is just beginning.

The Demon Wolf turned his eyes and stared upon the man for a long while and saw him be the victor of many challenges, and the one chosen to be the next ruler of the night. The eyes of the wolf were very demonic; his face was something not to be taken lightly. The color of his fur ranged from black to blood red, and his body made Julius shiver. He knew the night would show no mercy to him or anyone who stands beside him, but he did not expect the night to make him cold enough to have him freeze. The Demon Wolf had many things to say to the leader of Midland’s knights and offer him power beyond comparison.

Then the Demon Wolf spoke with Julius, saying, “I have seen past the farthest star, and I have gone to the edges of the earth. I have lived since the very beginning, and I have lived many lifetimes. I am eternal. I was cast away from my lord and master to give his power to one who is worthy enough to take the world and rule all of humanity. As you can see, the world has been separated from the heavens, and dark forces surround every human who lives and breathes. The time chooses a man who is powerful enough, courageous enough, and brave enough to take the mantle of the night and rule over all the world.

“I can let that happen to you only if you make the right decision. I can give you the things you never knew you wanted: taste from the tallest chalice, dine at the largest halls, make all of your enemies taste their blood, and above all... protect your wife and child from the forces of darkness. All I ask for in return is your soul. Your soul for the chance of life without dominance and hatred. I can let you have your empire and do what you would do ever since you were a little boy. All of this, I can give you and more, just for your soul.”

The Demon Wolf was not afraid to give his power to those who will use it for their sole benefit. It did not matter what would happen to that person, but he knew that their lives would change for the better. Julius looked down at himself and knew his time made the next decision in his life. Then, he looked down at himself and realized that he could not turn back from the great darkness which shrouds and corrupts him. He then strolls towards the mighty dark creature who promised him what no human would promise.

“Those who come before me reek of fear. I sense something in you I have not seen for a thousand years. What kind of man digs his own grave in search of hope?” The wolf asked.

“A desperate one. The demons threaten my home and tempt me every night into darkness. I killed them all, but I need more. Power like yours... I can stop them. Save my people. Save my family,” Julius said.

“How supremely noble, Julius of Romania. Son of the last king of Midland.”

“There were many kings of Midland who were just as noble as Lancelot. He protected his kingdom and his people with his life. I only wish to do the same.”

“Do you know how much danger is out there and how much will come to you? Does your wife know the truth? Your daughter?”

“I just told them recently.”

Suddenly, the Demon Wolf charges towards Julius and pins him to a nearby wall and keeps him pinned for a long while. He knew the knight leader was hiding something and needed to spit it out before he devoured him.

“Lie to me again, and I will tear you apart. I will flay you alive and bathe in your blood,” the wolf said.

“She already knows. I tell you no lie. I’ve killed a million hordes of Hell, and most of them already fear me,” Julius said.

“And when you put them out of their misery, what did you feel? Shame? Horror? Power?”

Julius had a little difficulty trying to speak, as nobody has ever choked him to make him not able to say anything.

“GIVE ME AN ANSWER!!” The wolf shouted.

“Nothing. I felt nothing. I have killed many of your creatures. I will chase down every demon until the day my strength gives in,” Julius said.

“Then why spill blood if not for the pleasure of it?”

“Not only do the demons fear powerful swords, but they also fear those who killed more of them than any other person. By putting so much of my strength just to watch them suffer, many more come along the way. I always kill them and live to tell about it. I do not seek to overthrow my brother. I only desire the one thing to protect my city and destroy all the demons. Sometimes, it takes a monster to kill a monster. Sometimes, it takes a master to defeat his opponents.”

“And you believe you know what it is to be a monster?”

Then, the Demon Wolf uses his sharp claws and scratches Julius on his hand and makes him bleed. The scratch was very long and very intense as it feels like it stings his entire body and could not move. The creature rubs his fingers around the scar and watches his blood run down from his hand and catches it. Julius watches the demonic beast use whatever blood he found from his hand and drinks it. He started having lots of strength enter his veins and noticed the knight was not any ordinary human.

“You have no idea, but I’m going to show you,” the wolf said. Then, he walks towards a table and grabs a massive vessel and holds onto it, and he walks back to Julius to show him what needs to be confirmed.

Then the Demon Wolf said to him, “For centuries, these moldering walls have been my gallows, and I’m bound to this cave, condemned by the one who sent me here. I have waited an eternity for a man of your strength, your gift, and your will. Truly, you are worthy of such a gift and all of its powers. But if I am your salvation, you are mine.”

He then bits his wrist, and he watches the bloodstream down from his arm and into the chalice. Julius stood there and watched the blood and gore leave fall from the creature’s wrist and filled the large cup. He did not stop watching until the blood reached to the very top; never in his life has he seen so much blood spill all at once. Then, the Demon Wolf hands the chalice over to Julius to make him do the right thing for his own sake.

“Drink. You will have a taste of my power, the strength of a hundred men, the power of all the gods, dominion over the night, and all the creatures to see and hear through their senses. Even heal grievous wounds,” the wolf said.

“At what price?” Julius asked.

“Once you drink, your thirst for mighty power will be insatiable. But if you can resist for three days, you will return to your mortal state, having sampled my power and perhaps saved your people.”

“So, I will become like you. A creature filled with hatred and contempt for his enemies.”

“The price would be much worse than if you’d never stepped in here, for I will be set free, having granted the darkness a worthy offering. You will become its vessel as I am. A scourge on the earth, destined to destroy everything and build the greatest kingdom that will overcome all kingdoms of this world.”

“I would rather die than give them harm.”

“You will, I’m afraid. However, I wouldn’t last to be free to unleash my wrath against the one who betrayed me. You came to me and now... my entire body shall enter your veins once you leave this mountain. Such as its purpose in the game of becoming immortal.”

“This is no game!”

“Ah, what better way to endure eternity for this noble knight is the ultimate game. The world needs someone to rule over them. Only you can save them... only you will rule over them all!”

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