The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 32: Choosing a Destiny

The morning sun rises, and the night has ended for the region of Midland. It was pretty obvious that everyone needed more time to sleep from the banquet to honor King Lancelot. Even if Harald was the one who planned the feast once every year, something different was clouding his mind. Like Julius, he slept with his wife and made sure she was comforted and kept safe. No demon was strong enough to overtake Loftain, and they did not have the courage or strength to do it.

Meanwhile, Brant was asleep and thought about Lagertha the whole time he was sleeping and wanted to know much more about her. She thought the same thing as he did; they both believed they were bound to each other. They also believed some spirit came to them in a vision of reality that they must choose their destiny. Lagertha and Brant knew they could not remain with their parents forever, and they had plenty of reasons to leave their home behind. But the path ahead is difficult because of the demons which roam the world and bring havoc and fear.

Then Brant gets up from his bed and opens the large window in his room and looks outside. There was little to be seen in the outside world besides the mountains, the forests, and the long road.

He then spoke to himself, saying, “There comes a time when I usually think of that person. That... wolf who can turn into a human. He just came into my room and knew how to open my window despite it being locked. All he ever mentioned was something that had to do with my destiny and the path I must walk. All I know for certain is that both my destiny and path are to take my father’s place as ruler over the people. I may be powerful enough, but I know I’m far from ready. I just hope my father gives me enough time to practice and challenge myself to carry such a task.”

Brant had the perfect opportunity to go wherever he wished if he wanted to since he was old enough to do so. But it would not be so easy for him as his friends because he had a throne to sit upon after his father died. All that would matter to him is how careful he would have to be to make that path in his life. He could learn a thing or two from both his father and Julius on how to get stronger and courageous on the journey to becoming the next ruler. Unfortunately, Julius was already infused with demonic power and would one day be corrupted by it.

Then, he puts something else on to wear before he could leave his room and begins thinking about what he can do during the day. He could do what Lagertha does during her time, such as take a walk, write a poem, or even draw some sketches. Brant had plenty of drawings to fit an entire wall in his room and make some use of it. As he started leaving his room, he could not stop thinking about what Rollo said to him a few nights ago. He said the same thing to Lagertha and had plenty of reasons to restate a few of his sentences to Brant.

Both Brant and Lagertha were born of royal blood and had many things to fulfill in their lives. Then, he walks around the palace and looks at all the paintings on the many walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, Lagertha wakes up from her nap and looks around her room to see if everything is intact. To her surprise, nothing from her room has been ruined by the massive wind last night. She was also freezing because of what she did a few hours ago as Julius was sleeping.

“Well, good thing nothing is messed up. Rollo... what a mysterious person,” Lagertha said. She continued to have her blanket wrapped around her bare skin and her mind on so many levels.

Then, she doubted everything that occurred before her and had no idea why such a mystery would happen.

Then she said to herself, “Oh, it doesn’t matter. It couldn’t have been real. There’s no such thing as a man who can turn into a wolf. Why would he come to me at a time like this? If he wanted to talk to me that much, why would he come and make me so cold? All of this bickering and moaning about destiny, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Even if it was a very impossible thing to accomplish, Lagertha would still have to trust herself in finding the right path. It could take her a long while to complete everything that she is set out to do and doing it right. Then Julius wakes up from his bed and starts walking around the house as the morning sun rises. As she hears her father’s footsteps, Lagertha gets up from her bed and is already wide awake, and she puts something else on to wear during the day. As she did this, she began hearing her father saying a few things to himself; this was rare for him to do since he had so many things that seem to speak to him.

Then Julius walks back into his room to see if his wife is still sleeping and not waking up. Lucy knows well that he might leave her to go back to Loftain and be with his brother for the day. He wanted to tell her everything that she needed to know so she doesn’t feel worried again.

“Hey, Lucy. Lucy, wake up,” Julius said. Then, she heard his voice and opened her eyes as he was getting ready to leave again.

“Yeah? What?” Lucy asked.

“Hey, I’m going to be leaving. I have to go back to the palace,” Julius answered.

“Oh, alright. Are you sure you need nothing along the way?” She asked.

“Not at all. I’m sure I’ll be fine as I go back. I’m pretty sure Harald will have alternative plans for me. Of course, I will be at his side and do whatever I can to serve him.”

“I’m certain you will come back to me as you always do. There’s no harm in doing such an admirable thing for the good of Midland.”

“Don’t worry about me. Every time I’m with you, I seem to grow my strength back and make it increase with each passing day. Like always, we will have plenty of time to make up for all the time that’s been stolen from us.”

“Are you quite certain your brother will always wonder when you come to him? Isn’t there a time when he seems to lose track?”

“The earl of Loftain never loses track of his time. Well, I must be going. I can’t keep him waiting forever.”

Then, she lets him get out of the house and allows him to be on his way as Harald becomes for a new day. As Julius is making his way towards the door, Lagertha walks out of her room and walks up to him. He already had his armor on with his cloak and greatsword and noticed her daughter walking to him. With his new power, he could detect any sudden movement and sound coming from about fifty feet.

“Hey, father. Are you leaving so soon?” Lagertha asked.

“I have to. It’s the only way to not keep Harald waiting for a long time,” Julius answered.

“You haven’t even had breakfast, yet. And it looks like you have packed nothing at all,” she said.

“Well, turns out I’m not hungry. I’m still full from last night. I’m sure you’re not as hungry to eat anything.”

“I was actually about to make me something. You usually wait an entire hour before you move.”

“I had a brief chat with the earl last night. He told me to meet him as soon as possible. By that, I’m sensing he doesn’t want his entire day to be wasted just by having me walk to him.”

“Oh, I understand. I’m just wondering if what you do is good for everyone in that city. And if it’s good enough that you walk out without saying another word.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve gotten used to doing it. If it’s for protecting my people and the city, then I must not waste my time.”

Lagertha had some sense come into her and let her decide on what else she must do without her father. It would take her more than just one day to make her choice as she lives on.

“Goodbye, father,” Lagertha said.

“Farewell. Take care of your mother until I come back,” Julius said. Then, he opens the door and walks out of the house, and his daughter watches as he walks on the long road back to the city of Midland.

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