The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 37: Destined for Many Things

“Well, see you around, Julius. Good luck with that raid of yours,” Brant said. Then, he walks away from him and starts going to the dining room as Julius goes somewhere else.

Everyone in the palace was really busy working or just walking around and exploring what the place contains. Nobody could go downstairs nor upstairs because of how complicated things can be if they can’t find a way out. They all expected themselves to find a way inside the palace and needed to know the exit. Then, Harald looks over at his city to see how everything is holding up and running, and he sees that everything was as he intended it to be. Julius walks back to Balvu to talk with him some more before the evening comes down on them.

Meanwhile, Lagertha continues to look at her illustrations and see what other things she can draw. She always saw herself as some kind of artist and wanted to go beyond her expectations and see if she can draw a long trail. It would take her some time to do it and not make any careless mistakes as the afternoon was upon her. As she drew bits and pieces of the background, she could hear her mother talking to herself. Lagertha could not find the strength she needed to cheer Lucy up and tell her everything will be okay.

“Mother, I know I told you that father will be home either tonight or tomorrow. What part of that sentence did you not understand?” She whispered. Lagertha wished she could give up what she is doing and help her mother out, but she heard her mother did not need that much help.

She could hear and feel the emotions her mother was having as she was by herself. Lucy could not feel herself in the state she was once having, and she no longer felt pride in her mind. She was the same age as Julius was; both of them were twenty years old when they first met each other and got married the next year. Lucy looks out her window and keeps wondering about Julius and how long will it take until he comes back home. He told her goodbye and promised that he will come back home and will be with her until he is needed once again.

Suddenly, Lagertha puts her sketchbook down and sees if she can help her mother out. Lucy has been silent with her daughter for quite some time and could not find the words she needs to express herself. But Lagertha always had something to say to anyone, whether it was her parents or her friends. She walks out of her room and finds her mother to see where she went, but she was not in her bedroom. Her mother was sitting on a chair next to a window and looked at the forests and mountains.

“Mother, is something wrong? You haven’t said a word to me for a long time. You didn’t even bother to speak that much at the banquet,” Lagertha said.

“Oh, I have spoken a bunch, Lagertha. You must’ve not been there to hear me out. You were with the earl’s son that night,” Lucy said.

“Are you spying on me, mother? I know I told a bunch of other people not to come near me when I’m with him. What I do with him is not anyone’s business.”

“Are you in love with him? Has he shared his genuine feelings with you? Do you plan to sit on the throne with him in the future?”

“Why are you asking me this? Our relationship should not concern you? We just met last night, and I plan to meet him, once more.”

“You can talk to me, Lagertha. The only reason I’m a little silent is that we both live in the same house and you only have one year left with me. And it seems with you being with that young man, you have been maturing and growing up to be a young lady. Of course, you can talk to me about some basics. I will not hesitate to help you out. Just... ask away. It’s that easy.”

Then, Lagertha closes her eyes and wonders what kind of person her mother is being right now. Lucy acted as if she changes her personality every hour that comes, or she was just acting delusional. It’s commonly not a good thing if someone has the strength to change the way they act towards other people. She then squinted her eyes just by thinking about it and appeared as if she was about to break down and cry. Then, she stopped squinting and all of her eyes were red and watery as she stood before her mother.

“What’s wrong, Lagertha?” Lucy asked. Her daughter looked at the ground and quickly thought about the day her husband’s fate was revealed.

“Those men. The ones who came by our door the other day. I’m speaking of the men of Anduin,” Lagertha said.

“What about them? Why do you ask?” Lucy asked.

“I know they spoke to you about something. I know they told something to you that made you silent to both me and my father. Tell me. I need to know.”

It was at that moment when Lucy realized that she could not keep her secret away forever. She knew she could not hide it from her daughter because she would keep asking the same questions. The time and the hour came back to her, and she could resist nothing that she was seeing. Lucy did not know if her daughter would believe a single word or if she would think it is all a joke. Brynjar of Anduin knew so much about things that would happen to her and swore to never share it with anyone else.

Then Lucy spoke with her daughter, saying, “One of those men... Brynjar, I believe. He came to me and showed me a small mirror that foretold the fate of your father. The citizens of Loftain knew him to be the slayer of a million demons. But something terrible will happen to him. He will do many things the world will be unprepared for. If I told your father, he would disown me.”

“Mother, what does all of this mean?” Lagertha asked.

“He told me everything, and I have foreseen it. You are destined for many things. Your lineage... your sons and daughters... you will all be capable of saving the earth. One day, you will have a destiny to fulfill. You will have honor and bravery on your journey to whatever place you desire.”

“No. That’s impossible. He couldn’t mean something like that. I don’t even know how to pick up a sword.”

“It’s fate, Lagertha. It’s what you are called to do. Whatever day that may be, you will take up your sword and survive. The world is a dark, cruel place. Your father will teach you what you should know, but I can’t do it... because I’m not strong enough. I won’t be able to survive.”

Lagertha looks down at her hands and starts shaking and shivering as she thinks about everything. She questioned herself and thinks regardless of whether she is really up to the challenge. Then, she looks up to her mother and tries to think of something to say, but the emotions hold her back from saying anything. Lucy wished she revealed everything sooner and not wait for such a long time to tell her daughter the truth. She would have not been so quiet about Brynjar’s words to her; she would have gladly given Lagertha all the answers.

“Lagertha. It... it’s my fault. I’m guilty of everything that will soon happen,” Lucy said.

“Oh, mother. You mustn’t say that. If my fate is to survive in the night, I will do whatever is necessary!” Lagertha said.

“I’m certain you will. Just be thankful that you’re still here with me. You have plenty of time to get ready.”

Even though she would not be living in her family’s house for much longer, she still owed her mother everything. Lagertha would have so much to ask her father when he returns home, and he would need to be ready to train her. She then walks back to her room and tries to erase everything her mother told her, but it could not leave her mind. Then, she looks up at the ceiling to decide what to do after she eats dinner; she cannot be exhausted for this plan to work. Lagertha grabs a black cloak hanging in her closet, and she decides what to do with it.

“I must go to him. I have to make him know about everything. I have to speak with Brant. If not now, then I won’t ever have the chance,” she said. Lagertha watches as the sun is still in the clouds and notices that the evening will soon be upon her.

She knew where the palace was and recognized how to get through a shortcut into one of the palace’s rooms.

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