The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 41: The Demonic Castle

It was like a flicker of light flashing in her eyes when she tried thinking about the man from Anduin. Between the palace and the dark forest, she could see Brynjar standing before her and holding out his hand. His very presence made Lagertha tremble and caused her to have shivers run down her thin body. She shuttered by just thinking about all the misdeeds that would fall on her if she forgets everything he said. Then, she opened her eyes and still laid with Brant and being warmed up by him.

Then, she spoke with him, saying, “My father and your father... are not brothers. They were all just men who followed the orders of their king. They just knew each other well enough to be brothers, but only your father came layout of his mother. This must mean that we aren’t what they say we are. But we share a bond. I don’t know how that’s possible, but I can’t undo what has already been done.”

“So... we’re both different. We’ve both been given a lie. They’ve been lying to us since we were kids,” Brant said.

“I’m afraid so. Who knows what your father will do once the truth about him and my father is revealed? There will be a riot. And if there’s a riot, the demons will believe we can’t control our people, and they will have plenty of courage to destroy what’s left of Midland,” Lagertha said. She knew a lot of what the night creatures offered to the last kingdom of the earth.

Julius used to tell his daughter so much of what the demons will do to those who would defy them. Brant now understood that he and Lagertha are not cousins, but they are of royalty and intellect. He already knew so much about Julius’s daughter, and he will do anything for her protection. Then, he put his hand on Lagertha’s cheek and wanted to do so much with her. They then started holding each other’s hands as they looked at each other and desired to do something extraordinary.

“Lagertha, come along with me. Join me. Let’s rule this kingdom together,” Brant said.

“What? What are you trying to say?” Lagertha asked.

“I know it may seem too much, but I would like you by my side to rule what’s left of Midland. We can lead our people to greater territory. We’ll drive the demons away and make them regret ever coming to our world,” he said. Lagertha’s eyes were wide open as he told her this, and she started imagining what else could happen.

“You know that it will be too hard for me. As long as my father is still alive, there will be a great dispute against everyone in the city. My family would not allow it,” she said.

“Forget them. My grandfather brought your family. King Lancelot did not hesitate to bring Julius to the family and make him my father’s brother,” Brant said.

“True, but so many people will wonder if I am fit to rule with you. The demons already know how great this city is, but eventually, they will have enough strength and power to take it down,” Lagertha said.

“Well, if that is to be my fate, then I will not hesitate to push the demons back into oblivion. Such has been the purpose of all of Midland’s rulers. I will make sure you’re guarded and protected by any invaders. Lagertha, I’m telling you the truth. You are everything to me... I would rather die than watch you be tormented.”

Lagertha’s eyes watered, and she blushed for a second after being told such courageous words. She hasn’t been nobly treated in a long while by anyone, but the offer Brant wanted to give her was almost too much for her to handle. She also knew by accepting this offer, he will be given a lot of guidance and help by her to rule the region. Then, she rests her head on Brant’s chest to calm him down and remind him that everything will be alright for him. They both wanted to feel better by being with each other and not succumbing to the darkness.

“I want you to know that you’ll be a great ruler and a great king. Your lineage will be mighty. Give me time... I’ll be thinking about it,” Lagertha said. Then, they both closed their eyes and slept with each other as it has already been three hours past sunset.

They both needed to rest themselves from such a long night they endured yesterday and needed to be well-rested after getting up. Everyone in the palace was already going to sleep in either their homes or their rooms that are not in the great hall. Lagertha and Brant grew a fascinating relationship with each other and one that will never be forgotten. They both swore not to share their big secrets with anybody and not tell their parents. If there was a situation between Julius and Harald, then only they will be the ones to handle it.

Meanwhile, Julius and Balvu made it towards the castle of Stonethorn, and the knights of Midland were standing behind them. The castle was not anything huge or impossible to make their way towards the throne room. About a few demons were waiting behind the bridge leading to the castle’s entrance. They all carried swords and spears that were dipped with poison, which would instantly kill anybody. Julius stood ready and made sure if Mephiles was prepared to stick to the plan of invading the castle.

“Are you ready for this, Balvu?” Julius asked.

“I’ve been ready ever since we left the castle,” Balvu answered.

“So long as you stay behind me, we will achieve victory. Alright then, you know what to do. Keep your men at bay and fight for glory.”

As he turns around to look at his men, he could feel Mephiles becoming hungry to taste the flesh of his enemies. Since it was almost the middle of the night, his power could increase at any minute. Julius became extremely worried about what will happen to himself in front of his friend. Then, he walks towards the knights who all had their swords drawn out to be ready to fight back against the demonic beasts. He then pulled out his greatsword and held it out for all the men to see as the full moon was gazing down.

Then, he spoke with the men, saying, “The time has come for us all to raid this castle of night creatures. The day has come for them all to know and understand our courage and strength. The night is already upon us, and we cannot stand back and watch the demons tear you apart. We will not die under their rule. We will not serve their god. We will charge into their stronghold and kill every creature we see. You fight for Midland! You fight for your king and the people of this world!”

The knights held onto their weapons and were prepared to fight against a massive horde of demons. They all cheered for their leader and were determined to sink their blades into the bodies of their enemies. The knights of Midland had enough pride to believe that they were strong enough to kill any creature standing in their way. It did not matter how tough they were. The demons would always take a man down. Julius led the way towards the castle and kept holding onto his blade as he walked towards his destination.

Alright, Mephiles. The time has come for you to lend me your power. Don’t fail me. Julius thought. He needed his servant more than ever if he wanted to slay every beast ready to kill him first.

Julius moves close enough to the castle where all the demons could see him and become ready to face him in combat. All of his knights were behind him and waited for him to deliver the call to charge forth into battle. The demons saw them and were getting ready to fight back against the humans and tear them apart. Then, they walk towards the one who leads the knights towards and believes they would be quick enough to kill him. They had their spears ready to be thrown, and their swords ready to pierce the flesh of their foes.

“What chance do you have against us, human? Wait... I know who you are. I can tell by your scent and your appearance,” the demon leader said.

“When I’m through with you, you will taste your blood and rot in this field. You will know genuine fear when you stand against me,” Julius said.

“You have done little besides killing a million of our kind. You have no idea of the power we wield!”

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