The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 42: The Power of the Wolf

Julius and his men prepared themselves for the massive battle between them against the demons to begin. There was no way for them to wait any longer and let the demons be victorious in a matter of seconds. They all wanted to make sure this battle is memorable and told at the taverns and used as daily news for the earl. Harald went to sleep on his bed, but only to wake up a few hours after that just to see if the walls are still intact. Then, the moon shined as brightly as possible in the darkness; everyone waited for Julius to say the word to begin the battle.

Meanwhile, Stonethorn sat on his throne in the castle and heard the noise of the demons preparing for a battle. Then, he arises from his throne and walks towards the window where the action was taking place. He then opens the window to see everything about the battle take home and watch as his enemies get torn apart. He holds a chalice in his hand and begins drinking the wine from his cup while he watches on at the scenery. He only hoped they would reach the border of his castle for his big surprise attack awaiting them from a mile away.

Julius was the one who would give the command to his knights; he held up his greatsword in the air and was prepared to lead them into battle.

“SHIELD WALL!!” Julius shouted. The knights held up their shields close to each other, and they pointed their swords at the enemy.

“SHIELD WALL!!” The demon leader shouted. All the night creatures heeded the words of their leader and also held their shields up to their faces.

“Positions!” Julius said. Everyone held their swords and shields against the demons and had enough power to make it through the night.

Both the humans and beasts had lots of strength to fight against each other, and they would not rest until they had done what they came for. They all despised each other and had their reasons to show hate and contempt against one another. Julius closed his eyes for a second and had so much dark power go inside his veins. Mephiles’s authority granted his master as much strength as he would need to defeat the demon king and bring Harald the head of his enemy. Then, Julius opens his eyes and understands the exact reason he is here at this moment; his new power revolves around his body, and because of it, he is getting much more durable.

“CHARGE!!” He shouted. All of Midland’s knights ran in front of him as he pointed his sword at the night creatures to be killed by the sword.

“NO MERCY!!” The demon leader shouted. They all dashed towards the field to kill every human they come in contact with.

And so, the battle between the knights of Midland against the demons begins as the midnight moon is above them. They were all charging quickly into action and had their swords and spears pointing at each other. The knights were having much courage with them as they would be on the field of battle. On this night, the area would be decorated with all kinds of blood and gore staining the grass. The knights and demons charged towards each other and did not look back from killing each other behind the castle.

Julius was behind his band of knights and warriors and made sure none of them fell back from the battle. The demon leader also stayed behind his army to make sure they did not disobey the orders of their king. To ensure victory, every knight and demon had to stay close to each other to kill as many opponents as possible. It has always been the way of kings and leaders to achieve victorious battles and onslaughts. Julius held onto his greatsword and followed the knights who fought with their lives against their greatest foes.

He held onto his massive weapon and counted about a hundred knights in front of him, and he followed his army from behind. But as he followed them, he could see quite a few of Midland’s knights were being sliced open. He witnessed their intestines flying everywhere and their blood and gore splattering on the knight’s faces. Then, he started going in front of them and pushed a few of them aside so he could get closer. He could feel the mighty power of the Demon Wolf overflowing his veins and covering most of his inner-self.

Julius holds onto his greatsword and begins killing every night creature standing before him; he sliced and diced his way against countless opponents. He swings his sword around to make them bathe in their blood and watch as their heads fly and roll on the ground. Some demons witnessed their brethren be slaughtered by the massive strength Julius had against them. So much fear clouded their minds and felt weak towards them as they tried to attack him. Julius kept pushing onward and making sure all of his enemies fell and landed on the blood-stained ground.

Balvu watched as his leader mercilessly killed every demonic beast that held their weapons against him. The dark elf was stunned and could not believe the raw power Julius was having during this night. Nobody ever said Julius was as mighty as he was at this moment during a massive battle. Balvu watches the knight leader parry and deflect every oncoming attack and begin becoming even mightier. There was nothing Julius could do to fall back and fight another day; he had plenty of courage in himself to not die in vain.

Lots of demonic and human blood began splattering all over the place and staining the floor they were standing on. So many lives were lost during this long night, and lots of men gave their lives to fight in the name of their earl. For a brief instinct, Julius felt his veins appearing on both his arms and face. The massive power of Mephiles took form in Julius’s entire body and could not make it stop. Nothing could stop the ultimate control of the creature who was once betrayed by his kind.

“Now, Julius. It is time! Time for them to witness my power!” Mephiles said.

“Yes. Now they die!” Julius shouted. Then, he took four steps forward and made the ground shake and forced the strong wind to blow.

He then squints his eyes to clear out his vision and feel his presence overwhelm himself in front of his men. But they ignored what may happen to their leader as they fought against the demons. As he kept his eyes closed, Julius was full of rage and full of hatred as his new power overtook his body. All of his veins appeared on his face and arms, but his nordic armor hid his chest and back to prevent everything else from being witnessed. He finally opens his eyes; they were no longer that of the eyes of men, and his entire body still appeared to be human, but he was something else in his mind.

“All the demons fear me now. I am the slayer of all demons. I will send you all back to the deepest pits of Hell, where you can rot for all eternity!” Julius shouted. Then, the rest of the demons heard the brief speech he gave to himself and began running towards him to cut him down.

They noticed that his body was smoking after slaughtering so much of the demonic army in one night. Then, they run towards him to see if they can kill him and claim their victory over the leader of Midland’s knights. But it was far too impossible to land a single strike after seeing one of their own get violently sliced open. After being cleaved in two, the demon’s upper body started flying in the air with an enormous mass of blood and guts spewing everywhere. They watched him kill a few more monsters in such a gory fashion that everyone began shivering just by thinking about it.

Julius runs with his sword in his hands and begins killing all of those who lifted their blades against him. This time, he did not care if they were human or not, and it did not matter to him if they want to continue living or lie down in their pool of blood. The atmosphere made Julius feel much hotter than what he was usually used to on other nights. Unlike this time, he hunted down demons as if the air was feeling a bit cold and made others freeze to the bitter core. Mephiles’s power allowed Julius to accomplish anything, and victory was very close to reach him.

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