The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 59: Beyond the Breaking Point

“Get out there now, show these creatures your actual strength, or you will die! Free your people from this miserable curse, or everything that you have ever done will be for nothing! You were born for this, Julius... everyone here already knows that” Mephiles said.

“For all the wrong reasons, Mephiles. We will defeat them. We will go to that castle and ensure that no demon ever comes to Midland ever again. I will finish that demon king, but only one of us will take rule of the castle,” Julius said.

“That will not be possible, Julius. We cannot trade one dark king for another. This is not the end you have for. We will take over the earth one day, but we ensure that Midland is restored to light. Casualties will be caused, but it will be the only way to free these people from tyranny. If they believed one of you to be dead, there would be a great uproar in the kingdom. Many arguments will be made on who to choose as the next earl of Loftain. You don’t want to be remembered as the man who will let that happen, do you?”

“This decision will not be mine or yours. I will make a choice when I kill the one who murdered King Lancelot. You worry too much. I will make the knights victorious. You want what I want, right?”

“Do it. End it. Now!”

Julius understood that he had no other choice but to fall and defeat every demon leader by himself. There was no other way for him to prove his power to the knights, and he had to do everything the hard way. A time of great darkness has already arisen on the kingdom; it would likely never leave Midland for a long time. Julius held onto his greatsword and prepared for the worst, as he was about to do what no human would dare try. He cared for both the earl and his men, yet he cared about his next move for the sake of his people.

“Fine... until death do us part,” Julius said. And so, Julius left the earl band his men behind and began looking down at the army of night creatures ready to kill him.

Some demon leaders were screeching and holding their swords in the air and had every reason to make their servants push forward. The night is still very young, but Julius was powerful enough to land on his feet while falling sixty feet from the air. He had the strength and ability to kill over a hundred demons who tried to kill him first. He knew that he would never be set free from such a heavy burden, so he will let God decide his fate. Julius sees that the demon leaders look like they were not impossible to kill because they all had a weakness inside of them.

Without hesitation, Julius jumps down from the wall and starts falling to land on one creature’ faces. His foot could penetrate one of their faces and make the demon fall on their backs. Harald saw that Julius was on the dark road and began killing any demonic beast in his path. His time and patience with the commander were slowly fading away, and he could not call him back up the walls. Like Julius, he still swung his sword at all of his foes and made the floor run red with their blood.

Julius charged at the night creatures and killed all of them with his greatsword until the midnight moon shines down. The moon was still visible, but it was not big enough for them to show that midnight had come. The day will come when everything having to do with the servants of the night is over, and the earth will be back to normal. The one who is chosen to rid the world of all the night creatures will be the one who shall be the king of the world. Julius could take that chance and die trying if it were the only thing he saw fit in his life.

Then Julius saw one of the demon leaders from a short distance and dashed towards the creature. He ran to his new enemy while killing several night creatures and slicing them in half. They all had swords in their hands, and others had spears to impale the mighty knight, but it was too easy for him to fight them off. He became certain that their blood would splatter onto the bodies of other demons and watch them swallow it. The blood and gore of both demons and humans stained the city walls, and the grass as the battle raged on.

Julius refused to surrender to the demons and refused to fall to his knees and ask for mercy from his opponents. What the night creatures did to the king of Midland was unforgivable, and they needed to pay the price. Julius saw himself as the judge and the executioner of all the creatures of darkness; he would rather die than watch Loftain fall to ruins. He did not know how he did it, but the hellish beasts were falling and dying rapidly by his hands. The others were crawling up the walls to devour and kill whoever tried to stab them to death.

From a considerable distance, Balvu could see Julius running to a demon leader and mercilessly killing every single creature. He saw that the knight was planning something that would either benefit the earl’s command or betray it. The second-in-command noticed that he has already slain a hundred demons by merely hacking and slashing through them. Balvu runs to the earl to inform him of what is happening to Julius and wonders if he can still trust him. He had many things to tell Harald about Julius, but he became afraid of the words which might be right or wrong.

“Earl Harald! I see Julius down there! He’s pushing the demons back all by himself!” Balvu shouted.

“It’s something you and I must keep doing. He may have done something that my father would deem treacherous, but he is still on our side,” Harald said.

“Is it enough for me to say that he might do something to one of us that would be direct betrayal?”

“No. That will never happen. He and I have already figured out a way to end this battle, but I can’t tell you. What I will do is my business, and none other shall be with me to fulfill it.”

“As a commander of this army, I still wish for Julius to plead before you he will confess his crimes and swear upon his life that he will still fight for you!”

“Enough talk, Balvu. We have a city to defend and people to save. Keep fighting for your life!”

And so, Harald said nothing more to Balvu as he saw yet another group of demons already climbing to the top of the walls. He waited for the perfect opportunity to bring death to all the night creatures; he knew that Julius refused to waste time fighting the same type of demons. The earl held onto his sword and waited for a few nightmares to come towards him and finish him. He did not fight as ruthlessly as Julius did because he did not know the fact that many leaders were commanding the beasts. While killing a couple of demons in his path, he watched Julius meet up with one of the demon leaders.

Julius made himself an entire road of blood and gore, which covered the grass and melted anyone who tasted it. He stood before a demon leader named Kotale; the creature held what seemed to be an executioner’s ax and became stronger each time he killed a human. He walked towards Julius and knew him for what he is since he became an influential warrior amongst the demons. Kotale understood that Julius is the one who is feared by many demons, and he knew him to be a formidable warrior. He imagined such a day to happen to him since he so desired to meet the one who slew one million demons.

“So, you must be the powerful knight. The one I’ve heard so much about. The man who carries a dark power and uses it against his enemies,” Kotale said.

“I will fight back against all of you. I lift my sword in the name of King Lancelot. My purpose is to eradicate every creature, such as you. I desire to right past wrongs and finish what I have started,” Julius said.

“After these years, I have finally found a worthy warrior!”

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