The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 61: The Dragons of Hell

The demonic dragons were enough to make anyone feel like they are getting ready to fall and tremble. They all breathed Hellfire and had every key to defeating their enemies and finding their weak spots. There was no alarm for dragons coming their way because the sky was so dark that the humans could barely see what was happening. None of the humans could comprehend the danger they were about to face, and Julius became worried about what would happen next. He rushed back to Harald and killed any demon that stood in his way; he had no time to face them in a duel.

“Harald! Get away from there!” Julius shouted. He quickly climbed up the wall and used his dark powers to jump higher than any of the demons.

The knights saw many creatures fly from the sky and thought that the clouds were moving all over the place. Julius got onto the wall’s surface and run back to Harald after he killed a dozen beasts in his path.

“Harald, we need to get moving! There’s no time!” Julius shouted.

“Julius, what’s that in the clouds? I’ve seen nothing like it,” Harald said.

“It’s the dragons, Harald. They’ve returned!”


In a split second, Julius wraps his right arm around Harald’s chest and back. And he was getting ready to leap away with the earl. Harald had no idea what the dark knight was getting prepared to do; he could only hope for the best out of every man around him.

“Let me go, Julius! What do you think you’re doing?” Harald asked.

“Hang on tight!” Julius answered. Harald has both of his hands holding onto Julius’s arm and holds his breath to make sure he does not fall.

Julius waited for the right time to wait for the demons riding the dragons to do something that will make the other creatures push through.

“All of you move away!” Julius shouted. And as he said that, many dragons started flying from the clouds and hovered around the men they were about to burn down.

Julius saw that one creature was getting prepared to breathe its fire and blow up the wall. He knew that by blowing the wall to pieces, the night creatures would have a significant advantage of taking over the city and claiming it as their city.

“GET OFF THE WALLS!!” He shouted. He told this to every knight who fought against the demons, and they all saw the flying monsters coming to kill them all.

Some knights ran to the stairs and go back to the city. Some of them started falling and breaking a few bones, and the rest of them had no clue what to do. Julius held Harald in his arms; instead of falling to the floor, he took the earl and leapt onto the roof of one building. Without hesitation, the demonic dragons released their fire and burned the wall of Loftain down as a few knights suffered such a crushing fate. One dragon cast a massive fireball and made every piece of Loftain’s barrier blow up and crumbling to the ground.

The knights who were unlucky to make it away from the dragons got burned from the flames, and their bodies become skeletons. Julius became horrified by such an outcome he felt as if he would be the next one to be eaten alive.

“It’s those creatures, isn’t it? They’re the ones who led the way for the demons to enter this world. They will all suffer!” Harald shouted. Then, he watched every single demon charge into the city to fight back against every Midland knight.

They all used their swords and axes to cut down the knights and devour them before they could raise their weapons.

“They’re all going to pay. They shall pay with their blood!” Julius shouted. Then, he jumped down to the floor and held onto his greatsword to kill whatever creature stands in his path.

He charged back into battle as Harald tried to get back down to join Julius. About a hundred demons were swarming around and tearing apart so many knights who were protecting the city.

“Julius, no! They’ll kill you!” Harald shouted. He understood the raw power of dragons who came from Hell and knew they were twice as powerful as the elder dragons.

He gets down to the surface and follows Julius as he watches his men be torn to shreds. The grisly image showed nothing but a massive sea of blood, gore, and dismembered body parts caused by the servants of darkness. Julius dashed to the onslaught and killed every night creature standing in his path before they could kill him. He was already a man who is too fast to stop and also quick to be stabbed by any weapon. He did not care if they gave him a few scars. He still wanted to see them all bask in their blood.

Julius raises his greatsword and begins slicing every night creature who was ready to watch the city crumble. His dark soul was already filled with so much anger and fury that he refused to sit around and do nothing. Again, his opponents were not fast enough to parry his attacks and could not find the best time to do so. His anger and lust for power led him to a path that he could never turn back from; he could not await his death by the hands of his enemies. The demonic dragons dove and burn down all of those who released their arrows upon their skin.

Their skin deflected even the most basic armor of arrows and the standard type of spears; they needed armor, which is ten times stronger than steel to kill the dragons from Hell entirely. After killing a few demons in his path, Harald sees an enormous dragon hover through the city to get towards the palace. He knew the creature intended to blow it down and ruin the earl’s legacy and title. Then, he walks back to the court to see if he can save his wife and son from such a horrible way to die. Julius turns around and sees Harald running away from the battle to keep Erica and Brant from being burned alive.

“Harald, no!” Julius shouted. Then, he runs to the earl while killing a few more creatures with his greatsword.

The demonic beasts did not chase after Julius or Harald because there were plenty of humans to devour. All that mattered in their eyes was that they found the courage to claim the rest of Midland as their property. Julius dashed towards Harald to make the earl look at him and have him pay attention to what he had to say.

“HARALD! STOP!!” Julius shouted.

“The hell do you mean? That dragon’s about to blow my palace down! My wife and son are still in there!” Harald shouted.

“She’s with Brant. Your son is a young man. He knows the way out of the palace as much as you do! If you go in there, even you will suffer such a cruel fate!”

“I don’t care what happens to me! I will see them alive!”

Before any of them could say anything else, the dragon roars as loudly as possible, and it made every man hear it. Meanwhile, Erica and Brant could listen to the noise of the dragon and felt themselves trembling and fearing the night. Like his father, Brant knew and understood the mighty power and strength of dragons; he also knew the ones who came from the earth and who came from Hell. Brant also saw that the demonic dragon was heading for his window and became prepared to burn down the palace.

“Mother, we must go! We gotta get out of here!” Brant shouted.

“It cannot be. Is that...?” Erica asked.

“Yes, mother! That’s a dragon! We must get going!” He shouted. It was during that time that they both gathered whatever seems valuable to them and began getting packed to leave.

One minute later, Brant and Erica were getting ready to leave the room and head towards the entrance. The palace doors meant that the dragon could not burn down the place from the bottom to the top. Brant ran down the stairs and led the way as he held onto his mother’s hand; the noise of the dragon got even louder. Neither of them had any sword or ax to use at their defense because they were not nights. The earl was not there to lead the way to another location, but Brant knew all the exits of the city.

As he tries to get out of the city, Julius and Harald are still arguing about what is right or wrong for protecting the earl’s wife and son.

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