The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 65: The Castle of Midland

Meanwhile, Lucy and Lagertha were staring at the city of Loftain through the window and were deeply shocked at the outcome. The city that was said never to fall has all been turned into a complete lie thanks to the demons. Loftain was once the only city to defy the rule of the night creatures, but it is now just a memory. They both gawked at the horrifying scene of the great town burning down and leaving behind ashes and dust. They were both anxious about Julius and wondered if he survived or not; none of them knew that he had mighty power in his soul.

“Father! How did this happen?” Lagertha asked. She was panting and had all kinds of emotions buzz around inside her head.

Then, Lucy felt her chest and started touching her heart race faster than an average heartbeat. The beating of her heart made her fall to her knees and forced her to believe her husband has suffered a terrible fate. It was as if the visions that Brynjar shared with her was accurate; it made her face feel red, and her mind went wild.

“Mother!” Lagertha shouted. She runs to her mother and tries to comfort her and tell her that everything will be alright, but it was hard to convince her.

Lagertha could feel her mother’s heart rate beat very quickly for all the wrong reasons, and she knew that something awful would happen to her. Lucy knew she would never forget this night and understood the danger she and the rest of her family will be facing. There was no way for Lagertha to comfort her mother from the trauma she was experiencing. She could never let her sorrows burn away and forget anything has ever happened.

“Mother, you need rest,” Lagertha said.

“I can’t rest! I can’t close my eyes... not from something like this!” Lucy shouted.

“You need to relax, mother. Get away from the window!”

“Lagertha, he’s still out there! Your father is in that city, and it’s burning down. Those creatures did all of this!”

“I know, and they’ll see you if you stay right there! I know what you’re trying to do... and it won’t work. Father will blame me for everything if you try to do it. He’ll be back, mother. Your heart is beating too quickly. You need to rest.”

Lucy had nothing more to say to her daughter and knew that starting an argument during this time would be pointless. But the flames which burned down the city of Loftain will stay buried inside of her soul for the rest of her life. For her entire life, Midland has always been her home, yet she went to the land of Stockholm because there was no room for her to give birth to Lagertha. She has ever known Loftain to be her only home, but now it is time to leave it all behind and move on. Then, she gets up from the floor, and her daughter helped her to a nearby chair so she can sit down.

Lagertha began hugging her mother to make her relax; she had no idea how much her mother was proud to live next to the city. All of that has now been taken from her, and she had no idea what to do besides panic and be afraid. Lucy has made it to that point in her life where she will feel anxious about both her daughter and her husband over anything that may seem deadly. Lagertha felt her mother’s heartbeat go slower, and it made Lucy calm down for a little while. Lucy’s daughter knew a few things about making others feel relaxed and feel as if everything will be better.

“Mother, we’re going to be okay. Father is coming to get us. I know he will,” Lagertha said. Lucy said nothing more to her daughter as the midnight moon is still upon them.

Lagertha tried her best to give hope to her mother before it is too late, and she made a promise to Julius that she will protect Lucy and the house. Meanwhile, Julius and Harald were standing about a hundred feet away from the castle, and they had lots of courage and strength to stand against the demon king. The king’s name is Balder, and his skill and power with the sword earned him the title of a demon king. The demon hunter and the earl had no choice but to walk inside and face whatever evil is upon them. Julius put his greatsword into his scabbard and pushed the doors open to let Harald walk inside with him.

Julius allows Harald to be the first to walk inside so he can follow the earl from behind. They are the first men to set foot into Midland’s castle in twenty years, and nothing seems to have changed about the way the court looked. This time around, the difference was that there were only a few paintings and portraits of ancient kings and queens. There were more sculptures of demon kings and the gods they worshipped; they would remain next to the pillars and walls until Balder dies. It was because of his magic that caused the walls and paintings to be remade in his image.

Julius and Harald were at that place to put an end to their desire for the head of the demon king. Both of them had already fought enough demons to make it this far, and they will go down a path that may lead to a dark fate. Whether it be death or peace, Julius and Harald put their own lives at risk to put an end to the demonic race. They saw no night creature standing in their direction, which may have seemed weird to them because of how many beasts were at the city’s walls. It was the flames of many dragons from Hell that caused the metallic walls to fall to their doom.

Julius and Harald walked up the stairs of the main hall that led them to the throne room. Balder, the demon king, sat on his throne and felt the demon slayers walking towards him as the night still felt pretty young. Julius and Harald knew that the night would not be over until they have done what they came for. If their fellow knights were with them to aid them, they would all be the first ones to die by Balder’s hands. The two men had nothing to say to each other as they were about to face another significant threat before their eyes.

Harald was there to have vengeance for his father’s murder, and Julius was there to make sure the kingdom of Midland still stands strong. They both made a promise that the one who kills the demon king can sit on the throne and bring peace back to the region. They may have lost their last city, but they still had the chance to not hide under the presence of darkness. They both continued walking straight until they have reached the doors leading to the throne room. They could both hear the noise of demonic chanting and a pipe organ playing to a melody that made humanity quiver at the sound of the music.

A few minutes later, they both made it to the doors and waited for the perfect moment for their fate to be sealed. They saw the demon king sitting down and drinking a cup of wine while waiting for them to come forth. Julius and Harald hurried towards Balder to put an end to his rule and bring him down to his knees. It is now up to them to finish what they started and drive the demons away from the earth. Balder looked at the demon slayers and had a feeling that his time of ruling Midland is over.

“You both have done well in making it here. I’m impressed you have both made it this far. Even men from ancient times could not finish me,” he said.

“Your rule ends here, and it ends now. I know who and what you are, and today I claim vengeance. I make you suffer for what you did,” Harald said.

“Like it or not, your time has come. Once we are done with you, you will know my genuine power,” Julius said. The demon king stood up and looked at Julius and Harald before he can conclude them.

Then he spoke with them, saying, “Know this, your king died by my hand. Your fellow knights and nearly three-quarters of your entire army are now gone. King Lancelot died in vain. Will you suffer the same fate? You will all go down a path that is impossible to return from.”

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