The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 67: The Demise of a Demon King

Balder had other plans set for them as he pulled out his greatsword to fight them and end the night. He looked at Julius and noticed how much of an ambitious man he was as he stood in front of him. Every demon from the gates of Hell knew Julius for what he is and recognized him by his raw power and ability to kill them all. For a brief moment, Balder hesitated to go any closer towards the demon hunter and knew he might die that night. But he was not afraid of death, unlike the other night creatures who fought against Julius.

“I know you, Julius of Romania. I know the dark cloud which covers your soul. Your feelings will betray you into greater darkness,” Balder said.

“Julius! Don’t listen to him. He’s lying!” Harald shouted. He crawled towards the mighty knight to make him listen as the demon king continued being suspicious.

“I never lie, Earl Harald. I cannot be betrayed. A human will not dominate me. Although he drank the blood of a devil, he is still just a mortal,” the demon king said. Julius knew the creature was right, but he still had hope that he would never abandon his humanity to rule the earth.

Julius held onto his greatsword as he stared at Harald, who seemed fearful about what is about to happen. He walked even closer to the earl and had the perfect plan to make the demon king seem vulnerable.

“Julius, think about what you’re about to do. You need me as much as I need you. Don’t listen to a word that creature says!” The earl shouted.

“You know nothing, earl of Loftain. I see him ready to strike true and finish that which he swore to do. He will know the day that comes when his time is ready to take the crown and fulfill his destiny!” Balder said. Julius made his blade point at Harald’s face and forced him to not move another inch before the demon king and his servants.

“Harald, I’m doing the right thing. Trust me. Stick to the plan,” Julius whispered. Harald heard the knight’s words and knew he was speaking the truth, and he pretended to be ready to be cut down by Julius’s greatsword.

Then Balder spoke with them, saying, “Earl Harald, you think you can turn him? Pathetic! I cannot be betrayed. I cannot be beaten. I see his mind. I see his every intent. Yes... I see him turning the sword to strike true.”

But as Julius did that, he held his greatsword with his right hand and had his left hand conjure up some fire magic. The ball of fire was not for the earl because he was holding his hand down as a part of his plan.

“And now the time has come. Humanity will be scoured off the land. And Midland shall be our seat for all eternity!” Balder shouted. Before he could say anything else, Julius raises his hand and releases his fire magic upon the demon king’s face.

Balder deflects the fireball with his greatsword, and when he does that, Julius dashes towards him and goes for a fatal blow upon the creature’s body. Julius leaps in the air, and Balder’s masked servants watch the demon hunter about to end their master’s life. Julius stands on top of his body, and Balder raises his hand and watches as Julius’s blade goes through the palm of his hand. The sword hit the wall behind the throne, and the demon king felt the sword burn his hand. So much blood started falling from Balder’s hand as Julius pulled the sword away.

After that, the demon king tries pulling out his greatsword that is next to his left arm to kill Julius with it. But the demon hunter was fast enough to slice off Balder’s right arm and watch the blood splatter all over his throne. Harald was the only one out of anybody to witness the great strength of Julius as he fought against the demon king. Soon enough, they would fight his servants before they could finish the night and move on in life. Then, Julius grabs him by the chest and throws him across the throne room, and sees that he landed in front of Harald’s feet.

Balder struggled to get himself up because Julius sliced off his arm; the servants never thought they would see the day when a human bested their lord and master. Then, Julius runs towards the fallen king to deliver a decisive blow with his greatsword, but Harald helps Balder up to do it himself. Harald was there only to kill the demon king and hold Midland to defend it against the demons. Harald lifts his longsword and slices Balder in the chest, and he spins around as more blood spews everywhere. Julius charges at the demon king’s back with his greatsword pointing directly at his body before Harald does something else to the creature.

Julius was both a fierce fighter and a fast runner for fighting in combat and winning many matches. Then, he uses his greatsword and stabs Balder in the back as he forced the hellish beast to look upon the tip of his blade. He wanted him to see how powerful it was and how many night creatures have tasted the might of his sword. Julius wanted him to know and understand that his nordic sword can take down the mightiest of armor and penetrate the skins of powerful demons. Then, he pulled his greatsword out of Balder’s body and saw him shake in pain and agony as he felt defeated.

The demons who stood beside Balder’s throne thought to themselves how they should resolve this. Of course, the perfect solution would always be to settle everything in combat, but they would need to prepare themselves for dark magic. The moment came when Balder fell onto the floor, and everyone saw so much blood and gore stain the ground. Everyone noticed that the demon king was not getting up and was presumed dead at their sight. Julius and Harald prepared themselves for a massive duel between them against the masked servants of Balder.

All the six demonic creatures pulled out their weapons and pointed all of them at the heads of the two demon slayers. The demons had every reason to avenge the death of their master, and they conjured up whatever defense seemed necessary. Julius and Harald had their swords up and were ready to defeat every creature that was sent to kill the intruders. All the masked servants were very surprised at everything that has happened, and all that might occur as they fight the humans.

The masked creatures made shriveling noises and spoke to them, saying, “You will pay for this! Your souls belong to us! We will tear you apart! We will feast on your souls! Your time pays! Be engulfed by our fire!!”

“Stay near me, Harald! Let’s end this!” Julius shouted.

“For King Lancelot, our family, and all the earth!” Harald said. Julius agreed with every word that the earl said and stared at the masked creatures who were strolling towards them to kill them.

And so, a massive duel between Julius and Harald against the masked demons began as the night is ending. Three of them were dashing towards Julius, and the other half charged towards Harald and had no fear of what might happen to them. They did not care how much blood they will lose against the demon slayers, so long as they avenge their master. Julius slowly walked towards the three masked servants and held onto his greatsword to defend himself. As they come for him, Julius turns around to make sure that the earl is still alive and energized enough to fight the mighty creatures.

“Come at me, servants of Hell! This blade has pierced the bodies and souls of all your comrades! It shall also bring down the head of your lord and master!” Julius shouted.

“You do not know your place, human. Although you have a power inside of you, it won’t make you claim your victory against us. Your soul and the earl’s soul shall kneel before us!” The servants said.

“Kill me for that to happen! You threaten my people will slavery and death! I will make you suffer in your hellish flames! It’s time to die!”

They were not afraid of death and were not scared to answer the door of their fate as they were ready to fight against Julius and Harald. In the eyes of the demons, the humans should bow and scraping as they swore loyalty to their rulers. The earl and the demon hunter kept their distance and held onto their swords as another duel was about to emerge.

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