The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 81: The Demonic Conqueror

Many footsteps of night creatures and a sound that came from a giant started coming towards Julius and Lagertha. It was at that moment when the giant demon strolled from the shadows and stood in front of the demon hunter. His appearance was far too terrifying to gaze upon, and his stature was far too demented compared to other demons. From the shadows, the giant monster held Lucy with one hand and held a giant sword with the other hand. Without a doubt, the devil was none other than Bael, the ultimate demon from the gates of Hell.

With his one hand, Bael held Lucy’s hands, and she was not opening her eyes to look at her husband and daughter. Julius never had so much fear be brought into his eyes; he lowered his greatsword, which was entirely out of character for him. Lagertha was also fearful of the powerful night creature, yet she was filled with fury and rage. Then Julius came to his senses and conquered his fears as he stood before Bael and his band of creatures. He slowly raised his blade back up to save his wife before the dark monster does something terrible to her.

“Let her go! She’s not well!” Julius shouted.

“You care for this human, don’t you? You’d rather throw away your life for a human rather than do that which you swore to do? Is it in your nature to take your place as king of the world instead of sacrifice yourself for such frailty?” Bael asked.

“Tell me what you want. Just let her go. Release her, and I will give you whatever you wish,” the hunter answered.

“Let my mother go! She’s done nothing wrong!” Lagertha shouted.

“Ha, stubborn girl. Your father has already chosen his fate. He is your curse,” Bael said.

“I will not hear my daughter’s name from your filthy mouth!” Julius shouted. Bael still held onto his wife and refused to release her from his grasp, and he continued to look at Julius’s daughter.

The night creature continued speaking with her, saying, “Your father never told you what he did. He drank the blood of the Demon Wolf. Now he has enough power to turn this world inside out. You cannot save your father... just like you can never save your mother from my hands. Your father... he is in darkness, and you are his vessel. You have no power here. For you... and your father...”

Before Bael could finish his sentence, Julius held onto his greatsword and ran towards the giant demon as fast as he could. He then swings his blade and slices Bael on the side of his stomach; the deep cut causes the massive creature to fall and have Lucy fall with him. Unlike Bael, Lucy did not have any scars or bruises on her body, but her heartbeat increased again. Lagertha runs to her mother and helps her up from the floor, but that did not stop Bael from forcing himself to stop losing blood. Many other demons began circling Julius to cut him down and restore strength to their leader.

“Lagertha, get out of here! Take your mother and leave!” Julius shouted.

“I can’t leave without you! What are you going to do?” Lagertha asked.

“There’s no point in arguing. Do as I say, Lagertha. Get your mother out of here!” He shouted. Julius became entirely focused on killing the giant beast and taking his head for threatening his wife in front of the hunter’s eyes.

Lagertha takes her mother and tries to find a different direction to take, and she knew she could no longer live or roam around Midland any longer. She could feel her mother tremble away, but she had no choice but to force her mother to stay away from the demons. Meanwhile, Julius faced Bael all by himself and had Mephiles inside his soul to aid him in this challenging duel. He had to make the monster pay for what he did to his wife; he held his blade at Bael’s face to make him pay with his life.

“Face me, demon. It is time to end this!” Julius said.

“Yes, demon hunter. It is time. I am Bael, conqueror of all the demons. You... will taste no victory here!” Bael said.

“You will taste the cold stench of Death!”

And so, another onslaught between Julius against the night creatures began, but they now had Bael to assist them. The demonic beasts now had a conqueror of many sections of Hell at their disposal, and they all believed the demon slayer could never stand a chance against Bael. Then Julius stood there and defended himself instead of killing them all right away and get it over with. He did not wish to use up all of his power on just one creature; he had to return to the castle of Midland and defeat the new king. One demon raised his sword and dashed to the mighty knight to cut him to pieces.

Julius stood there and parried the fast blows the creature threw against him, and he jumped back to gain a bit of strength. Strength was Julius’s only key to surviving the many nights and bringing death to all who opposed him. Then, he swings his greatsword and makes the demon’s sword fall from his hand, and he slices off the creature’s arm and head. He made it happen so quickly that so much blood was stained onto the bodies of his opponents. Then, Julius’s eyes began being filled with rage; his will was that his foes lie dead on a massive sea of blood.

He would be forced to fight back against even more endless nights, even if he wins back the throne of Midland. Julius goes his way and continues his infinite slaughtering of dark creatures and those who will make falsehoods about his fate. His greatsword never missed the flesh and bone of the night creatures; his blade was made only sold to benefit killing monsters and savage beasts. Because of that, his sword sliced through the armor and flesh of every demon he has ever encountered. Bael watched on as his comrades were getting brutally murdered as their blood and gore splattered everywhere.

Julius has always been filled with anger and lust for the blood of demons to stain the forest, to give a warning to those who stand against him. A few seconds later, the other group of monsters was all slain by the demon hunter as he kept pushing forward. Then Julius strolls towards Bael to settle some unfinished business before finding his wife in the forest. His eyes remained focused on the mighty demon, and only one of his hands held onto the handle of his greatsword.

“So, the myths were true about you? You are the one who hunts the night and kills anyone who stands in your way. But you have done little to kill a million demons. You have no idea of the power a being such as I can wield,” Bael said.

“I will watch you bask in your blood. I will protect my wife and keep her away from monsters such as you. You will suffer my wrath and be sent to the deepest pits of Hell!” Julius said.

“We are the same: you and me. We have no differences in ourselves. We both fight for a greater purpose and the beginning of a new era. Our blades have taken the souls of many unlucky mortals. Our paths are different... but our lust for power is not.”

“What are you saying? What are you on about? You will speak your mind, or I will rip your tongue out!”

“Our similarities are the same. The only difference between us is that you don’t have a wife to protect... anymore.”

Julius’s eyes opened wide and felt so much surprise and anger while standing before Bael. The conqueror of demons made the demon hunter tremble in fear and made his mind feel like it is getting ready to drown in darkness. Julius could hear the frail voice of Lucy enter his mind and how much disease has been given to his wife. And so, the huntsman felt like he was getting ready to mourn and be filled with loads of anger. Julius raises his greatsword and points it at Bael with a rage so furious that an entire village could feel his wrath and not escape from it.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” Julius shouted. Then, Bael pierced the floor with his greatsword and forced the demon hunter to fall backward as he felt the earth shake on his feet.

Julius’s rage started being over-the-top, and his mind is now set on killing the demon who released sorcery upon his wife. He stood up and knew that he would either die alone or cut off the head of the conqueror of demons.

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