The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 83: Victory in Pain

Julius turned around and noticed the growling and the shrieking that the foul fiend was making behind him. He saw Bael is still alive, yet his left eye is gone, and his stomach and chest stopped bleeding. Bael lifts his hand and punches Julius in the face, and the demon shrieks even more under the midnight moon. The demon hunter’s face began being covered in so much blood, and he found it difficult to get back up to fight his enemy. Lucy runs to Julius to help him up; she could hear the mighty beast sound his roar as if he was near to victory.

“Julius... get up. Julius, get up!” Lucy shouted. She started shaking her husband to not give in to the powerful demon, and she saw if he can still breathe.

“You have no victory here, demon hunter. Killing me will only bring you death. You have nothing left, but your never-ending fate!” Bael said. Julius opens his eyes a little and notices his wife trying to see if she can find a weapon to defend herself.

But he stopped her because she could not stand any chance against a creature like the one who conquered many demons. He refused to surrender to an animal such as Bael, yet the punch was powerful enough to knock him down. Suddenly, Bael uses his force powers and makes Lucy draw close to his hand, and he chokes her after pulling her to him. Julius watched his wife being choked to death by the mighty beast, and he used whatever strength he had left to get back up and try to attack the demon.

“LET HER GO!!” Julius shouted. But he was far too slow to swing his greatsword at his opponent. But his blade had plenty of room to give Bael a deep stab to the abdomen.

Bael gets Julius’s sword out from his chest and pushes him away from him; the way the demon pushed the hunter was enough for Julius to fall back. Suddenly, the tree roots caught hold of the demon hunter’s arms and legs, and he could not save himself from breaking free. Julius’s rage took hold of him once again, and all of that hatred went towards his new foe.

“Release her. Release my wife! She’s done nothing wrong!” He shouted. But Bael refused as he choked even more life from Lucy, as midnight was soon ending.

“I’LL END YOU!!” Julius shouted. He could not let go of his rage and could not escape his fiery wrath against the creature, but releasing himself from the roots was impossible.

Suddenly, he could not hear, but he could feel that King Harald was controlling the powerful and dominating it to only his will. Julius could feel that Harald can dominate anything and anyone, and his battle with the king would be even more challenging than he can imagine. He could even feel the king speaking to the creature; it was something that he found challenging to do. His eyes began growing more prominent, and his soul started getting hotter than the brightest star as his anger became visible to Bael. Harald angered the demon hunter to the bitter core, and there was never a way to lift the fiery rage that Julius had against the new king.

“Harald... Harald. You sent this creature to me, didn’t you? You brought him here... to kill my family and me. God damn you,” Julius said. He then watched Lucy slowly pull out a dagger she had before she left the house and followed the demon hunter.

He never saw his wife carry a sharp weapon before, but he knew her hatred against the demons. Her hate for Hell’s servants was about on the same level as Julius’s hate against the ones who took over the place he once called home. Then, Lucy used her dagger and began hacking Bael’s face and forcing the beast to suffer and bleed to death. But her dagger would not serve her all the way through because Bael bit deep into the small blade. The dagger shatters as soon as Bael’s teeth bite deeply into the weapon; Lucy could give the demon many scars and cuts, but not as many as Julius did as he fought against Bael.

Julius continued trying to escape his imprisoned state as he still had the roots lock his arms and legs from ever trying to escape. The mighty knight could feel so much sweat and boiling rage enter his veins as he watched his wife continue being tortured. The affliction that clouded his soul would never leave his mind and never enter someone else’s body. Julius started breathing very heavily as Bael turned Lucy around to make her stare at her husband one last time. He watched her suffering and anguish stick into his soul and never expected a day like this to come before him.

“Lucy... hang in there. Lucy, I’m coming!” Julius said. Lucy could not say a word because of how much she was being choked, and by how much the demon’s hand burned her body.

“If you... touch a hair on her head...” he said. He was still struggling to release himself from the bondage the tree’s roots gave him on this night.

“Don’t do it. Don’t do this! Please... please put her down! Let her go! LET HER GO!!” Julius shouted. Then, Bael pulls out his sword and points it at Lucy’s back; the strong blade was already giving her a big scar without it piercing her body.

But the heat was making her cough and force her to lose her breath. But she had only a few seconds to say her husband’s name. Nobody knew what would happen next and how disturbing a night such as this one would be.

“Julius... JULIU—” Lucy shouted. But before she could say or do anything else, Bael uses his sword and shoves it deep into her body.

The sword ran from her back to the middle of her chest, and Julius’s wife lost so much blood from that blade. Julius stood there with all kinds of shock and despair as Lucy’s blood left her body and stained the forest trail. Of all the things that he would lose in this world, he never thought he would see the day when his wife gets taken away from his life. Julius could hear the small whispers that his wife made and the choking noise she made after getting stabbed in the back. The demonic blade was so long and mighty than any human ever coming in contact with the sword would be the last mistake they would ever make.

“Lucy! LUCY!!” Julius shouted. Lucy could not say a word from the weakness of her voice as her last gaze is her husband is trapped in roots.

She could not find any last words to say to give to her husband as her life and time on earth are slowly ending. Then, Bael pulls the sword out of Lucy’s body and drops her to the ground, and her blood covers the long road. Her blood is drained away from her body, and her gore was the last thing Julius could contact.

“Lucy. Lucy, talk to me. Lucy! LUCY!!” Julius shouted her name. Unfortunately, no answer was coming from her, and nothing came out of her mouth as a trickle of blood slowly fell from her mouth.

Lucy is now presumed dead in front of Julius, and his eyes started getting watery, with so many tears getting ready to fall from his face. It was during that tragic moment when Bael started shaking his sword away to not have Lucy’s blood cover anything on the blade that may be rotten. Julius looked up at the powerful night creature, and his fiery anger was already visible to the demon.

“I’ll kill you. I’LL KILL YOU!!” Julius shouted. Then, Mephiles helps his master out by unleashing his veins and making his mind be entirely set on killing the one who stabbed his wife.

And so, with all of his rage and dark power, Julius escapes the roots being bound to him slowly at a time. With every arm and leg being free from the roots, Julius’s blood became visible to Bael as the demon stood behind his dying wife. The demon hunter almost forgot what pain felt like when he escaped his imprisoned stature. He was not done with desiring to make his greatest enemies tremble before his feet. Julius slowly walks to Bael and pulls out his greatsword to fight back against the dark creature once again.

He grieved for his wife, yet he needed to grieve later while fighting back against Bael.

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