The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 87: A New Goal and Identity

Lagertha concluded that her human-blood is now replaced with wolf-blood, but she appeared to be a human. Her fundamental human nature was still inside of her, but she could no longer feel weakness or low stability like a human can. Her brown hair ran down to her kneecap, her nails were much sharper, and her breast size increased only slightly. Lagertha no longer felt like a young-adult living with her parents; she is now her person with her mind being set on newer things. She now seemed like she was ready to roam the world by herself and be a demon slayer like her father.

“How are you feeling, Lagertha? You look like you’ve seen an evil spirit,” Rollo said.

“What have you done to me? Why... do I look more muscular and smell weird?” She asked.

Then Rollo answered and said to her, “The first transformation is always the most intense, Lagertha. You’ll get used to it, eventually. Not everyone who has the blood of an elder wolf is lucky enough to get over themselves. Some even kill themselves if they cannot take any more of it. But you are the first in over a thousand years to receive your new power. Not everything you hold dear is taken away from you.”

“Hold on. How old are you? I mean, you don’t have to tell me. I’m just curious.”

“Oh, I’ve stopped aging a long, long time ago. When you have the blood of the elder wolf, you stop aging and remain whatever age you have for the rest of your life. I’m... forty if you’re that curious. How old are you?”

“I’m nineteen.”

Rollo’s eyes quickly opened at her answer and looked down at himself because he may have made a grave mistake at giving her wolf-blood at such a young age. He would never have expected how much danger he may have accidentally given her, but he just had to go with the flow.

“Then that makes you the youngest of all who have taken such an opportunity. You will only know how much you can take as soon as you have slain your first demon. Of course, you will need your sword and your armor to venture on your journey,” Rollo said.

“Now what? Do I just go on my way, and if we ever cross paths again, I’ll visit you?” Lagertha asked.

“You cannot leave this place dressed like that. You cannot even leave this castle in a way that a human would leave here. You must leave... with one goal set for you. Now... follow me.”

Then Rollo helps her up from the couch and leads the way to another room while the night is slowly ending. The moon was still up in the sky, so it was apparent that there were still demons out there. Rollo lived in a vast room in the castle, and he knew the way around the massive place. Then Rollo opens the door, and he lets Lagertha inspect it; it was a bathing room with a large pool of water that filled the entire room. She had never seen such a large bathing room before and was marveled by how pure the water looked.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Lagertha asked.

“By tradition, newcomers must swear to take the mantle of their new life. A mantle you have taken for the good of your people. You have chosen a monumental task that is too high to be paid,” Rollo said.

“And you took me to a bathing room because... why, exactly?” She asked.

“Because if you want to leave this place, be clean. Be pure. You must feel safe. I’m sure you already know how to take a bath. If anyone violates you when you stay here, they will answer to me.”

“I don’t think I need to be seen while taking a bath. If that’s your idea of being comfortable, then I don’t know what goes on in your mind other than being a stalker.”

“Who says anything about stalking around? This is my home. Everything I’ve ever done, everything I’ve ever accomplished... is all here. I’ve been hunting down many beasts and slain many masters of dungeons long ago. You will break nothing in here, right? So I’m here to make sure you feel safe at home, and you feel satisfied enough to make it out there on your own.”

Lagertha knew that for now, Rollo was the only one she could ever look up to for some advice and for something to learn. She has lived with her family for too long, yet she still felt depressed after seeing what has happened to both her mother and father. Her mother died at the hands of Bael, and her father succumbed to the dark embrace and became a fearful mortal. Lagertha held onto her breasts to be sure that the elder wolf would look away from her and not stare at her bare body. She turns around and takes a quick look at Rollo while covering her boobs with both of her hands.

“Just... make sure you don’t look at me when I’m going inside the pool. I’m pretty sure you’ve had your fill of women in your normal life,” Lagertha said.

“Oh. I’ve had many girlfriends before. Yet I married only one. Don’t worry too much about it,” Rollo said. Then, Lagertha walks even closer to the pool and starts taking off her shirt and pants as the elder wolf looks away.

But temptations and warm feelings prevented Rollo from taking a brief glimpse at her back and long legs. Lagertha moves half of her long hair aside and begins taking off her bra, and did not realize Rollo had his face turned. He had a relatively stable glimpse of her body and knew she had an attractive style with the way she appeared. Then, Lagertha drops her bra and starts taking off her underwear; that’s when Rollo turns back around and keeps looking forward. He almost forgot how much it would take for someone like Lagertha to strip down, but he said absolutely nothing and remained silent.

Lagertha took one last look at Rollo and knew he had listened to her statement of not looking at the sexual state she was in. Then, she strolls to the pool and starts walking towards it to be inside of it for a long while. She then finds herself a place to sit down, rest her shoulders on the pillar, and allow the water to cool her body. At that moment, Rollo knew the coast was clear and did not hold back from walking around to speak with Lagertha. Since he knew so much about her, he wanted to have a full-on casual conversation with her.

“So, it seems you are enjoying yourself in my home. It may seem like a vast place at first, but with each passing year, my home seems to decrease. Do you ever get that feeling?” Rollo asked.

“Not at all. Even if I am free from my home, I still feel as if something rather important left me when I packed my belongings and walked away from Midland. I cannot fathom enough how much I miss my home,” Lagertha answered.

“We all miss our homes and our families. Yet you have other prices and other things waiting for you. You’re already more powerful than anyone you can think of... except for your father,” he said.

“What do you want, Rollo? I know why you came to me. It’s me you want, isn’t it? You want to have your way with me, don’t you? Well, I’m afraid you’re too late for that. I already got myself a special someone.”

“I’m sure he is someone special. And here I am, telling you about the dangers you might bring to your friend. Suppose you and he are together, fine. But do not lure him into a place where he might never return. If you marry him and have your offspring, you mustn’t tell him nor your children of your true nature. You might bring up some dark sorcery that will be impossible to destroy.”

“You still haven’t told me what you wanted. I’m glad to hear your thoughts, but I am not interested in your politics. I don’t need to hear anything about the danger I might be bringing. I am not my father, Rollo. I have to stop him... even if it means I have to kill him. Even if it means that I must lay down my own life to make that happen.”

Then Rollo slowly walks to Lagertha and gently gets on his knees to say a few more things to her. He was now getting serious about the rest of the things he had in mind for her as the night is almost over.

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