The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 89: Fear or be Feared

Rollo was the last survivor of the elder wolves and the only person for fated people to look up to. There were many tales and legends of elder wolves and where they originated in the days of old. Rollo knew that Lagertha would only have one question left before she leaves with whatever she needed. Unlike most people, her journey would be perilous and full of danger, but she already had the strength and power to be on her way. Then Rollo stood up and walked towards Lagertha to see anything else in her mind.

“With this power, you are feared by all. But fear is the only thing most people understand. A good chunk of cities in all the regions of the earth will shun you out by the way you look,” Rollo said.

“Judging a book by its cover?” Lagertha asked.

“Yeah, something like that. Most villages in the northern and southern regions will gladly welcome anyone who seems as if they can hunt down their opponents. Nordic people will welcome you without saying a word,” he said.

“You sure seem to know a lot about it, even if you don’t travel that much. You really like it here and you don’t welcome anybody here. And seeing these collections here, I can see that it’s a very peaceful place for you.”

“I can travel, Lagertha. This whole place can be a traveling machine. I can pick a certain region and place this castle at that same location. However, if I die, this castle will crumble down along with everything I hold dear. Nobody shall ever take possession of my collection. Not even you should ever lay hands on my weapons nor my books.”

“I won’t lay hands on anything. I promise I won’t let any of it have my hands on them.”

Rollo knew that Lagertha was very stern and serious about whatever he brought up and anything that he might bring it up. But he also knew that he would not need her for much longer because he is getting ready to show her something that she will use forever. Then, he gets up from his chair and looks at his books, and looks back at all the things he has written and kept as cherished memories. Rollo has written chronicles of his own life and wished for his life not to be said to anyone. He lived such a cursed, tormented life and believed that anyone would tremble down in fear if they ever read about his tragic life story.

“Lagertha, I want you to come with me. The last thing I wanted you to do was just optional. But I now need you to do this one thing for me,” Rollo said.

“Anything, Rollo,” Lagertha said.

Then Rollo said to her, “It’s in the basement. To fight the demons and survive the nights, you need to be prepared and have your weapon by your side, no matter the cost. Without it, as a mortal with wolf-blood, you’ll still be fine. But good luck trying to make it away from your foes. Without your weapon, as a mere human, you’re powerless against everything and everyone. It is important for your new goal as a huntress of the night.”

“How much time have you got?”

“Not too much. The sun is rising, and the night is almost over. You already drank my blood. I’ve already told you what you needed to know about surviving. First off, do you know how to sword fight?”

“Yeah. Stick you with the sharp end, right?”

Rollo rolled his eyes and assumed that she knew only a few things, and they began walking to the lower-levels of the castle before the sun rose. The night creatures were already going into hiding before the sun’s rays melted their bodies. Rollo led Lagertha down the stairs to a room where he would welcome no one else inside. It was a room that had something more powerful than any type of armor ever used by humans. As they continued walking, Lagertha could see many more paintings of events that occurred in ancient days.

These paintings told of the days when elder wolves once walked the earth and crossed the many long roads of the world. Lagertha became very interested in the backstories of these kinds of mortals who became very powerful by wolf-blood. But she was worried about what may happen if she gives away her true nature and the reason she drank the blood of the wolf. Then, Rollo and Lagertha stand before the basement; Rollo looks for the key in his pocket as Lagertha gazes upon the structure of the door. It was a metallic door with engravings and a broad sketch of a sword printed onto the door, and she was also interested in the way most of these doors were made.

Rollo found a silver key made only to unlock these specific doors that no other key can open. Not even a lock pin or a dagger can unlock this door, and most thieves would be caught instantly. Lagertha stands back as Rollo uses his silver key to open the basement door, and she could hear many chanting noises as the door is being slowly opened. The noises being made were that of men making sounds that filled the air and paved the way to everything. Then, Rollo leads the way into the massive room as Lagertha follows him from behind; nothing holds her back, and nothing else stands in their way.

“I have kept all of this treasure and belongings to myself for countless generations. They all still stand with me until I draw my last breath. I’ve come to you many times for a significant reason,” Rollo said.

“So... all of this used to be yours, and now you’re only giving one of them to me? Why give up such rare possessions?” Lagertha asked.

“I wouldn’t say I’m ‘giving up’ these things. But you’re here with me for only one more occasion. Just say the word, and you’re there in a blink of an eye,” he answered. Lagertha understood only a bit of what the elder wolf said, and she said nothing else for an entire minute.

The way most of these possessions appeared gave her a look that would keep her wondering for a long while how Rollo kept them all in such a massive basement. She was quite interested in how most of these things worked, but it is something that only she will have to figure out. Being a queen of the night gave her a reaction that she never expected to do, and she held the grudge in her mind and refused to release it behind Rollo. One minute later, Rollo and Lagertha stood in front of what seems to be strong armor that even a steel sword could not cut down.

The breastplate armor is silver, the gauntlets and boots are made of metal, and there are black pants and a red cloak; the armor appeared to be sitting down without a helmet.

“This armor is yours now. It once belonged to the eldest of all our masters. But now, some things cannot be left to rot forever,” Rollo said.

“What are you going to do now? Is this my calling? Is this what my father is accomplishing?” Lagertha asked.

“I cannot do or give you anything else. Your days of standing aside are over. Only you decide your fate. Only you decide who your allies are and who are your enemies,” he said.

“Very well. I’m no longer the person I once was. I fight for my people and only them alone.”

“Against all the evil that Hell can conjure, against all the wickedness that humanity can produce, we will send unto them only you. The queen of the wolves... the huntress of the night.”

As she heard this, Lagertha turned around to look at Rollo, but he was gone and no longer standing beside her. He believes that Lagertha has all the answers she needs, all the skills required, and the endurance and strength required to fight the night creatures. Even if she had much more to say, she did not know if she would have the ample opportunity to say it to Rollo. Then, Lagertha walks over to the armor and begins putting it on before the sun rises into the sky. The armor felt good and seemed like it did not slow her down, and the red cloak covered her back and breezed with the wind.

It took Lagertha about two minutes to fully get the armor on, and she felt like a brand new person while wearing it. Then, a large door began slowly opening by itself, and Lagertha became stunned while looking at the next room.

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