The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 91: A Planned Invasion

Julius and Mephiles had all day to plan their invasion on the castle of Midland and silence all who get in their way. Julius did not care what arguments the Demon Wolf is bringing up. He needed to see Erica and Brant and tell them the truth about everything that has happened. Of course, he will need to explain every detail when Harald killed the demon king and took the throne for himself. Unfortunately, he did not know if Erica will either turn her back on him or believe every detail he will give out. Luckily, his mind can quickly tell where everyone related to his family ended up when, at first glance, he could not say to the village that Erica and Brant were settling in.

And so, Julius gets back on the long trail and begins walking to that village as the morning continues. No matter what Mephiles had in mind, Julius would not listen to anything from the dark creature. He may fight whatever threat is standing in his way, but he could not find himself to care about Mephiles’s decisions. The long road went straight, and Julius chose the path that would not cause one of Midland’s knights to notice him walking. Then again, Julius had the assumption that the trees will eventually be cut down and search for anyone that is labeled a criminal.

“What game are you playing, Julius? Don’t you see what could wait for you if you don’t prepare yourself? Don’t you want to know what happens if you fail this task?” Mephiles asked.

“I’m not blind, Mephiles. Of course, I know the terrible things that can happen. It will just get even harder for me to stick my blade into Harald’s chest,” Julius answered.

“Even worse. The new king will just get even more powerful with each passing day. Every single night will pass, and he will just get much more powerful. Yes, as strong as the gods themselves.”

“I have all day to prepare for this night. I have you to thank for not making me be able to sleep at all. I never forget about anything having to do with my foes.”

“Only a fool lets a snake bite twice, Julius. You’re no fool, but you’re also hesitant. Midland’s armies are stronger than anyone else’s. You’re the one who trained them all. It is you anyone will have to thank for teaching those men how to fight the demons.”

“You’re also a demon, Mephiles. Yet you are helping me kill your kin, killing them for all the things they’ve done against you. What will you do once you keep them all in chains and make them pay tribute to you? Will you just let them roam freely into the world? Are you just going to let my world suffer as I am making yours suffer?”

Mephiles knew Julius is pushing him to the edge and questioning whether he should keep trusting the dark creature. The Demon Wolf is the reason how Julius got so many victories against the night creatures. He is the reason the demon hunter will most likely dethrone King Harald and holding Midland back against his enemies. The knight and the demonic beast continue being with each other until the wolf leaves his master’s side. Mephiles did the best he could to keep Julius on his prime directives and to ensure victory in his life.

“I only mean to end the demonic race. No matter how treacherous I am against them, they all have to pay for what they did against me. They will all pay with their lives,” Mephiles said.

“I cannot escape the darkness inside of me. If both me and Harald die, then who shall take my place? Who will be the one to rule over all and lead humanity to a new era?” Julius asked.

“Only that man who remains alive at the endpoint. If he doesn’t lose his power, yet he defeats you and him, then that man is the victor. Only he will triumph over all and keep the demons locked up in Hell for all eternity.”

“Fine, have it your way. But I’m going to that village to find Erica. I have to tell her... she must know. And I don’t need you or anyone reminding me of what I can and cannot do. Then I will tell Stonethorn and Helvegen to give me their armies. In the meantime, Mephiles... shut your mouth.”

The beast knew better than to make some thoughts that would make Julius lose all of his faith in him. He did not want any of that to happen because he had more important things to accomplish rather than liberate the castle of Midland. Erica and Brant were the only two members of his family who were still on his side and could listen to him. Julius was still loyal to Erica even though she had nothing to rule and with no courage to go back to her husband. The demon hunter would always protect anyone outside of Midland against the night creatures and those who wish to harm the people of other regions.

A few minutes later, Julius and Mephiles returned to the north side of the forests, which cover the border of Midland. The knights of Midland always had sharp eyes, but they were not quick enough to catch both eyes on Julius. Julius walked forward on the long trail when he heard voices, and an icy wind began breezing through. He felt an unusual force come in front of him, and he covered his shoulders to not freeze to death. His body was built to tolerate extreme cold, but this wind was much colder than he expected; he pushed on as the wind pushed him back as he kept walking forward.

Eventually, he keeps the momentum going, and he remains on the long road as the wintry morning surrounds him. The wind stopped blowing, yet it still felt cold when he stopped walking and checked every direction.

“Come out from the shadows. If you want to fight me, you’ll have the last opportunity for that to happen. But if you’re just passing through, well... I have no business for you,” Julius said. He never considered himself a calm person and did not want to be seen as an interloper.

As he kept walking, Julius could see a mysterious figure walking towards him from the cold mist. The demon hunter did not know who it was, but he did not care because he did not have any business with anybody else. Then, Julius pulled out his greatsword and held it in defense if the person walking to him is a threat. He strolled on the long road to confront the person and wanted to know and see what it can do.

“I don’t know who you are or where you came from. But you cannot harm me! I will make sure you know that much,” Julius said.

“I mean, you no harm. I’m just eager to meet someone, such as you. I know you and your ultimate desire,” a woman said. Julius became confused for a short while because he did not expect a woman to approach him at this hour.

“Let me see you. I must know the one who approaches me in this forest,” he said. And as he said, a woman in a red dress and a white fur coat walks from the shadows.

She had white skin, red eyes, long red hair that runs down to her thighs, and a golden ruby ring on her ring finger. She also appeared very young and sounded like someone who lived in the far north in the days of old. Julius lowers his greatsword as he knew he could not endanger such an attractive lady, especially one who thinks she knows a lot about him.

“Who are you?” Julius asked.

“I am a mere wanderer like yourself. I’ve done many things in life and killed all of my enemies... one... by... one,” she answered.

“So... you’re also a hunter of the night?” He asked.

“Only if they leave me no choice. As far as I recall, it seems as if fate itself brought me before you. And I cannot turn away from a man of your caliber. It also seems like I cannot escape the power I hold within me. But tell me... with what face do you view me?”

“You believe that I think that you’re some legendary hunter of the night and think that I am fated to be near you. And no... I don’t. I know exactly what you are by that scent.”

“And what am I?”

“You’re a vampire.”

As he stood in front of her, the vampire slowly got even closer to Julius and had her dark red eyes glowing in his vision.

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