The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 93: The Village of Jorvik

Brant looks down at himself, knowing that Julius will not back down easily from telling Erica some things. The young man could not think of a more precise answer to give the demon hunter other than saying he cannot enter. What Julius did not know is that Erica was not expecting company, especially those whom she knew for many years. Because of her age, Erica could not deal with any more trauma for about a week or two to settle down.

“Brant, please let me see your mother. It is of great importance that I speak with her,” Julius said.

“No. You will speak to me. I will inform her,” Brant said.

“Why can’t I talk to her? Surely she has time to meet with someone she knows instead of staying here.”

“We have nowhere to go, Julius. We have no home, no other place to stay, and no other city or village to go to. You’ve never even told me what happened to my father. How is it you’re here and my father is not with you? From what I recall, he and you were on the front lines during the invasion. And now my father’s no longer back with you. Why is that?”

“I will gladly tell you. But your mother must also be with you so she can hear me. I will hold nothing back when I speak with her.”

“You can’t force my mother to do anything. She does not want to be seen by anyone. If you think about hurting my mother, you will answer to me.”

Brant was done playing around and had to accept the responsibility of protecting his mother from any strangers. After the destruction of Loftain’s palace, Erica and Brant never returned to the city; neither knew exactly what happened after the town burned down. They did not even know that Harald proclaimed himself a king and dominated every inch near Midland. They refused to be dominated and swear loyalty to whoever sits on the throne, and they could not find themselves as servants to the new king. It appeared to Julius that Brant and his mother were both done with the life they used to live in and wanted to be as far from the castle as possible.

“So, is this why you chose not to come back to your home? Is this a reason both of you refuse to see all that has happened?” Julius asked.

“Do not talk about my mother that way. We go our ways now, and we will not serve whoever sits on that cursed throne. Break my legs for that to happen,” Brant said.

“Listen to me. I know you may seem to be convinced about not returning. But fetch me your mother, Brant. I will not repeat it.”

Then Brant pulls out his sword and points it at Julius’s throat between his beard, and he keeps it there as a warning. Julius could see that Brant is a changed person, and no longer wanted anything to do with Midland. He pointed his broadsword at the demon hunter’s throat because he was no longer afraid of him. He no longer feared the man who promised him he would be trained with the sword and the purposes of wielding it. Brant would now do anything to protect his mother from people who would bother her or make her feel troubled.

“You will speak... only with me! I can cut your tongue off and put you out of your misery. I’m not afraid like I used to be. My mother is horrified by everything... even afraid of leaving this village. I know I can’t kill you, but you will stroll out of here, or I will cut you down. Then we’ll see how well you walk out of here!”

Before he could spew out more madness, Lenora walked in front of Julius and made Brant stare at her while he pointed his sword at the huntsman. Then, Lenora lifts her right leg and kicks the young man in the chest; the kick was so powerful it made him break a bone or two on the inn’s wall. She then walks in front, and she grabs Brant in his throat and starts choking him. Lenora pinned him to the wall which caused that part of the building to crack a little. Brant began gasping for breath and held her arm with both hands to make her stop choking him.

Julius steps in and lays his hand on Lenora’s shoulder because he felt as if she was going a bit too far. But she would not stop until she believed the young man had enough and if he started pleading for mercy.

“Alright... I’ll get her. I’ll... get... her,” Brant said. As he said that, Lenora releases him from her grasp, and he falls to the ground and gasps for air.

It took him a short while to come back to his senses and realize how powerful Julius and his new friend have become. He mostly stared at Julius and understood what kind of man he is now. Then Brant slowly gets up from the floor and feels his throat for what just happened and what might happen if he continued threatening the demon hunter. He then rushes into the hotel to find his mother and bring her outside; he felt as if his entire life sprung forth into his vision.

“Lenora, what do you think you’re doing? You know you just tried to choke the life out of a king’s son, right? That’s the son of Midland’s recent king, and I need him alive,” Julius said.

“He should pay for all the things he said about you. They should all pay for their ignorance. All of them should be down on their knees, thanking you for saving them from the night,” Lenora said.

“How? You are also a creature of the night. Yet I need you if you wish to stay by my side. But you sure seem to have a hatred for humans,” he said.

“What’s there to like about them? They scheme against each other, betray one another, and kill each other in cold blood. All should thank you for giving them a ray of hope in their hearts. They should also fear you and know what you’ll do if they despise you.”

“I understand what you’re saying, but this is a peaceful village, and the walls protect them for a reason. I do not wish to bring make humans fear me. Only the demons and only those who are deserving of death. I will be the ruler I choose to be, and that’s the end of the matter.”

“I believe you haven’t told me much about your past. Surely you can tell me what you used to do and why you were a demon hunter. I believe in one purpose: you must’ve lost someone or something. Maybe you’ve kept it hidden inside your heart. Most people often do that when they don’t want to tell anyone about themselves. And it might get even worse for you if you don’t let your greatest secrets out. Keep doing that, and many of your loved ones will turn their backs on you.”

Lenora was referring to when she became a vampire, when all seemed lost to her. By becoming one with the night, she swore that all those who oppose her would be tortured to death and impaled. On one occasion, she killed her master and hung him on a tree after lying to her about the things he shared with her. She eventually walked her way into the world and made her own decisions in her life as a vampire. Julius continued standing beside her and refused to go anywhere until Brant returned with his mother.

“Lenora, there is much about me I don’t want you to know. But when the time comes, I will tell you what you should know. I have demon-blood inside me, yet I hunt down all who serve the night,” Julius said.

Then she replied, “I was like you once—a little girl who lived with aristocrats and was forced to live in a mansion. I had nobody beside me. I never had a life outside the eastern regions. But it now appears that I am starting over as I stand with you. You might think I’m joking, but in all seriousness, I am more than happy to stay and have sympathy for a man of your capabilities.”

“Fine, you made your point. But when I am with this person I’ve known for most of my life, I need you to say nothing. And for god’s sake, do nothing rash,” he said. Before any of them could say anything else, they saw the doors slowly open, and they watched as Brant strolls out of the inn with his mother by his side.

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