The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 95: A Final Farewell

Erica assumed that something terrible had happened to Julius’s wife, and he had trouble trying to find the words to say. No man on earth should ever suffer such horror and shame because of how much he will take. Julius needed to go back to Midland’s castle to finish everything and take his rightful place as king. He had to take the crown away from King Harald, even if he had to push everyone aside to make it possible. Lenora could see that he was sweating and burning up as half of his mind believes he should not tell Erica anything.

“My wife... is dead. My daughter... she’s nowhere to be found. Everywhere I go, it seems as if I lead people to their demise,” Julius said.

“I... I’m very sorry to hear that. I... wish I had more things to say to her,” Erica said.

“No. It is you whom I ask for forgiveness. Not for what I’ve done, but for what I’m about to do,” he said.

“What are you saying? What talk is this? I don’t understand any of it. Why can’t you stay? You have a family here. You’re still loyal to this family, right?”

“Your family, Erica. Not mine. I come from a family who abandoned me a few days after I was born. I was forced into King Lancelot’s family. I was forced to look at Harald as a brother. That all changed when I became stronger, started having power in myself, and began walking my path. I’m going back to that castle because I have no choice. The people of Midland should be free, not under the control of their king. There is no other way out of this darkness. If you come with me, I’m guaranteed to lead you to your death.

“If you want to continue living, stay here. Do not come to Midland and do not set foot into that region. Soon Harald will have enough power to tear down these villages and cities, and he will hunt you down. Like me, you will be tried for treason and blasphemy. If you’re convicted, you will be executed. He already believes you have turned your back on him and that I took you from him. He chose this life. He sealed his fate. He is beyond redemption. I must do the honor. I must do the right thing for your sake and Midland’s sake.”

Erica began believing the demon hunter had gone mad and felt like his words were filled with hatred and torment. She had the assumption that he might go down a path that would only lead to his death. Then, she looked at her hands and started having tears stream down her face; there was nothing she could do to save Julius from such terror. Brant swore to himself that he would beat up anyone who makes his mother feel sorrowful and make them taste their blood. He was a changed person, unlike his past self, and no longer had a friendly relationship with Julius.

“I’m sorry, Erica... there is no other way. It’s something that must be done. What I’m about to do will probably make me never come back to you,” Julius said. Then, Erica runs to the demon hunter and places her hands on his cheeks, and she rests her head on his forehead.

She loathed the day that would come when someone in her life would risk his own life for her sake. Brant started understanding that his mother loved both Julius and Harald, which made her depressed that something far worse will happen to both of them. Brant was also worried because Julius told Erica that Lagertha is lost, and he could not find her. He could not only get out there and check every forest in the world just to find his daughter because she already chose an alternative path in her life. Then Erica releases Julius from her hands and takes one last look at him before leaving the hotel.

“So this is goodbye. This is where we part ways forever? Does all of this... endure in Lucy’s name?” She asked.

“It does. They must all pay... with their lives. I will never forget you. I shall always keep you in my memories,” Julius answered.

“I can’t. I’m not doing this again. I’m not running away. I would have gone with you to the end, into the very gates of oblivion,” Erica said.

“Your choice is simple, Erica. It’s up to you. Farewell.”

And so, Julius gives Erica one last hug before he leaves her and never meets with her again; his last hug to her is one that he will always cherish in his darkened heart. Lenora had an idea that would cheer up the demon hunter’s mind, but she would have to wait later on in the day. Then Julius stops hugging Erica and turns to Brant to say a few things to him. He walks to the young man and becomes astonished by how much he has matured and how much change he made to his body.

“Take care of your mother, Brant. Show her as much love as you can and cherish all of it. Goodbye,” Julius said. Brant nods his head to Julius as he heads out for the door, and Lenora follows the huntsman from behind.

Erica stood there and is now all alone with no man to give her love and show her she is not alone. She still had her son with her; she could see that he is a changed person after all that has happened a few nights ago. Julius and Lenora walked to the entrance of the hotel and exited out of the building with a few people looking back at them. Only a few villagers stared at the demon hunter and the vampire leaving the hotel and possibly never returning. The only way to save anyone, according to Julius, is to make them stay behind and not be devoured by the demons.

Julius’s next task is to find Helvegen and ask if he has prepared the army and if they are all ready for the invasion. With this last onslaught, all that King Harald has wrought upon Julius will be undone, and a new age will begin. Julius now needs to survive the night and be victorious over the army he once led against the darkness. Now he will use that darkness to aid him in this battle for the throne of Midland and protecting his people. Julius and Lenora walked away from Jorvik and continued walking until they found themselves in the forest of Lupu.

Like every forest surrounding Midland’s region, Lupu has been a quiet forest with rarely any creature surrounding its border. The demon hunter and the vampire walked until they come across a large tree for them to rest themselves. But Julius could not sleep, nor even rest himself from how much he has walked and hunted the night. He could no longer sleep in such a way that would make him feel relaxed. Lenora sits down behind that massive tree because she is a vampire, and most vampires sleep during the day.

“We cannot stay here for very long. We won’t find the two other people I’m looking for if we linger here. Do three hours sound good to you?” Julius asked. Lenora did not say a thing to him because she could not stop thinking about Erica and how much love she gave him.

It was the first time in a very long span of years when she was ever shown love, and all she ever wanted was more of it.

“Lenora, why do you say nothing? You can talk to me. I’m all ears,” Julius said.

“Julius, did you tell that woman the truth? Did you truly tell her everything, or did you have much more to say? Judging from your look, it appears as if you already miss her... and her son,” Lenora said.

Then he turned to her and said, “You don’t know everything, Lenora. She has always been in my family ever since I married my wife. The same deal when Harald met and married Erica. No, I can never stop thinking about it. She is a part inside of me I wish never to let go of. I loved my wife, and I loved Harald’s wife. If I let it all burn away, I would feel them... but not remember them.”

“I know many things, Julius. I know little about you. All I want to hear from you is the truth. There is nobody here to bother us... just you and me in a gloomy forest.”

“The truth? Of everything I could tell you, you want me to tell you... my own life?”

Lenora nods her head and leaves the demon hunter no choice but to tell her all that is needed to be said.

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