The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 97: The New King

Helvegen and Stonethorn were the ones who swore their oaths and loyalties to the demon hunter so he can be victorious. The time has come for Julius to take his rightful place as the ruler of the world and drive his enemies away. A few dominated creatures stepped forward and had what seemed like treasure chests for their new king to have. Then, Helvegen walks to the demon hunter to speak with him before all the clouds disappear. The sky itself is dark, with all the stars being invincible to everyone’s sight and Lenora’s vampiric blood rising to its full potential.

“A pleasure to meet you once again, Julius. As you can see, an entire legion of your army stands in front of you. Just as you have predicted, your genuine desire above all is to take your place as king,” Helvegen said.

“It seems like I’m on my way to my destiny. I don’t mind using a bit of backup. You are still the gullible one, aren’t you? Even if your strength matches mine, I’m your new master,” Julius said.

“True. This army now awaits your command. They are ready for you to say the word that you will lead them to the gates of Midland. They are ready to go with you to the ends of the earth and will sacrifice themselves for you to succeed. As a creature who was once a hunter of demons, Stonethorn and I swear our allegiance to the one true king.”

“I’ll gladly lead all who are worthy into this battle. Midland is no longer my home, for a betrayer unjustly takes it. Now that traitor will taste my blade and beg for forgiveness before I deliver the final blow. When he dies, I will send him to his father and the rest of his ancestors. My wife’s soul is now at the gates of Heaven. I only desire to be with her when my time comes, and my life on earth is finished.”

“I apologize for your loss, but we are in the business of following orders from you. You will lead us all into the battle to make them all fear us and tremble at your very appearance. We are all ready to taste the blood of our enemies and see them driven before us. What you are going to do is bigger than you can imagine. You may not know this, but these demons have been preparing for this night ever since the day you slew a million creatures. I intend to stay true to a man who has bested me in combat and a man who will do what no mortal has ever done.”

“As long as I have breath in my body, my fate is my own. My truth is retribution, and my path is filled with blood and darkness. I, too, shall see my opponents driven before me and make them surrender to me. We do this onslaught in my name and fight for my glory. But tell me this, what are in those chests?”

The demons who held the treasure chests opened it, but Helvegen pulled a sizable black greatsword wrapped in linen cloth. He hands it over for Julius to grab onto it, but the demon hunter gazed upon it and reflected the way the sword looked. In hindsight, the blade looked like it could slice down an entire building and kill an ancient titan. Lenora could quickly feel this wind to be guiding directly towards Julius and revolving around him. This further showed that Julius truly is the one who will rule above all humanity and lead them to a new era.

Then Helvegen answered and said to Julius, “This greatsword, forged with the fires of Hell, is the blade of the ancient kings. Its name is Harken. The blade has protected the lives of kings and taken the souls of all who are foes and opponents of the one who wields such a sword. Such a powerful blade belongs to you. This is now your story to tell and your destiny to take form. Take it.”

And so, Julius took the double-edged black sword and stared at its glory for a long while before doing anything else. As the demon hunter looks at his new weapon, Helvegen pulls another object out from his other pocket. This time, it is a massive red crystal with a pointed end on the top and bottom of the shard. Then Julius looked up and saw the object that Helvegen is holding in his hand and needed to know much more about it.

“What is this?” He asked.

“This also belongs to you. It is something you will eventually know. I am forbidden to tell you what it can do. But it’s called Svarrand. A crystal that will prove very useful to you in dangerous times. You will probably need it more than I,” Helvegen answered. As Julius puts his new sword on his back next to his other blade, he takes the crystal from the powerful demon and puts it on his shoulder.

“I thank you for everything you’ve done for me. A long time ago, if you told me an opponent such as you offered me new weapons and abilities, I would’ve sliced your head open. But you proved to be useful in a time where I needed it the most,” Julius said.

“I am grateful to help someone like you. Just say the word, and it shall be done,” Helvegen said. Then Julius stopped talking to him and walked to the treasure chests that some demons carried with them.

There were only two items in each chest with four items altogether, and they were all armor explicitly designed for Julius. The armor, boots, and gauntlets were entirely black and forged with strong steel and hard metal that would deflect any standard weapon. Along with the armor came a large hood and cloak, which will make it easier for Julius to fight from the shadows. Julius picks up the gauntlets and inspects them as the night creatures chant. They all chanted and made sounds to proclaim the title of conqueror and king to Julius, as midnight is coming quickly.

Julius turns around and looks at Lenora as her bright eyes stared back at him, and she wished him luck above anything. He then turns back around to give up his old armor for his new armor that he will wear at the great battle.

“My fate... is my own. King Harald... I will kill you and send you to your father. The merger has begun. All will bow before me,” Julius said.

“Julius, what shall we do now as you don your new gear?” Helvegen asked. As a new ruler, Julius will have to come up with a new name only for himself; it has to be a name they will respect and fear.

“Julius of Romania... is dead. Call me King Mephiles,” he answered. And so, all the night creatures raised their weapons and were ready for war and prepared to take the castle of Midland for themselves.

The sky itself could hear the shrilling noises the demons made to honor their new king, and the clouds started parting from the sky. Julius walks back to Lenora and puts his new armor on along with his swords behind his cloak. The vampire could sense the new armor the demon hunter is wearing is something no human being would ever have the misfortune to craft. The night creatures raised their hands and weapons in the air to prove they are ready to give their lives to the one who will rule all of humanity. Then Julius and Lenora walk away from the army to be by themselves before they begin the final onslaught.

This onslaught will define Julius for the rest of his life and determine what kind of person he will be to the world.

“Lenora, there is something you should know. You cannot be with me in this battle. I don’t think the knights of Midland can handle a vampire being beside me,” Julius said.

“But what happens if you don’t make it to the castle? You will most likely die before you even make it to the doors. I know how well-prepared those knights are, and they will stop at nothing,” Lenora said.

“Of course. But I need you alive... more than ever. I know you have some fight in you, but I cannot risk losing another lady again,” he said.

“Don’t let it mess with your head when you fight Midland’s king. Imagine what will happen to you if you keep thinking about me.”

“I cannot. I will never lose another loved one, ever again. If I lose you, then I shall take it to my grave. No, I don’t want this. I beg you, please... promise me you won’t be anywhere near the battle. But when it’s all over, find me. I will be waiting.”

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