The Demon Wolf (Book 1 of The Devil and the Huntsman)

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Chapter 99: Worthy to be Feared

Julius and Balvu swung their swords at each other and never held back as the midnight continued. There would never be peace between the two powerful men, and there would never be a side that surrenders. Julius and Balvu deflected each other’s blows and refused to bend the knee to each other because one of them had to die. One of them had to be slain by the sword and the other be victorious, and there shall be no surprises from them. The new king and the knight leader fought vigorously against each other and focused on this duel to the death.

Julius’s demonic greatsword and Balvu’s twin longswords were about the same in terms of strength and ability. No other man could wield such massive blades and have the gall to use them at any means necessary. Julius swung his sword to make anyone else tremble at the sight and not be able to fight back. Balvu swung his blades in ways that would make an ordinary demon fearful of the outcome. But Julius and Balvu no longer feared each other, and no longer considered themselves as equals.

Only fate could decide who would be the victor, and only death itself could determine who it shall take to the afterlife. Julius refused to yield to the madness King Harald brought upon his people and never wanted the king’s mercy wasted upon him. He refused to waste his breath on those who would take everything away from him and turn his life into a darkened one. Julius swings his greatsword very quickly and never backed down from any of the blows that Balvu gives him. To his surprise, Balvu did not know how much he could take because of how much power Julius consumed in himself.

As they fought, Julius began absorbing sorcery into his hand and began drifting it into a ball of fire. Without hesitation, he casts the fire on Balvu and wonders how the new knight leader will react to it. The dark magic started tearing off some bits and pieces of the armor, and a lot of parts began falling. Nobody could handle such sorcery being cast down upon them and expect to get back up. Balvu was now losing a lot of power and had no idea if he could continue fighting Julius or accept defeat.

But he realized in his physical nature that he would have already backed down and surrendered to Julius. He now had such power that would not be comparable to a human’s strength nor the strength of a common demon. Julius and Balvu swung their swords at each other and make their blades clash with one another. Their swords touched each other very quickly, and it almost seemed as if the entire earth witnessed this duel. The knight leader was slowly losing power as the huntsman fought back and took far less damage than his opponent.

Suddenly, Julius had the upper hand and the higher advantage as Balvu could no longer control the way he swings his swords. The demon hunter continued lifting his blade in the air to keep his foe off balance and fully defeat him. Then Julius swings his sword one last time and makes Balvu lose both of his swords and makes them fly in the air. The victor strolls to his fallen enemy as some demons and humans who were still alive bore witness to Julius and Balvu. The huntsman pointed his greatsword at the fallen knight leader to find out if he has any last words.

“You are bested, old friend. Accept your defeat,” Julius said. Balvu could feel so much pain on his arms and legs from how much he tried pushing back against Julius.

“The darkness is in this land. It has been in this land for many centuries and my entire life. They have chosen me to finish this ordeal. I will not fall without a storm,” Balvu said. He refused to admit the fact that a hunter of the night had defeated him in combat, and he could not bear to listen to any of Julius’s words.

Then the demon hunter spoke to Balvu, saying, “The land of the dead shall consume the weak. Death itself could never stand against me. These creatures cannot fight me because they hide from me like scared rats. Even Satan himself is too afraid to leave the pits of Hell and fight me. You are the one who sides with a man who has betrayed and lied to me for my entire life. I gave you this one chance to redeem yourself from the trouble you caused me. Prepare yourself for your last moments on earth.”

Without hesitation, Julius uses his greatsword and pierces Balvu’s chest, and he sticks the blade inside the leader’s body until it reaches his back. The huntsman watches as Balvu vomits out lots of blood from his mouth and knew the human would never get back up. All the knights could not believe their leader is already on the brink of death, thanks to the man who once led them. There was nothing they could do because they were afraid of Julius and all that he was capable of. Julius understood all of those men and concluded this entire battle to be pointless if he just wiped them out in one swoop.

“Is it true? Have I been bested? A man who chose the night has beaten me?” Balvu asked.

Then Julius answered and said to him, “Yes. You are bested. Your entire army will surrender to me, and not even your strongest knight can put an end to me. This onslaught... it endures in the name of my wife. In her name, I will end the stench that plagues this world and I will destroy my enemies before they will destroy me. What I learned as I gained this power is that mercy is wasted on those who defile this world.”

Then Julius pulls his greatsword out of Balvu’s chest and knows his enemy’s time has come. The knights and the demons watched as the knight leader had so much blood fall out from his body and stain the ground. The night creatures were pleased with watching their nemesis suffer, while the humans trembled in fear and were not expecting this moment. Then Julius walks over to Balvu and picks him by the throat, and starts choking him because he believes he has not suffered enough. Regardless of whether he liked it, the leader of Midland’s knights needed to pay with his life and have his death serve as a warning.

“You have nothing left but your death. Your sword doesn’t frighten me. I laugh at any weapon that cannot pierce my heart. It is not by coin that you should pay me,” Julius said.

“You... will never find peace. Your peace... is a joke. Death will knock at your doorsteps, Julius!” Balvu shouted.

“That... is no longer my name.”

Then, Julius throws Balvu down and forces him to look upon him and beg for a little shred of hope before he dies. He turned around and saw many knights marching slowly towards him to see if they could cut him down and revive their leader. But Balvu has already lost a lot of blood and was lying on the bloodstained floor as the power Harald gave him is now drifting away. Then, Julius slowly blows in the air to make it feel cold around the knights that were trying to attack him. Watching their vigorous leader bask in his blood gave them enough fear, making them want to retreat.

“I... am Mephiles, the Demon Wolf,” he said. Both the knights and the demons were not expecting those words to come out of his mouth.

He stood before his fallen enemy and waited for the right moment to strike Balvu down. Meanwhile, Lagertha stood before her mother’s grave and stared at the large cross which pierced the ground for Lucy’s body to rest in peace. She figured out where her mother died and was strong enough to locate where it all happened. Truly, she was a more unique person, but she could not hold back a bit of the tears that streamed down her face. She never properly said goodbye to her mother nor father before gaining Rollo’s power into her veins.

Lagertha knew that she would meet her mother again when she dies, but because of the wolf-blood inside of her, she did not know the day nor the hour when she would die. Her aim was now to survive in the world and fight every night creature until her powers give in. Then, she looked up in the sky and saw a glowing red star and it appeared as if something intense was about to happen. She has never seen such raw energy be inserted into a star before, yet she knew what kind of star it is being guided to.

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