Stone Hill Academy

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Kami has always lived a normal life until her world is turned upside down when she is invited to attend Stone Hill Academy. There she meets amazing friends and very rich snobs. Join Kami in her adventure at Stone Hill.

Fantasy / Action
Madison Laike
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Chapter 1

I stand in front of the towering brick building with medevil gargoyles on the top. The building had a castle like feel to it and was probably built by some rich old guy for his pinched face wife. The building was now a school, Stone Hill, and it was full of preppy rich kids who've had everything handed to them. My freshly pressed green blazer fit perfectly and matched the plaid skirt. I look around at the students and notice I am over dressed by a long shot. The kids were wearing jeans or leggings and t-shirts or polos. I look over at my mom with fear. Her blue eyes look calming and ready for anything.

"You ready kid?" She gives me a smile and I plaster one on too.

"Other than being completely overdressed, I'm ready." I try to force the confidence but my voice comes out shaking. We walk up the stairs. When we went into the building all eyes look at us. I smile and wave. The girls roll their eyes and the boys look me up and down. The girls who are beside them slap their arm.

The mahogany wood stands out against the white and black marble floors. I take a step down into the hallway and look behind me. And it was, the single dad spotting a single mom. He was good looking for an older account type man. He had to be about 5 years older than my mom. Which is about the type of guy that she attracts. I turn around and look at the somewhat empty hallway. Up against the lockers is a tall spikey blond hair boy and a thin red hair girl. Her back is up against the lockers as he makes out with her. One hand in his pocket and the other on the lockers. I let out a small chuckle and tighten the black hair tie in my blue hair. My mom appears by my side and her face is flush. I look at her with a smirk on my face.

"You ready?" I mimick her tone from earlier.

"Shut up. We are going to be late." She says. I laugh.

"I was ready, you got distracted." I remark. She pushes me lightly and we make our way down a long hallway filled with lockers. At the end of it is a floor to ceiling door. Beside it on a bronze plac reads 'Head Mistress'.

"Scary." Mom mumbles.

"You know," I turn my back to the door. "I could just go back to public school." I smile and start to walk away. I feel a hand grab my arm and stop me.

"Nope, you aren't getting out of this." She smiles and spins me around. I let out a small grunt. She pushes the door open and just inside was a small bald man frantically moving around the room. Mom leans to me. "Maybe he lost his wig?" The man touches his head when he looks at us and sighs.

"Thank goodness you are here! Mistress Garcia isn't a very patient person." His voice was high but not squeaky. He had a thick Irish accent. I smile.

"I'm so sorry, but we got lost on the way here. Its a very big building." Mom responds.

"Yes and this is only one of the many buildings on campus." He retorts. He speaks quietly into his Bluetooth and looks at us. "Mistress Garcia is ready for you." We head to the door behind him and he pulls it open. Behind the door was a very large room either tall book cases, leather seats, a red rug with the moon phases on it, a larg desk with two velvet red chairs in front of it, and it smelled of cinnamon and old books. Behind the desk was a lady with dark black hair and a single silver streak in the front.

"Ms.Garcia, its so good to meet you in person!" Mom and Ms.Garcia shake hands. The smile on Ms.Garcias face was kind but strict.

"Yes, it is." She pauses to sit at her chair and motions us to sit as well. "I had no clue your daughter and you looked so similar." I smile proudly. There were two things my mom and I didn't share. Our hair and our nose.

"So, shall we get down to business?" Mom asks.

"I just wanted to sit down with the both of you and go over what is expected of Kami while she is here." Ms.Garcia says and places her hand on the file in front of her. I look at and see how thin it was.

"Well, you've seen her school records. She has excelled-" Mom barley gets to finish her statement when Ms.Garcia put her hand up to stop her.

"Yes, she is very accomplished is all her academics, however, we both know that her public school academics are just barley passing here." I look at both of them.

"You do know I'm right here." I state. Their heads snap to me. They look stunned for a moment and then look back at eachother and go back and forth. My mom admits I'm accomplished outside of my academics, however Ms.Garcia disagrees. The tension started to rise with every sentence sentence. "Enough!" I yell and stand up. "You can keep this up after I get my schedule. I am missing my first class on my first day."

"Kami is right. Kami, go to Josh outside, he'll have everything you need." Ms.Garcia says. I nod and walk out if the room. I see the small man again and he hands me a packet.

"You're tour guide is outside waiting for you." I smile and walk to the hallway.

When I walk outside the tall spikey boy was leaning against the lockers. His arrogant smirk dances on his face, making it so easy to slap.

"Well, if it isn't my lucky day." His smirk grows into a smile. I roll my eyes and look down each end of the hallway. When I glance back to him he is looking at me. "Seriously? Not even a hello?" He throws his hands up in defeat.

"What were you expecting me to swoon?" I laugh and his eyes answer the question before his mouth moves. "Yeah, no. Sorry, but we won't get along."

"Aw." He pouts playfully and walks closer to me. "And why is that?" He puts his arm to try to trap me there. The same move he did with the red head. I look him in his eyes.

"For this," I gester to his arm, "very reason." I silde from under him and move to the center of the hall. "Look, you seem like..." I pause to find the right words. "a person, but I'm looking for my your guide." I turn my back to him.

"Oh honey, I'm right here." I freeze. 'This is not happening.' I think to myself.

I step outside for the first time since this morning. The sun hits my olive skin and despite the cool fall air, I feel warm. I take a deep breathe and close my eyes. When I exhale I open my eyes and scan the parking lot. My eyes stop with I see Spikey with his rich buddies. He is laughing and stops short when he looks me in the eyes. He waves and smiles. I roll my eyes and do a mocking smile. I look away and see my mom standing by her car with two cups of coffee. I run over and hug her.

The drive home is silent as we enjoy our coffee. When we pull into the drive way I sigh.

"Long day?" I ask. She nods.

"How about you?"

"It felt never-ending." I pick up my bag from my feet. "The door is too far."

"Agreed, I was thinking of having it moved closer." We laugh and get out of the car. We walk in and I go directly to the desk in the living room. I set my bag on the ground and start taking out my books. I open the first book titled "Our Connection to Nature". Mom comes around the corner with take-out menu's.

"Don't we have leftovers?"

"Nope, ate them yesterday. So, what is it tonight?" I look at the menu's and choose 'Gino's Pizza and Pasta'.

"Pizza." Mom smiles.

"Good study food. What book you got?" She looks down and reads the title and laughs. "Are we connected to nature?" I shrug. She walks away and orders the pizza. While she is gone I do some research on Stone Hill.

'Stone Hill was established in 1890 by Alec Livingston. The school was formerly a home to the Jay family. In which Augusta Jay built it for his wife Daisy Jay. They had 2 children, Marla Hemmings and Julian Jay. Julian lived in the house with his wife and son Thomas. Thomas Jay was the last surviving relative of the Jay family. Thomas lived in the house with his assistant Alec Livingston. Livingston soon became like family to Jay. Jay left everything he had to Livingston. Livingston renovated the home and turned it into Stone Hill which was opened to those who received an invitation. As far as we know it is still that way today. In recent years due to more invitations being sent out they have added dorms to the campus of the school. All of the kids who attend or have attended refuse to comment.'

The article was posted almost 5 years ago and it was the only current one.

"The pizza has been ordered and it will be here in 20 minutes!" Mom says as she walks to me. "Whats that?"

"Its an article about Stone Hill but its the last thing anyone has said about it in the past 5 years." I say. Her falls but she quickly masks it with confusion.

"Anything interesting?"

"Only that the school has been invitation only since it was established and they have no student or staff comments." She nods. "Was I invited? I know we talked about hoping I would go there or somewhere similar." Her face becomes tense.

"You were invited for many reasons." Her voice is shaking and her body doesn't move as if she were going face to face with a lion. I reach for my laptop and close it. When it clicks mom jumps slightly.

"And what were those reasons?" I could feel the fear and regret rising when the words escape from me. The pain in her eyes makes me wonder what she has been hiding from me.

"Now, don't get mad..." she pauses to collect herself. "The Astor family has a long line of... well, I don't know how to say this." She puts her fingers on her chin, calculating her next move.

"Are we tied to the Mafia or something?" I make a joke trying to calm myself and my mom. The tension is too thick and too serious. The last time we had this kind of talk, Dad had died.

"That would actually be more believable than what the truth is." She chuckles.

"Is Dad actually alive?" I guess and she shakes her head. "Then what?" Her wrinkles on her forehead dig deeper into her skin as she trys to compose her next sentence. The way her body is moving and the long pauses tells me she has done this dance before.

"Do you remember when you were younger you were obsessed with witches and the fay?" I nod, knowing my voice won't work even if I willed it to. "Well, the Astors are fairies." I look at her blankly the bust out laughing. My laughter dies down and my mom looks hurt. I clear my throat and turn my head away.

"I'm sorry, it's just fairies aren't real. I'm sure if they were I would've seen Tinker Bell a while ago." I say. My mom chuckles and sighs.

"Tinker Bell isn't real, however fairies are. And no we don't get small or anything like that. Our powers are passed down to us and while we can explore them and learn new ones, we have to master our natural ones first." She explains. She walks over to the book shelves and pulls out a photo book of our family. She sets I front of me and opens the first page with the dates "1624, Lewes, Delaware, Earth."

I look at the picture and smile at the group of girls standing in front of a fort. They all have long hair. The two in the middle are using their powers to create a symbol over the four girls. Each laughing and look like nothing is wrong. I look at the picture beside it and see one of the girls who was making the symbol with a handsome man. His jaw was chiseled like he was made from the gods hands. They held a set of keys between them. They look so happy. Below the pictures were letters from the three girls. The congratulate them and then tell them both about a war thats breaking out. When I flip the page, there are no pictures of the man just the women through all the stages of pregnancy. I smile and stop because I can feel myself getting sad.

"Did I ever show signs of magic as a kid?" I ask as I close the book.

"Never, but you never had anything bad heppen other than dad dying, but you weren't really close with him." I nod and sigh.

"What was your specialty?" She smiles and looks out the window.

"Plants. Anything that has roots into the earth, I can control it." She says as a flower near her blooms. My eyes go wide and my jaw drops to the floor. "Did you honestly think I had a a green thumb?"

"I mean kinda. You always had plants around the house." She starts to laugh.

We are sitting on the couch watching Gilmore Girls for the hundredth time. We are on the season where it's Rory's second year at Yale. Personally my favorite season for one reason only. Logan Huntzburger. The tall blonde rich playboy turned monogamous for the girl he likes.

"Have you noticed that Logan did everything he could to make Rory happy, yet she still said no. I don't understand why she said no when the first time she met his family she said she was good enough to marry him." I complain about the plot hole. My mom looks at me as she mumbles around the pizza in her mouth. "Swallow before we talk, remember?" She smiles and swallows her food.

"She said no because he did too much. Rory is a simple person who doesn't need much." I shake my head.

"I'm a simple person and yet I would say yes to him in a heart beat." I said taking a bite if pizza. "Oh!" I swallow my pizza and pause the show. "The article said something about dorms, am I allowed to move into one?"

"I don't see why not. I'll call the school and see if you can. I know we live close, but it might be best if you lived on campus." I nod and unpause the show.
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