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Dark between the light

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Will Wynter be able to take on her new roles and abilities while keeping her family safe?

Fantasy / Adventure
Cambrie Bushman
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In the dark

Running that was all I could think about. I could hear screaming coming from behind me with my sister running beside me.

" Come on Jess we have to hurry!"

" I'm Trying Wynter." Jess whimpers behind me.

I could hear fighting behind us getting closer. I remember my secret place I went to when I wanted to get away from everyone that not even my sister knew about. I thought of the place and I teleported there along with Jess. Everything was quiet here and nothing could harm us because no one else knew of this place.

" Wynter, I need you to stay where you are and don't come out until I tell you to okay?" I heard my mother say through our mindlink.

"Okay mother."

"What do we do now Wynter?" I hear my sister whisper.

" We wait until mother tells us to come to her."


All of the sudden I hear a crashing noise from right outside the room we are in and I hear my father's roar. I start to worry about whether we will make it away from these rogues with the whole family intact. I feel my sister grab on to me tightly with tears pouring down her face. I hear a man scream bloody murder and I know that is the rogue king that tried to band with the hunters to come kill us. I see through my mother's eyes to know what's going on without her knowing and I am horrified by what I see, most of the wolves of the rogue pack and hunters are dead and we have lost a few of our own. I hate war and I hate, hate.
Mother told us to come out seeing as all of the rogues and hunters are dead. My sister and I come out of our hidden room to see my mother and father talking quietly enough for even my enhanced hearing to not catch onto. They turned to us and we ran forward grasping onto them tightly, as I did this I felt my father wince and then he fell to the ground. He was bleeding from a wound that a hunter had given him with a silver blade doused in wolfsbane. I screamed and felt that I had to do something about it. I rolled my father onto his back with help from my mother and used my powers to heal him, my nose started to bleed. It wasn't enough, I would have to die to save my father. I'm okay with that and so I poured all of my energy into saving him my vision started to darken then everything went black...


When I opened my eyes I was in my room and the scar on my stomach was burning there was sweat all over me and I was entangled in my black and navy blue gingham sheets. I sat up and curled into a ball with tears streaming down my face. I had been having this same nightmare for the past month. It feels so real, like it's a memory of my family and I. The thing is I have never met those people in my life, although I figured I'm adopted because my parents have tan skin, light hair and green eyes. I'm very pale skinned, one would even say it's pale as the moon. I have hair black as midnight with navy blue and grey streaks that fall just past my hips. I have one green eye and one blue eye. It’s about five thirty in the morning and I have school today. Great an hour before I actually have to wake up to get ready for school. I go into my bathroom that is connected to my room, which I am very grateful for so I don’t have to share it with any of those mongrels that I call my siblings. I have two younger sisters that are twins who sort of look like me… but don’t. I also have one older brother who looks like nobody, not even his parents even though they have the birth certificate and memories of his birth to prove that he is biologically their child. He doesn’t live with us anymore though, he’s out on deployment in Afghanistan. I miss him a lot and I really hope he comes home safely. He’s been gone for two years now and I turned seventeen today. It's really hard to know that he’s not going to be there for this birthday. I have been standing in my bathroom for about twenty minutes just zoned out thinking about all of this, I shake my thoughts away, and since I have so much time to get ready today I’ll actually try this morning. I shed the gross clothing from last night and I check on my scar on my stomach it got slightly ripped open even though my parents told me that I’ve had this since before they got me, I open my cabinet and take out the hydrogen peroxide and started to clean the open wound, but all of the sudden it just healed quickly all by itself. What is the snickerdoodle going on? I also notice that there is a tattoo I never got on my right thigh of a galaxy wolf and a red,black and silver wolf head nuzzling each other and on my lower back the moon phases are imprinted into my skin the biggest one being the full moon. These weren’t here before. Why did they all of a sudden show up now? I shake my head and hop into the shower turning the water as hot as I can physically stand it and started cleaning myself up from the night before. I finished and wrapped myself in a warm towel and walked into my room to take out an outfit for the day I decided on white skinny jeans with a black crop top that had mint lace on the shoulders and down the sides. Yes this outfit did show some of my scar, but it was okay as long as the moons weren’t visible and then I paired it with black spiked stilettos and a leather jacket. I went back into the bathroom after getting my clothes on and hadn’t realized it before, but I had grown and filled out my body. I had also grown like six inches which for my previous 5’ 4’’ that is a lot and good thing all of this happened over winter break right? And not just last night. My legs were long and smooth and none of my bras barely fit, joy. I have to go shopping. I’ll save you the rest of the gory details you all know how puberty works even though this should’ve hit me forever ago. I ran back into my room and looked into my full length mirror and screamed. I didn’t even look like me anymore. I had cheekbones, my lips became full and plump and a nice shade of pink. My eyes became even more enticing than they already were as they had started to glow slightly. My once crooked teeth became straight, my once wavy curly hair had become ramrod straight and now it was way past my butt, I’m going to have to get this cut. I’ll do that tomorrow. I finish putting on my shoes just as my mom comes bursting in with a bat with my father behind her. Their eyes scanned the room frantically before landing on me and then calmed down for a minute before I stood up now like six foot four with the heels on. They just stayed silent knowing that this did not happen over winter break even though I was in my room most of the time, so they didn’t see me very much, but they could still tell that I didn’t look at all like me and they just stood there silently not knowing what to do or say. I smiled sheepishly at them.

“ I know I don’t look at all the same as I used to, I feel just as weird as you do right now.”

“ We’ll talk to you after school there is something we need to tell you.”

“ Okay.”

“ Now get to school you’re going to be late.”

“ Yes, Mom.”
I hurry outside to my black 1967 Chevy impala. I only stop to admire it for a second before I jump in and haul butt to the school which is about ten minutes away. Thank goodness I have twenty minutes to get to school. I arrive at the school with fifteen minutes to spare, yes I understand that I drive like a maniac sometimes, but I really wanted to get to school early so I could check over some of the math problems with my teacher before class started. I’m walking up to the front doors and some punk sophomore that looks like a junior came up to me and tried to grab me by the waist. Since I have training in martial arts I quickly stepped out his grip and roundhouse kicked him in the face. I used the least amount of strength for fear that I would kill him, but all I did was knock him out for a few seconds then he got up and ran away. I finished walking up the stairs with his group of friends gawking at me in admiration and slight fear. I open the doors and walk inside. Aahhh it’s good to be back. I missed my friends deeply. They were both grounded for having bad grades and going to a party they weren’t supposed to go to. I see them and I automatically run toward them with happiness in not seeing them for a month. They’re fraternal twins, one Petra and the other Kronos. They both have black hair and blue eyes and the same dimples when they smile they’re so adorable. I can say this because they are younger than me by a year. I’m a junior and almost off to college. I'm going to graduate with the seniors this year and they are even letting me go onto the stage. I got a full ride scholarship to Juilliard as a musician. I’m going to miss both of them very much. I hope I get to see Jack today, I missed him a lot.

“ Petra, Kronos!”
They looked around in confusion until they spotted me and then they became really confused. I could see it in their faces that they recognized my voice, but not anything else.

“ what HAPPENED TO YOU!” they said in unison.

“ Puberty finally hit me I guess.”
I sort of laugh, but it sounds weird to my ears more musical and fluttery, not the gross awkward noises that I made before this winter break ended.

“Well this is awkward.”

“Indeed.” Kronos and Petra say simultaneously.

At that moment the bell rang, and we had to get to class, it’s a B day which means I have orchestra for the first period. I’m super happy about that, especially because the guy I have a crush on is in that class. I also miss being able to play cello since I didn’t have one at home before this winter break. I got one for Christmas. I’m super lucky that my parents were able to get me a super nice one. As I was walking to class I bumped into someone he looked unfamiliar with. I guess this is the new kid everyone has been talking about except he doesn’t really look so much as a kid as he does a man. He’s very much taller than me even with the heels that I was wearing. He was gorgeous with eyes as blue as the ocean. He had light blonde hair and slight stubble on his face that was dark dark brown almost black which led me to believe that he had dyed it and I could see the roots of his hair was dark. I normally wouldn’t have noticed any of this especially in the last five seconds.

“ Hi, my name is Greyson. I was wondering if you could show me where the orchestra room is, it’s my first period class.”

“ Hey I’m Wynter, what a coincidence I’m headed to the orchestra room too.”

We headed down the long hallway and took a left then walked for like forty seconds and went into the orchestra room just as the bell rang to start class as soon as I walked in I smelt this amazing smell like mint and chocolate. All I could think was “ Mine.” I whispered this under my breath, but somehow the person I had caught the scent from had heard it. It was Adam. His eyes were a stunning blue even though they are normally one blue one silver. He walked, practically ran, and hugged me in the biggest, warmest, most bone crushing hug that I have ever been in, in my entire life. He whispered in my ear “Mine.” I know I said I wanted to see Jack today, but he doesn't even matter now.

“ Well this is interesting to say the least.” I say while being crushed in a hug that I only slightly want to get out of. Reluctantly I push Adam away,but not without a GREAT deal of effort. My orchestra teacher Mr. Parker came in as I had pulled away. He looked very confused at me and then looked over at greyson.

“ Hi I’m Mr. Parker you must be greyson.”

“ It looks like we have two new students today in class, but does anyone know where Wynter is, she never misses class.”
I kind of giggle a little bit,

“ Mr. Parker I’m right here, I just changed a little over the christmas break”

“ You look entirely different. We couldn't even recognize you when you came into the school.” Maura said. Her blue and purple hair is always covering her left eye. She was cute in an innocent sort of way I had always admired her from the first day we had met.

“ Well everybody get your instruments.”
We all excitedly grabbed our instruments. I grabbed my cello and music and headed up to the front of the class where Jack had the chair right next to me with his cello. Before the christmas break we were competing for first chair and we almost were at each other throats every single day that we had class together. At the very end right before christmas break Mr. Parker had announced that I would be first chair and he would be second chair. I think he simmered down over the weekend, but he was furious that he didn’t get it especially when he’s a senior and I’m a Junior. I’m turning seventeen today. He turns eighteen in August. Then when he graduates, I’m not sure what will happen, but he seems more attached to me than he did, before we left for winter break. I don't hope we can be together anymore even though I used to have a huge crush on him before. All of the sudden I started to feel a dull pain in my spine that was growing slowly. Jack looked at me with concern in his eyes. It had gotten worse at this point and now I was close to tears so I asked if I could leave for a little while and Mr. Parker told me it was okay. So I ran out, and Adam ran after me. I ran faster and faster until I was outside In the woods that was conveniently right next to the school. The pain spread like wildfire. My bones were breaking and cracking then healing themselves in a matter of seconds. Adam showed up near me with a duffel bag. I couldn’t scream because of the fact that my organs were reshaping and moving themselves to fit whatever I was going to turn into. Then as fast as it came on it went away even though it had probably been like an hour and my clothes were ripped. Man… that was my favorite outfit. I tried to stand up, but was met with four legs instead of two. I look down to see two fluffy white paws with little flecks of gold, black, purple and blue/violet. Well this is not normal.

“ Clearly,” A female voice exclaimed in my head.
I yelped, clearly confused as to what was going on. Adam rubbed my head and my back carefully to tell me it was all right. I was about the same height as his shoulder. He’s six-foot-four….

“ who are you?” I asked in the voice in my head.

“ I’m your wolf, you may call me Adaline.”

"Okay,” Then everything faded to black…
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