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Raven was the only one in her pack that hasn't shifted as yet, she was starting to wonder if she was really a wolf. After she was found in the forest with no parents in sight, no name tag, or even clothes. The Alpha took her in. But was it a mistake, things in the pack started to change, the Alpha is being challenged because he is mateless. Raven might get kicked out because she has yet to shift.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Hi, I'm Hayley Sinclair, an eighteen years old senior at Belmont's High School.

And right now I'm sitting by myself, in the school's library.

Mostly to avoid the horseplay and make-out sessions that were going on around me.

You see I am a loner, even with me living in a pack. I am still alone.

Well, I think I have two friends. But, we don't talk as much, so I'm not so sure.

You must be wondering what is she talking about, what pack?

And no my friends aren't imaginary.

They are just not here right now, they went to another pack.

I'll see them next summer, I hope.

Well you see, I am supposedly a werewolf.

I say supposedly because, unlike everyone my age, I still can't shift.

So I am the wolf, not Wolf.'

Listening I never made this title up for myself ok.

Rebekah did, the chick hates me, just because.

I don't know why, but she does.

Ok, ok, maybe it has something to do with when we were younger.

I might have set her hair on fire, but I'll have you know, it was an accident.

Anyways me not being a wolf, got me mocked, avoided, and shamed.

'Mostly by the idiots I go to school with.'

But right now, as I sit around this desk, trying to start my paper.

A paper I'm supposed to write will be an impossible task.

It asked me to explain what the shift is, what it means to me, and how it feels each time I changed into my wolf.

Like I don't even know where the heck to start as I said before, that has yet to happen to me.

'Am I even a wolf'?

Like maybe I'm a were-cat if that exists.

It was hard to concentrate as well.

The library was normally my place of sanctuary, my hide-away spot whenever I'm at school.

But today there was no escaping it, no escaping the means kids, the weird out glances, or the name-calling.

Yes, this is my life.

The life in a time of Hayley Sinclair, the orphan that was found in the forest.

No parents in sight, no name tag, or collar, no nothing.

You know, I still don't get why people think I'm weird.

Sure I am a self-proclaimed goth, but there is nothing weird about it.

'Is there?

Nah, I'm normal af.

It is cool to be me, I'm the cool kid, the hot girl.

They just won't admit it.

Sure I'm sporting a black t-shirt, that says 'once you go goth you never go back.'

But it's true, just embrace your true self.

'I'm not the weirdo here, they are.'

They are the outcasts.

Yes, as I sit here in a free period, that's what I declare.

They are the freaks, while I am the only normal one. The only normal being in the entire Belmont Pack.

I can't even walk properly, much less to be writing about the first shift.

'Left then what?'

I blasted Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream on repeat, it is my favourite song.

Well for now at least.

I love Ed, and after my great escape, I'll marry him.

I try to drown out the chatter and kill the thoughts floating around in my mind.

Like how the heck I am going to finish, or even start this paper.

I don't know what it feels like for my bones to crack during the first shift.

I shake my head, bringing myself back to reality.

I just want to leave this damn, gods forsaken pack.

I will never fit in, I will never be a wolf.

A few of my schoolmates are not afraid to point out my 'flaw' either.

Everyone can shapeshift except for me, everyone is in tune with their wolf.

Everyone knows what the pain of a first shift is like.

The only thing left for them now is to worry about who their mates will be.

'Maybe I should reject her, will she reject me?'

'Will it is a problem to my mate that I slept around?'

'Well, that's what I thought their problems are.'

'Is that their biggest problem.'

I hate that I am different.

''Freak, wolf less girl,'' someone called out.

'Just ignore it, Hayley, just ignore it.'

'Like, why the hate'?

My stupid, adapted sister, Camille. Had said once that it is because I'm part albino.

She collapsed in a fit of laughter at that, but I on the other hand didn't find it funny. And it made no sense whatsoever.

Sure my skin is pale as paint, whereas everyone else has olive skin, but it still made no sense.

"Ugly." Someone else said as they walk by.

"Ok, I'm far from it." I just had to yell back

I'm not ugly, nope, at the least.

And not because my mom said so.

I'm far from ugly.

Sure my hair is pitch black, 'very contrasting to my skin.' And sure it is unevenly cut at the shoulders.

'A big mistake, which I did myself, and now have to live with.'

I have beautiful sea-green eyes, that are filled with life and intelligence.

Ok, maybe the black eyeliner and excess mascara are a bit too much.

But my face, well my face is a soft oval shape.

Freckles spread across my cute, button nose.

I might refuse to shave my thick bushy brows and my unibrow. But that's what makes me unique.

The only downside, my thin lips. Well at least they naturally red lips, but they crack at times.

'Mostly in the winter.'

Oh, and I'm tall, standing at 5'9, and lanky too.

Despite my gothic looks, and awkward appearance. I am very beautiful.

"Huff. The hell."

Did a book just slam in my face?

Like who does that?

Well, I see a note is attached, wonder if these animals 'no pun intended. Knows how to spell.

'Wonder what these wonder pets came up with this time.'

I read aloud.

''Don't let the circus leave you. Freak!!''

I did an exaggerated laugh, crumple up the paper and throw it at someone's head.

"I use to this, just so you know," I announced to no one in particular.

"These silly pranks, threats, name-calling are getting old. Just like y'all parents."

No one answers, they just carry on with their foolish acts.

Their words no longer bother me, because, I don't care.

Besides, I have jokes of my own.

I know just how to shut them up.

Bullies are nothing but bullies, but when the tables turn they act like they are the victims.

But in truth, they are the evil that is plaguing our very land, they are the reason for their own failure.

'This time when I leave, I won't get caught, no one will be there to stop me.'

"Oh wow, another note. I must be special."

Noting that this time it is an origami.

I made sure not to stick my finger in it like the last time because someone was nasty enough to put their nose snot in it.

The words reject is written all over it.

"Classic guys, classic. Not like I haven't seen it before."

"And like, is this poorly drawn figure suppose to be me? Thanks."

Yes, there I am laying on the ground, with what I guess is blood, and a wolf standing over me. With my arm in its mouth.

I had to roll my eyes, sometimes I wish I am a wolf.

Mostly to have cool powers, so I can use them on my antagonists.

'Like setting them on fire, going Hulk, or having a cool hammer to pulverize them with.'

The bell goes off not long after, which means I have two hours left in this place.

I have no interest in what is going on in the class.

To top it off, Constantine, the teacher. Has no idea what she is talking about.

She is mixing up two completely different histories.

The final bell sound, I dash from my seat as soon as it did.

Constantine just had to stop me.

She is deemed the winter wolf, aka Mrs. freezie freeze.

She got the name because she can chill you to your bones, but the biggest disadvantage is.

Her powers mostly work well in the winter.

So they call her 'sometimes freeze,' or 'maybe freeze.'

"Hayley, the bell doesn't dismiss you, I do.''

"Is that apart of the rules? Cause I have never seen that in the rule book."

A few kids laugh, and Constantine's face turn ugly.

Let me tell you, Constantine is very pretty. Even at her age, she could have been a model or miss Universe.

With her height, 'I bet it's kneecap surgery.'

She has hard staring, stormy grey eyes.

Pouty pink lips, a Greek nose.

High cheekbones, with has a few wrinkles.

Her gray hair is cut in a bob style.

She has a slim body, and a long neck.

But when she gets angry, she has a way of morphing her human face with her wolf face.

Like what she is doing now.

"This isn't about the school rules, this is my rules.'' Constantine growl.

I gave a sly smile.

Did I forget to tell you that I'm a smart ass?

Very witty, and sarcastic too.

I have a remark for everything and never back down from anyone.

"Must you forget, you are walking a very fine line, young lady. With no parents around, you surely push your luck, a lot.''
'Wow, even the teachers now'?

"Oh, Sometime freeze, sometime freeze, if only I fear you. You better watch it, or else wolf's bane will be in your water supply." I match her attitude.

"Just remember that I'm not a wolf, not like your sad rabid arse.''

That made Constantine back down.

"The Alpha might be protecting you now, but he will not always be around."

"Should I report back to him? Because that seem to me like you are planning something, a challenge maybe?"

We stare each other down for a while

"Bye, I have to go, don't like wasting precious time."

I could feel Constantine's eyes watching me.

But I don't care, I'm leaving this place, and pack right now.

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