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When Sunny, Ash, and Thorne find themselves with powers that set them apart from the rest of the Earth, they do the best they can to fit in, while still doing everything they can to make the world a better place. Along the way, they face new enemies, new conflicts, and unknown places. They also find new friends, and make peace in as many places as possible. With wars in every universe, and Hunters at their tails, the Morphs have bigger problems to worry about than just their powers. What will they do to make peace, and how will they defeat the Hunters that have threatened them since their powers were made known.

Fantasy / Action
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I’m a creator, a female Griffin, a cross between a lion and a bird. My name is Xanthe. My two best friends are a Pegasus, which is a cross between a horse and a bird, and a Hippogriff, which is a cross between a wolf and a bird. The Pegasus is a female named Neonor. The Hippogriff is male, with the name of Flux.

We’re all creators, and all working to stop the same Hunters the Morphs fight now. All of us are the last of our kind, but once were the three dominant species on Earth. The humans got tired of us ruling them all, so they hunted all three of our species to extinction. At least, that’s what they thought. Me, Neonor, and Flux all flew to another universe, and the people there welcomed us, and granted us the powers of invisibility and creation.

With these new powers, we all turned invisible, and went back to Earth, the invisibility allowing us to be on Earth without getting killed.

“We need to stop these Hunters,” I said to Flux and Neonor.

“I agree, but how are we supposed to stop an entire planet’s population, who killed all of our species, with only three animals?” asked Flux.

“We create our own army, one with powers, one person strong enough to take on multiple Hunters at a time,” I replied.

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