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Morphs and Hunters

Three kids were born on the same day all in different parts of the world. Two are boys and the other is a girl. The girl’s name is Sunny, one of the boys is Thorne and the other is Ashton, but he goes by Ash. Sunny and Ash both have brown eyes, while Thorne has hazel. All three have the same unique ability; the ability to change their eye color. Sunny’s eyes turn blue, Thorne’s turn green, and Ash’s turn red. They also have other abilities as well and they discover these abilities as they grow up.

They all have teleportation and they each have their own animal that they can turn into. Sunny’s animal is a wolf that’s black in color with glowing blue eyes, Thorne turns into a black panther that has glowing green eyes, and Ash turns into a black bear with glowing red eyes. They also have their own power that goes with their animal eye color. Sunny can control weather, Thorne controls all plant life, and Ash controls fire.

They discover these powers by things that happen in their lives. Sunny realizes that wherever she is, indoors or out, whatever type of weather she thinks of automatically happens. Thorne grew up in an area where in order to make money, you either had to come from a wealthy family, or have a farm and sell produce. Thorne was born into a family that grew crops for money, and when Thorne took part in farming, all the crops grew faster than average by more than just a little.

Ash discovered his fire power by the realization that whatever he touched burst into flames, and if he even just thought the words flame, fire, or spark, there would be a fire somewhere around him. They all were interested in spirit animals, and no matter what test they took, or how many times they took them, they only got one result each. Sunny’s result was always a wolf, Thorne’s result was always a panther, and Ash’s result was always a bear.

Sunny figured out how to morph one day when she was outside and she made her eyes turn blue, then she made thunder that could be heard everywhere in sight. While the thunder was sounding she was thinking of her spirit wolf, allowing her to turn into it. As a wolf, Sunny thought of a place she wanted to go to, and before she had time to blink, she was there. Thorne figured out the morphing and teleportation by going in his farm, and sitting in the peaceful outdoors.

While he was sitting there, he made a nearby tree bend down for him to sit in. When he climbed onto the bent down tree, he made it go back to normal, then as he was sitting in the tree, he was thinking about his spirit animal, and while sitting there, he morphed without realizing. Thorne made the tree bend down again because he was ready to go back inside, and when he tried to stand up, he couldn’t balance on two feet.

When he tried to get back up after losing balance, he found that he couldn’t. After this, Thorne looked around and wondered why he couldn’t get up. He then thought of one place he wanted to go, and just like Sunny, Thorne didn’t have time to blink before he was there. The way Ash discovered these powers was fairly similar to that of the other two. He was sitting in a cabin while on a summer camping trip.

He lit the fireplace, and started to think about his spirit animal, he felt his eyes turning red, and when he morphed, Ash looked at himself and realized he was a bear. While this was going on, his family walked into the room Ash was in. Ash thought of a place he wanted to go that was different from anywhere his family would suspect him being, and before he realized what was going on, Ash was in the place he was thinking of.

Ash, Thorne, and Sunny were all in the same place for the first time ever. They all looked at each other, and they knew that these animals with glowing eyes were just like themselves. All at once, the three animals morphed back into their human forms, and introduced themselves one at a time, starting with Sunny, then Thorne, and ending with Ash. The three became fast friends, and decided to work together to make the world a better place.

After deciding this, they sat down together and talked about their abilities. After a few hours, they realized their parents were probably looking for them, so they teleported back to the last place they had been seen, and every day, the three of them went to one of their places, and after awhile, Thorne moved, making it so the others didn’t know where to teleport to. It turned out, he moved next door to Sunny, and that made it easier for those two to hang out.

A little while later, Ash moved to the same neighborhood and the three of them went to the same school. As they continued to hang out, they became better friends and whenever they needed each other, they came. After graduating high school, they didn’t go to college, but instead they all got jobs as police officers. With this new job, they could put their skills to good use. As they went on as police officers, they realized that they didn’t get as much time hanging out with each other as they wanted, so they all quit their jobs but continued to fight crime, usually arriving at the crime scenes before the police forces.

One time, they were walking in the forest and found a guy trying to murder a woman. Sunny walked up to the woman and told her to run. The man overheard this, and he called his dogs to attention, warning that if she ran, his dogs would chase her until she was trapped, then bring her back to the murderer. Sunny told Ash and Thorne to come over, and when they did, she said to the woman that she and her friends would handle the dogs.

The woman ran, putting all her trust in Sunny, Thorne and Ash. As promised, the dogs started chasing the woman, but before they had a chance to catch her, Thorne created a wall of thorns and Ash set it on fire. Ash then made the fire spread towards the dogs, and Thorne made the nearby trees pull back, so they didn’t catch on fire. The dogs and murderer ran from the fire, and when they were out of sight, Sunny made heavy rainfall, putting out the fire while Thorne made the wall of thorns retract back into the ground and the trees go back to how they were before he made them retract.

After all this happened, the woman came back, and thanked the trio. When they watched the news that night, they saw themselves stopping the dogs and murderer because the woman had recorded the whole thing. After they watched this, they all met up at Sunny’s house and talked about how they needed to stay undercover for a while. It wasn’t long before they heard news of Morph Hunters.

After this, they decided to stop fighting crime for a while until the world was at peace with the idea of Morphs. Immediately after deciding this, there were hunters inside the house, and the Morphs were in danger. It didn’t take long before the Morphs were completely surrounded by Hunters. Thorne was the first one to act. He made huge vines come from the ground outside and wrap themselves around the Hunters.

When this happened, Ash decided to set the vines on fire, and the Hunters got severely burned. After this happened, Sunny made heavy rainfall come inside the door, and it put out the fire. After this, Thorne made the vines disappear and the Morphs realized that they were still surrounded because the Hunters weren’t dead. At this point, more Hunters were still coming through the door.

The only defense was to morph. Ash was the first to morph, followed by Thorne then Sunny. Ash started running towards the Hunters, and set himself on fire, unharmed by his own power. As he was running, Thorne and Sunny also started running towards the Hunters, using their powers on themselves. Sunny made herself zap with lightning that covered her entire body.

Thorne made vines wrap themselves around him until they covered his entire body. All at once, they all shot out their powers at the Hunters, blowing them back and allowing time for the Morphs to escape. After they got to a safe place, they realized one power that they all forgot about: the power to teleport. After realizing this, they decided to make a safe place out of plants and have it covered in thorns, so nobody could get in without teleporting or Thorne letting them in.

Thorne made the hideout in a hidden place with lots of plants. The hideout was a giant circle with multiple rooms, and the walls separating them were made of large vines. The roof was made of thorns, just like the outer walls. This hideout was to be called the Morph Clubhouse, and it was the place where the Morphs would go to regroup after a fight. The Morph Clubhouse was built to be a suitable environment for both humans and animals, so the Morphs could survive there no matter what.

The Morphs equipped the Clubhouse with rabbit traps so they could have plenty of food while they stayed there. The Morphs stayed in the Clubhouse for a few months, then they decided to go outside and see if it was safe. They saw that nobody was around, so they went farther from the Clubhouse. While they were walking, Hunters came from behind the trees, and followed them until they got to a place where they couldn’t defend themselves easily.

The Hunters had been building cages that had screens on them. The screens prevented the Morphs from using any of their powers, through a flow of electricity. The Hunters waited for the right time, then they put the cages directly in front of the Morphs, before they would have time to react. After the Morphs were in the cages, the Hunters closed the doors. The Morphs tried to teleport, but they couldn’t because of the cages.

They tried to use any of their powers, but nothing worked. With the Morphs trapped, the Hunters lined up the openings of the cages with open vault doors, then opened the cages. The cages were small, and the vaults were bigger, so the Morphs willingly went into the vaults. Inside each vault, was a scientist with a needle and syringe, to do some tests on how they got their powers.

As soon as the Morphs went inside the vaults, the doors got closed, leaving them with no escape. The scientists told the Morphs to sit down, and when they refused, the doctors pushed them into the chair, and strapped them down so they couldn’t move. The Morphs thought of teleporting, but then realized it was probably hopeless, seeing how they couldn’t teleport out of the cages earlier that day.

Ash tried morphing, to see if any powers worked in there, and the morph was successful. As a bear, Ash was able to break the straps holding him to the chair, and the vault door holding him in. He broke the other two doors in just as the scientists were about to take blood. When Sunny and Thorne saw Ash come in, they knew immediately that it was him, and they also morphed.

Sunny burned off the straps using lightning, and Thorne broke the straps by making vines appear underneath them, and making the vines expand rapidly. After all three Morphs were free, they got out of the Hunter Base, and teleported to the first place they met. When they got there, they realized that this place was also crawling with Hunters, and they needed to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Upon realizing this, the Morphs teleported to their Clubhouse, and saw that Hunters were looking for them there too. As soon as they saw the first Hunter, they teleported to Thorne´s home country. As soon as they got there, Hunters grabbed their arms, and took them to the Italian base. This time, instead of wanting information on how the Morphs got their powers, the Hunters wanted to figure out the weakness of the Morphs.

They put each Morph in a different room. They put Ash in a room filled halfway up with water, knowing he had fire powers, Thorne was put in a room made of metal, so no plants could get in, and Sunny was in an underground room, so no weather could get in. While the Morphs were in these rooms, the Hunters were questioning them, to see if they could get any answers.

The entire time they were being questioned, Sunny was changing the subject, to try and distract the Hunter questioning her. Thorne tried to avoid answering, but ended up giving away some information. Ash stayed silent the whole time, and the Hunters said that if he didn’t say something, they would raise the water level. Ash then said that he would say more if the water was drained completely.

At this, the Hunters completely drained all the water, and asked more questions. Ash only answered one question: the question of what he would do to get out of there. Ash got out of the tiny room as soon as he answered.

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