Pirate Tail

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Her voice is a beauty with her kind but a weapon with the other. He is ruthless and will do anything to get what he wants even destroy a young girl to get it.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chaper 1: Her voice

Like every day, I’m up early and ready to see the beautiful sea. As I get out of my deep red and pink coral bed. I swim to my wardrobe, choose my ruby red shoulder top and get dressed. I pick up my sapphire, silver headpiece. Grabby bag and head out.

I swim to the dark deep sea and find the flower of Moonshadow. I have been searching for this flower for months. This flower will heal any animal, as long as I mix it right. This could help so many in my home. As I swim back to my room I notice it’s night and I rush back, I need to keep this flower safe. I barely arrived in time before the bell rang for the hunt. I swim out of my room as fast as I can, and head for the docks.

" Start the hunt.” the king ordered. That was my cue.

I’ll do humming first to draw them out. I swam around but underneath the boat, looking at them all wanting us. I always feel bad but then I remember that they kill. They deserve it. I swam to the boat and lent on the side. When I started singing they were hypnotized. I slowly went back under and they followed me, that’s when I attack. I pulled him under and plunged him into the deep dark. When I went back up there were screams. All of my colony has attacked. As I ascended I was grabbed by a net. It was getting pulled up, by humans. As I was slowly pulled out of the water I screamed, the highest scream I could muster. They all covered their ears but still managed to pull me up. I land on the deck with a big thud. I carried on screaming, hoping it will drive them off but all it did is piss off the captain. He came up to me and put a dagger through my fin.

" Ahhhhhh,” I screamed in pain.

" You bastard,” I shouted back. He came close up and I could figure every feature of him.

His sharp-defined jaw, his shaved sides, the little ponytail in the back, and his blue eyes that had a scar right through them.

" So you want to kill my men and scream my head off. How dare you” he bellowed angrily.

" I will not answer you until you get that fucking dagger out of me .” I bellowed back.

" Hahaha. you think you can order me around.” he laughed but did what I ask. He violently pulled the dagger out.

” Wow look at her tail.” one crew member said.

" It beautiful it’s full of so many colors.” another said.

" yeah the red colors fit perfectly with her hair.” another crew member said. more and more started to surround me. I backed away only to find my back hit the boat.

“Enough. No one will go near her. No one. You hear.” I hear the captain shout over everyone.

His voice was so loud over everyone else. Suddenly I felt a pain in my tail and I scream again. I closed my eyes to find when I open them my tail was no more.

" I have legs,” I shouted in terror.

“Get out of my way.” the captain ordered.

When he saw what happened he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me to my feet. I stumbled a few times but he pulled me up or dragged me. I can’t tell he’s too strong. He pulled me to the back of the boat, through a wooden door, and shoved me on a black sofa. He went into a box and pull out a bottle and some bandages. He poured the translucent liquid onto the bandages and shoved it on my wound.

" What the hell,” I screamed.

" If you want it to be clean shut up.” He ordered.

He was closer now I could make out the scar on his eye. I could even identify what made. I could do that because it was one of our weapons. A mermaid weapon. I reached out and touched the scar on his face. I didn’t even think I just reacted. He looked at me.

" We did this, didn’t we. I mean my kind.” I said tracing the scar.

" Yes, they did.” He quietly said.

He looked me right in the eye. A tear ran down my face. His hand gently wiped the tear from my cheek.

" Why are you crying.” He said.

" Because my people kill you and some of you can be nice,” I said back.

He suddenly took his hand away.” I’m not nice.” He said in his cold voice again.

" I’m sorry I thought it was a compliment,” I said sarcastically.

" You have a very strange hair color for a mermaid.” He said changing the subject.

" Thanks, I was born with it. My mother says it looks like the waterfall I’m named after.” I said.

I take a part of my hair and looked at the color.” You named after a waterfall.” He snickered.

I rolled my eyes but smiled.” yeah, in my world assume means waterfall.” I replied.

" Nick means nothing,” he said and I smiled.

After we stood awkwardly for like 5 minutes trying to get me to walk. He took me out to the deck and the crew.

" This mermaid will help us. Whether she wants to or not. This creature will help us get rich. She will use her voice to seduce and we will steal.” He announced.

All of the crew went wild cheering, clapping.

" What no I won’t. I’m not helping you steal or seduce anything.” I screamed. How dare they say that.

" You will or you die.” He ordered.

” I don’t care, kill me,” I replied staring him right in the eyes.

" Fine you won’t die, what about your colony.” He said pointing the dagger to the water where the mermaids were surrounding each other. I stared horrified.

" No. I’ll do what you say. Just don’t hurt them, please.” I requested. Tears coming down my red cheeks.

" Good. We sail at dawn. She stays with me.” He orders pointing at me. The crew members drag me back through the wooden door.

I sit on the sofa with my head in my hands, tears rolling down. I Can’t stop them.

" I’m sorry, but we need you, and you’re here so..” he said.

" I can’t believe I felt bad when my people hurt you, your all the same. You only care for yourself.” I shouted I was pissed I didn’t even notice what I did until I did it.

I walked up to him and slapped him. He grabbed my wrists and pushed my back to the wall. He pinned my hand above my head. He looked me right in the eyes. He got closer. I could feel his breath on my cheeks. Our noses so close they could touch. Our foreheads touched. He brushed his lips against mine.

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