The Revenge

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Chapter 9

As I gained conciseness slowly, the realization of being alive hit me a second later and memories flooded my mind. I shot open my eyes and slowly sat up, holding my head as a throbbing headache began to form in my head. I couldn't help the tears escaping my eyes when Thomas' face right before he died appeared in my memories. As I wiped my tears away I hoped he found peace.

When I wiped my hands on me, the soft material felt nice against my skin and I froze, my eyes widened. I looked down at myself. I wore a satin black camisole and matching shorts.

What the hell?

Then I remembered the cut on my wrist. Checking both my wrists just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. There was no sign of any injury. My eyes were wide with confusion.

Where am I? Why am I not dead? Where's the cut? What happened?

Scanning my surroundings, the first thing that caught my eye was a big fireplace that was situated right across the bed on the other side of the room. The fire was illuminating the room and it was the only source of light. The walls were light colour contrasting against the dark floor. All the glamorous furniture in the room was a matching dark brown colour. The only time I saw furniture like this was in the Alphas packhouse.

I hoped I wasn't in any of the werewolves pack houses. But then I wouldn't be in a room like this but in a dungeon or something. There were three doors in that room, one I am guessing was the exit, the other bathroom and the third, I had no idea.

Getting out of the bed, my legs felt like jelly. I slowly started pacing around the room, still holding my head because that throbbing headache wouldn’t go.

My eyes felt sensitive to the fire coming from the fireplace even though the light in the room was soft and dim. For the most part, I kept my eyes squinted letting in as little light as possible.

In the meantime, a lot of faint voices filled my ears, as if from far away. I looked around, there was no one in the room with me. I also noticed my own footsteps, the noise of my feet flapping on the cool wooden floor was filling the air around me. It was a lot louder than I remembered. It was driving me mad. The sudden pop of the burning wood made me jump and I cursed, hating everything.

What happened to me.

“Why am I alive?” I mumbled to myself when I stopped pacing around the room. I heard footsteps, loud enough indicating someone was walking towards the room I was in, then a click of the door and louder steps.

“Because I saved you” I heard a velvety deep male voice behind me. I froze and my hands shoot to my ears. His voice sounded so loud I thought my head would split and my eardrums burst.

I turned around slowly, my hands falling to my sides. A tall man was standing by the door. His wavy brown hair was cut short brushed back out of his face. He was pale with deep blue eyes and handsome sharp features. He wore black slacks and maroon coloured shirt with his sleeves rolled up halfway up.

My eyes narrowed, anger building inside of me I hissed. “I didn’t ask to be saved.” my own voice sounded so loud I winced and covered my ears again.

"What did you do to me" I whispered this time. The anger I felt earlier shifted into fear. I didn't feel like myself. He hesitantly took two steps closer to me but my arm shot out, my palm facing him. Stopping him in his tracks.

"Don't come near me" I whispered again.

He seemed calm as if he expected my behaviour.

"Your senses are heightened, you need to feed to finish the process and everything will calm down." He whispered back to me.

My eyes widened, eyebrows shot up high into my forehead realizing what I was "Am I...?" The word was stuck in my throat. My whispering voice was shaking. "A vampire" he finished for me.

Silence filled the room, I glared at him and he looked at me as if everything that was happening to me was normal. Anger slowly bubbling inside of me again.

How could he do that to me?

He signed "Look...I will answer every single question you have after you feed." he said quietly.


He nodded and before I could protest, he was out of the room. My eyes were glued at the door with my mouth agape, mesmerized by his speed. He was long gone when the door closed behind him.

I'm not drinking anyone's never.

Before he entered the room, I could hear the heartbeat. Seconds later, he entered the room with a woman. As soon as she walked in I saw her blood flowing in her veins through her skin. I couldn't tear away my eyes from her no matter how much I tried. I took a deep breath trying to get control of my body but instead, a delicious smell hit me.

Suddenly a sharp pain seared through my upper jaws. When I touched my teeth and I felt sharp fangs elongating. Dread slowly build inside of me, realizing how my body reacted to her. I heard her heart pumping the blood within her was even stronger. Her heartbeat overtook my senses and as her eyes met mine, her heartbeat quicken and terror flashed in her deep brown orbs.

My mouth felt dry, my body began to tremble. My fangs were hurting at this point, knowing I needed to sink them into her flesh. Turning around I closed my eyes and put my hands on my ears.

My brain, still human didn't want to hurt her but my body was betraying me. I had an unbelievable urge to feed, an urge to kill. I couldn't hold it anymore. My mind protesting as I turned around and rushed towards her with such a speed everything around me was a blur. Animalistic instinct took over my mind and I knew exactly what to do. As if I wasn't there anymore.

I pushed her against the door, holding her head to the side for better access and sank my fangs into her neck with such force she shrieked with pain. At that moment I didn't care I hurt her, all I cared about was her blood. The second I tasted her delicious blood I let out a guttural groan.

She tried to fight me, push me away but I held her tightly. I began taking large gulps and her body started feeling heavier as she went limp in my arms. I couldn't stop myself, I couldn't get enough. I kept drinking until she began feeling cold against me. Only then I pulled out my fangs, taking a step back her limp body slipped through my arms. She collided to the floor with a loud thump.

I took more steps back, my eyes wide and holding my mouth when I realized what I did. I killed her. A pang of quilt rooted itself in the pit of my stomach. I rushed towards her, my hand shooting to her neck just under her jaw trying to find a pulse. When I couldn't find it I plopped next to her with my back on the door.

My eyes filled with tears.

I'm a monster, a blood-sucking monster. I'm no better than the werewolves.

"I’m sorry, it had to be done” I heard the man said cautiously. Rage took over my body once more as I looked at him. He was standing in the middle of the room watching me, stoic expression on his handsome face.

“IF YOU’D LET ME DIE THIS WOULDN’T HAPPEN!” I screamed at him rising from the floor. "I never asked for this!!”

"I never asked for this" I repeated with a much lower voice and tears began to fall down my face. My back collided with the cold wall and I slide down to my bum. Hugging my knees close to me and I buried my face in my arms. I sobbed like a small girl.

"She wasn't a good person" he mumbled next to me. My eyes shot to him. I didn't even hear him sitting next to me as I wallowed in my misery.

I raised my eyebrows at his statement "is that suppose to make me feel better?"

"She killed her own child" he explained "She was going to be executed. I wouldn't let you kill someone innocent" he explained.

"You knew I wouldn't be able to control it?"

He nodded his head "first feed always ends up killing the human"

"That still doesn't make me feel better" Anger slowly shifted into guilt. I still killed the woman, whether she was bad or not she was killed by me.

He smiled at me "I know" he said, "why don't you go take a shower and after we can talk."

I glanced at myself, my chest was covered in her blood.

I nodded and walked towards the door next to the fireplace. When I closed the door I let out a sigh.

My eyes scanned the room, it was bright with the artificial light but my eyes weren't sensitive anymore. The bathroom was creamy in colour with gold accents. I quickly took off the camisole and shorts and jumped into the luxurious shower. The hot water streamed down my body. My mind swirled with what I had done, guilt still nagging on me. After I scrubbed my body and hair I jumped out, dried myself and put the towel around my body then walked towards the mirror just above the sink.

Glancing at myself my eyes widened. I looked different. My eyes were glowing icy blue colour. My olive skin was glowing and looked healthy without any imperfection. All my faint scars were gone from the beating I used to get when I was a slave. My hair looked fuller and even though it was wet, looked and felt healthier. I opened my mouth to check my fangs. They were gone like they were never there.

I carefully opened the door and popped my head out. The vampire wasn't there and the dead body too. I sighed and left the bathroom. I realized that there were no clothes for me I flopped on the bed.

"shit, what am I gonna wear," I said to myself. I glanced around the room and noticed the third door. Curiosity got the best of me and I walked towards it. I slowly opened the door and the light came on automatically. My eyebrows flew into my hairline and my mouth was agape. Behind that door was a luxurious walk-in closet filled with clothes. I ran my fingers through the clothes. There was everything I could possibly need.

I was going to grab a t-shirt when I stopped myself. Wait, it's not mine. I retracted my arm, closed the door and sat on the bed.

A few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I got up and walked towards the door, feeling exposed as I clutched tightly on the towel around my body. Opening it the vampire from earlier stood there. He eyes me up and down and a frown appeared on his face.

"Why are you not dressed?"

"I've no clothes" I answered.

He scoffed "ah..sorry I forgot to tell you there are clothes in the closet for you" smile appeared on my face. "may I?" he asked suggesting stepping into the room. I nodded and he walked past me. He stopped at the third door and opened it. "you should find everything in here"

He sat on the bed as I picked up the clothes I needed and then rushed towards the bathroom. Once I entered the bathroom I put on the underwear and plain white t-shirt, black high-waisted jeans and white runners. I checked myself in the mirror and noticed my usual chocolate-coloured eyes were back. They must have changed when I would feed.

When I left the bathroom he was still sitting on the bed. Once he saw me a slight smile appeared on his face.

"Sit, we have much to discuss" he ordered.

I walked towards him "who are you?"

"Nicolas Morin" he gave me his hand to shake "Reine Bain," I said as I shook his hand. He smiled again.

"How long was I out?"

"Three days"

My eyes widened but then I shrugged it off.

"where am I," I asked

"This is my home, in Arlon City" he explained. I nodded not really knowing where it was. My hand went up to my chest as it always did when I felt anxious. Panic took over me when I noticed Luca's necklace was gone.

He sensed my uneasiness and gave me questioning look.

"My necklace, where is it. Don't tell me I lost it" I stood up, frantically looking around the doom in an attempt to find it. He pointed towards the table in the corner of the room. Rushing toward it, the necklace was lying on top of it. I let out a loud sigh of relief as I pulled it over my head.

I held the necklace in my hand watching it closely.

"Is that necklace important to you?" Nicolas asked.

I nodded when I turned around to face him. "very important" I added.

"Well, I'm dying to know why you turned me," I asked walking towards him and stopping in front of him.

"We have the same enemy" he stated calmly.

I raised an eyebrow "what enemy?"

"Torben. If I'm not mistaken, he was the one who killed everyone in your camp"

My whole body froze and my eyes went wide.

I was in so much grief the entire time after the attack I didn’t realize that it could be him who gave the orders. He was the reason my baby girl and the love of my life were dead. He was the reason my life became hell.

Silence engulfed us until my voice interrupted "You want me to help you to kill him” I looked at Nicolas when the shock eased.

He nodded.

"How do you know it was him.”

"I have my people spying on him”

"Your people?”

He nodded ”I am the elder”

"Is that suppose to mean something?” Confusion plastered all over my face.

He chuckled ”I am the leader of the clan”

“Oh,” I said feeling dumb. I looked at my hands hoping he wouldn’t notice my embarrassment.

"Why am I feeling this weird connection to you.” I finally asked what was bugging me ever since I first met him. It felt as if I knew him and felt weirdly safe next to him despite the fact I only met him.

“Because my blood is running through your veins. You are my kindred, father if you will.”

"Wait, wait, wait...father?? How old are you? You look barely thirty” I asked with a hint of amusement, a smile appeared on my face.

He laughed out loud. ”Trust me, it's new for me as well”

My eyes widened "I am your first?”

He nodded

"How old are you”

"Over seven hundred, but I stopped ageing when I was thirty-two”

My jaw dropped ”wow... I didn’t know vampires can live this long. So you’re telling me in your seven hundred years you didn’t turn anyone.”

"Until you ” he smiled.


" I never wanted the responsibility that comes with it.”

"Then why change me of all people in Europe? I’m pretty sure other people would gladly become a vampire to help you with killing the Alpha”

"Some vampires if you will. I have the ability to see other people’s thoughts and memories when I touch them. It doesn't happen with everyone though. When I found you half-dead in the forest. I was going to feed on you bud when I touched you I saw what happened to you... How you lost everyone. I felt a connection to you because the same thing happened to me before I was turned.. that’s why I saved you.” He said with a hint of pain in his eyes.

"I... I’m sorry” I nearly whispered.

I knew all too well how it felt. Tears started forming in my eyes but I quickly blinked them away. I didn’t want to cry anymore. Tears weren’t going to bring my family back. I was done with crying.

I looked at Nicolas, he was deep in thought. ”Well I will gladly help you and avenge my family.” I said with a smile.

He looked at me as I said it, then smiled. "We will talk about it more soon"

"Get some sleep” he added as he left the room.

I was nowhere near tired. I walked over to the window. I pulled open the heavy maroon-coloured curtains and saw a breathtaking view. The sky was dark without a moon and stars. I saw the city in front of me. Millions of lights twinkled in the dark in contrast with the darkness around.

I sat there for hours playing with the eagle necklace and thinking about my future. How am I going to take my revenge, will I even survive it. At least I’d be reunited with my family. A three days ago I wanted to be dead, to be with my family but learning that the Alpha killed them I couldn’t let him get away with it. I knew it was going to be hard, but I wouldn't stop until he was dead.

That night, I swore to myself that I would kill every single werewolf from that pack. I wouldn’t show mercy to any of them. I will treat them with the same hate they treated me. They didn’t show any mercy to the camp, to my family, to the children. They will feel my wrath soon.

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