The Revenge

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Chapter 10

The sound of knock woke me up from my sleep. I groaned, sitting up on my bed. The light of the day peeked through the heavy maroon curtains. I wiped away the sleep from my eyes with the back of my hands.

“Yea!” I called out sleepily.

A human woman walked into the room. Her heartbeat invaded my senses and that automatically brought memories back of the woman I killed in my crazed hungry state last night. Also, a delicious strong coppery smell of blood filled the room that reminded me of the hunger, slowly growing within me.

She wore a black tunic with a white apron around her waist. She held a glass filled with blood on a silver tray. When she found me sitting in my bed she bowed her head in respect.

Right... I'm a vampire now.

She walked over to the table putting down the glass. I tried to distract myself, not wanting to lose control of my body like I did the night before. The blood lust wasn't as strong as then, which I felt grateful for.

“Sir Nicolas is expecting you in his office.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled while I got up from the bed.

She bowed once again before leaving the room and closing after her.

On the way to the bathroom, I pulled over my head the necklace placing it next to the glass of blood. I downed the blood in few greedy mouthfuls, trying to extinguish my scorching throat.

I can't believe I'm drinking blood. What would Luca think of me if he saw me now?

With a sigh, I walked into the bathroom. I took a quick shower and brushed my teeth. Examining my teeth in the mirror they looked normal. They must elongate only when feeding on a human.

Exiting the bathroom, I walked to the walk-in closet. I quickly got dressed then dried my hair and brushed it in a high ponytail. I walked to the table to put back on my necklace and kissing it before tugging it behind my t-shirt.

The necklace was dear to me. Having a piece of Luca with me, eased my nerves a little bit. It felt as if he was looking after me.

Upon walking out of my room, I realised I had no idea where the office was. I stood outside my room awkwardly, my head whipping from one direction to another as I thought about where to go.

Suddenly, a maid walked out of one of the doors not far away from where I stood. I rushed towards her, hoping she would help me.

" could you tell me where Nicolas’s office is?”

The maid quickly turned around and gasped putting her arm over her chest. I could hear her heartbeat stopping beating for a second then rapidly beating again.

I'll never get used to this.

Startled look plastered over her face. She took a second to compose herself.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to startle you" I said with an apologetic voice.

She smiled “Lord Nicolas? Yes, please follow me”

We walked quietly through another corridor until we stopped in front of a dark wooden double door with a golden doorknob.

"Thank you,” I smiled at her. She slightly bowed her head and left.

I knocked on the door and waited until I heard "come in" from the other side, then I entered. I blinked a few times to adjust my eyes to the bright room thanks to its large floor to ceiling windows right across from me.

The room was decorated in the same glamorous and elegant taste as the rest of the house I’ve seen so far with a large wooden black fireplace decorated with vines and leaves.

I found Nicolas sitting at his magnificent wooden desk doing something on his laptop. My eyes were wide at the luxury around me. I still couldn't get used to it.

“Good morning,” I walked over to him.

He looked up from the screen.

"Good morning, how are you feeling after yesterday” he gestured with one of his hands to sit opposite of him on the comfy looking chair.

“I’m ok,” I said guilt still rooted within me as memories from last night replayed in my mind. "Will I ever be able to get rid of the blood lust when I am around people?"

He looked at me "no, the lust never goes fully away. But in time you learn better to control it and hide it from people"

"Great" I mumbled to myself. "What if I kill someone?" I asked cautiously, dread washing over me.

"That won't happen unless you want to. Only the first feed was uncontrollable. Your body needed to finish the transformation."

"But...what if I do lose control and someone ends up dead," the worst case scenario replayed in my head. I was petrified I would kill someone else and became the monster I stayed away from my whole life.

"Reine, I know how strong you are. You wouldn't let yourself slip. Plus, it's only going to get easier from now on. But if it helps, I could teach you"

"Thanks, I'd appreciate it...why did you call me here?"

"Today you’re going to meet with the clan,” he leaned back in his burgundy leather chair.

"The clan?” my eyes widened, sudden anxiousness washed over me.

"Yes, I've told you about it last night. They're eager to meet you"

Me being introverted, I hated large groups of people especially when I was the centre of attention. I didn't do well in these situations.

Suddenly, he got off his chair and walked over to me.

“Let’s go” he smiled but his voice was firm authoritative.

I stood up "Where to?” my eyebrows creased in confusion as I watched him move towards me.

He chuckled ”To meet the clan”

“Now?” panic began to wash over me. I needed time to mentally prepare myself.

“Yes, they’re waiting” his voice was laced with amusement.


"Are you ok?” he asked when he sensed my uneasiness.


"Yes," I mustered the most sincere smile not wanting him to see my panic.

"Don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine.” He placed his hand in between my shoulder blades urging me to walk.

Before we entered the door, I heard voices that belonged to a lot of vampires. They all looked at us and stopped talking once we entered. Nicolas walked in first with his head high, authority radiated off of him and I followed. I shrank under their gazes feeling their curious eyes on me. I couldn't help the fiddling of my fingers and biting the inside of my mouth.

Calm down...breathe.

Nicolas stopped in the middle of the room with me anxiously standing next to him.

“Good morning.” His deep baritone voice echoed in the large room. They all watched him with their undivided attention.

”I finally get to introduce to you Reine Bain, our newest member. I hope you will all treat her as a family” he looked at me, beaming. I smiled back at him nervously and then glanced in front of me at all the vampires.

I couldn’t help but notice that they all looked beautiful, ethereal. Something about vampires made their beauty out of this world. For some reason, they didn't look as threatening as I remember vampires to be. Maybe due to the fact that now I was one of them.

They all gathered around me, Nicolas stood still beside me.

“Hi Reine, welcome to our clan,” a feminine soft voice said. I looked in her direction. The first thing I noticed about her was her stunning hair, strawberry red tresses cascaded around her face down to her waist and icy blue eyes were gazing at me with sincerity and a hint of curiosity. Faint freckles adorned her cheeks and nose. She was about the same height as me and I was glad about that. I was always the smallest out of everyone.

"Reine, this is Celeste and her husband, Mattias," said Nicolas.

My eyes shoot at the male vampire next to her. He was tall with wide shoulders full of muscles. He definitely worked out. His face was framed with dark brown hair that was sticking out in all directions and had hazel eyes. His sharp features added to his sex appeal.

"Thank you and nice to meet you," I smiled at them, trying to hide my nervousness.

“Nice to meet you too Reine, hope you like it here.” Mattias said sincerely then looked around and leaned closer to me ”if someone ever bothers you just let me know” playfulness shimmered in his hazel eyes.

"Thanks,” I returned his smile. Nicolas chuckled next to me at his antics.

"You know we can all hear you Mattias” stated another male vampire as he came up to us.

He was as tall as Nicolas but not as bulky. He still had a good bit of muscle on him but leaner. He had jet black hair shaved at his sides longer on top. The ends of his hair fell into his dark eyebrows. It instantly reminded me of Luca. The blackest eyes I ever saw stared at Mattias with amusement. I’ve never seen eyes like his. I couldn't see his pupils no matter how much I stared. His skin has tanned the shade of honey, tattoo sleeve on the right arm that continued to his neck peaking from his black t-shirt.

Mattias and Celeste both laughed as I and the vampire just watched them. He smirked at them, then he turned his attention to me.

“My name is Sin” giving me his hand to shake. As I took his hand he added “welcome” and gave me charming smile.

“Thanks” a rosy colour found its way to my cheeks quickly glancing at the floor, trying to hide my blush.

"And don’t listen to him” he gestured with his head to Mattias ”most of us are nice” a smirk appeared on his face again.

"Most?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

A cheeky smile appeared on his lips but didn't reply. More heat rushed to my cheeks and I nervously cleared my throat.

Looking around I noticed Nicolas speaking with another vampire across the room. He locked eyes with me and gestured me to come over there. I excused myself, and went towards Nicolas.

As I took place next to him, he turned towards me. “Reine, allow me to introduce you to my second, Leon”

The vampire next to him didn’t look a day older than forty but looked the oldest in the room. He had light blonde hair with green eyes and pure elegance radiated off of him.

“Leon this is Reine my kindred”

“Please to meet you” he spoke smiling holding out his hand.

I shook his hand "Pleasure is all mine” I tried to sound charming. Since I was Nicolas’s kindred, I wasn’t going embarrass him with my stupid awkwardness.

After the meeting finally ended, I went back to my room feeling overwhelmed with my new life. I sat on my bed, thinking about the events of today. I didn’t remember most of their names. I was never good with names, it would take me a while to remember, but since I was a vampire now, time wouldn't be a problem being nearly immortal.

Vampires lived as long as no one killed them. They could die from serious injuries. Illnesses weren’t an issue for them as they were never sick. Most vampires got to live hundreds of years.

Thinking about all of this I played with my eagle necklace absentmindedly. Maybe it won’t be so bad being a vampire after all but drinking blood is going to be tough on me.

The thought of me putting some innocent person through pain just to feed myself troubled me a lot.


Weeks went by and I got slowly used to being a vampire. After a few days, my emotions got under control. I also got used to drinking blood only from a glass. I didn't drink from a human since the first time I killed. I was too afraid it would happen again. Nicolas was right. I even got better at learning how to control the blood lust better. However, the fear was still there.

I got friendly with Celeste and another female vampire. I learned her name was Isobel. She was there the day I met everyone I just couldn’t remember. It was all too much for me. I realised Celeste reminded me of Freya so much it was a bit freaky. Not so much with her look but the way she acted, some of her facial expression and the things she would say. My heart pained every time I thought of her. She and Celeste would be good friends if she would be alive. I often told myself.

I began to learn some of the perks that come with being a vampire. I learned to use my super speed. It was easy enough and I was in awe the first time I did it. The strength that came with being a vampire made me want to train again.


I was on my way to the gym. I wanted to get better so I could start with my revenge. It’s was pretty much the only thing that occupied my mind. If I was going to face Torben, I needed to be better and faster than him. I haven’t talk about it with Nicolas since the first time I met him.

Nicolas and I got close too. He sort of had a fatherly presence to him any time I was around him. I always felt more confident and safer with him being nearby. In a weird way, I knew he had my back and I had his despite the fact, we didn't know each other for long. I blamed it on his blood being part of me. The connection was strong. Never felt anything like this.

As I entered the gym it lit up and I noticed it was empty. Being early night, I wasn’t surprised I was here all alone. I actually preferred being here all by myself.

Before I walked over to the boxing bag, I wrapped my hands in tape and began throwing punches and kicks. After few mins, I was covered in sweat.

As I drank my water I wiped my forehead with the towel I brought with me. And yes we do drink normal liquids, we just don’t eat human food. Voices echoed in the hall and getting louder, meaning coming closer.

I snapped my head towards the vampires as they entered the gym. It was Sin and one other vampire. I think his name was Sasha. I only spoke to him once before, remembering about him his eastern European accent. It wasn’t strong but noticeable. He was huge every single inch of his body was covered in muscles. He was intimidating the way he looked. His head was bald with a tattoo instead of his hair and his eyes were light brown.

I rolled my eyes and signed at the interruption. I preferred training alone without anyone watching. When they noticed me they made their way over.

"Hi” they both greeted. Then Sin added “training alone??” he raised his eyebrow looking around him.

“Yep” popping the ‘p’ ”I prefer it”

"So I noticed” stated Sin his eyes boring into mine.

"You should join us, you’d learn more from us,” said Sasha, Sin nodding next to him.

I smiled at them ”thanks for the offer, but I’m good for now”

"You sure?" Sasha asked.

I nodded.

As they walked away Sin glanced at me over his shoulder grinning. I locked eyes with him and held the connection a bit longer than usual. When I realised what I did, I turned to my punching bag shaking my head. Heat rushing to my cheeks and I began to train again.

Two hours later, I decided I had enough. The muscles over my whole body burned. I was drenched in sweat, my hair stuck to my forehead and neck and I stang.


The Sun shone bright and warm with a clear sky. The garden was filled with all kinds of flowers, their bright colours screaming at me. As I passed deep red roses I leaned over to one to smell it. I closed my eyes savouring the beautiful flowery smell.

I walked until I came across a big oak tree. I sat under the tree, sipping my glass of blood. Once finished, I closed my eyes leaning back my head against the tree and listening to the world around me.

I heard the sound of the tree leaves as the wind flew through the trees, birds singing and chirping of crickets that came not far from me. I felt completely relaxed, breading in the fresh morning air.


I jumped at the sound of my name then snapped my head towards the intruder. It was Isobel walking towards me. Her chocolate brown hair was cut short in a bob and she was sporting a fringe. She had deep blue round eyes with a cute button nose and red lipstick on. Her delicate features made her look like a goddess. She was stunning. She wore a white preppy dress with long sleeves and black velvety heels. She always went all out. I admired that, I just couldn’t be bothered.

"Shit, look at my heels” she barked eyeing her shoes. I glanced at the shoes.

“Looks fine to me” I closed my eyes once again and leaned against the tree, trying to relax.

“Look,” she said pointing at her heel.

I looked again, the end of her heel was muddy from walking in the grass.

I rolled my eyes ”why are you here?”

"Excuse me, can’t I see my friend?” her voice high pitched at the end. She held her hand to her throat feigning being offended.

I just looked at her, irritation visible on my face.

"Oh... grumpy today,” she looked at me accusingly.

"I was enjoying my peaceful morning”

“Nicolas is calling a meeting,” she said turning around walking away, clearly finished with this conversation.

I jumped up ”and who’s grumpy now” I threw my arm across her shoulder once I caught up with her. It was a bit difficult for me since I was a shorter one.


We were all gathered in the main large living room. Some vampires were sitting down on the couches some were standing. I was standing next to the wall with Isobel by my side.

“Do you know what this is about?” I asked her.

"Some kind of ball I heard.”

As she said it Nicolas walked in with Leon on his tail. He glanced at me smiling but it didn't meet his eyes and I returned a genuine smile to him.

"I called the meeting to let you all know that we were invited to the ball. All European clans and packs are invited” as he said the word ’packs' he glanced at me.

Wait...what? My eyes widened, my body became tense.

"Did you said packs, as in werewolf packs?” one of the male vampires asked.

"Yes, the werewolf and vampire councils are trying to keep the peace and they think they will achieve it by holding a ball,” said Nicolas, clearly thinking it was nonsense.

Murmurs were heard across the room as everyone discussed the news.

"When is the ball” Sasha asked.

"In two weeks in Livorno” Nicolas answered sternly. "ten of us will get to go" he added.

"I hope there won’t be any fights. It will not be tolerated” his eyes scanned the room ending at me. His face was hard, stern, authoritative aura radiated off of him. With that, he turned in his heel and left.

I walked past everyone trying to get to Nicolas. I managed to catch him in the foyer. ”Nicolas...wait!"

He turned around his eyes softening at the sight of me. ”Yes Reine”

"Could you explain what’s happening, I thought I was meant to help you kill the Alpha. I need to revenge my family. Now you're going to ball with them?"

“We will kill the Alpha, I promise you that” he signed his eyes lingering on me then added ” the councils are trying to keep the peace. There is a war brewing, the werewolfs are trying to get rid of all the humans and vampires. They want complete control, not just here in Europe, in the whole world”

My jaw dropped.


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