The Revenge

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Chapter 11

I was still standing, frozen to the spot. This was bigger than my revenge. A worldwide war only meant one thing. A death. With werewolves, especially Torben wanting all the power he could get I should have seen it coming. Humans will be caught in the middle of it. They won't have a chance.

“This should be interesting” I heard Celeste voice behind me snapping me out of my thought.

"Ya, that’s not going to end well,” said Sin emerging right behind them, eyebrows furrowed.

Isobel appeared right next to me "Just can’t wait for some fun” her eyes shimmering with happiness and a huge smile plastered over her face.

We all started at her our mouths hang open, dumbfounded.

"What?? There is going to be music and alcohol. Not to mention hot guys.” She wiggled her eyebrows, clearly excited at the thought. ”It’s been years since we attended any kind of party.”

We were all still staring at her in disbelief, frozen to the ground. She noticed our facial expressions and snapped "who cares about the werewolfs” her hands flew into the air above her.

With that, she turned on her heel and walked away. I just blinked my eyes trying to shake what Isobel just said.

Celeste's voice broke the silence that engulfed us “Reine, have you been in the city?”

“No, not yet”

“Would you like to go? I need to get out of this place for a few hours” her eyebrows furrowed.

" Yea I’d love that actually”

" Care to join us? ” her icy blue gaze turned to Mattias and Sin.

"Ya count me in,” Sin's black eyes met mine. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Me too,” answered Mattias, putting his arm around Celeste's shoulders. She kissed him on his cheek.

“Me three,” said Sasha as he appeared next to Sin, crossing his arms on his chest.

"What about Isobel, should we ask her too?” my eyes snapped to Celeste.

"I’ll ask her” she offered.

Sprawled on my bed like starfish, my mind swirled from the news. My muscles were tense at the thought of Torben being in the same room as me. After finding out he was the reason my baby girl and Luca were dead I couldn't bare to see his face. Rage stormed through my body, gritting my teeth. I just hoped I wouldn't run into him, I wouldn't be able to control myself.

It’s been years, he sure won't remember me. I thought to myself. I signed absentmindedly reaching for the necklace around my neck, adoring the art of the wooden eagle as my mind flooded memories of my loved ones.

Forty-five minutes later I was walking down the stairs. I changed into a white flowy shirt with leather leggings and a light black coat that ended at my knees, leaving my hair flowing freely on my back paired with my favourite combat boots.

As I approached all eyes snapped to me. A blush found its way on to my cheeks. I hated everyone's eyes on me.

“Am I late?” my eyes furrowed.

"No we all just got here,” said Mattias, a smirk on his face with Celeste on his side, her arm snaked around his torso.

Suddenly familiar clicking of heels filled the large foyer, echoing. Without even turning my head I knew it was Isobel. She was the only one that wore heels every single day.

I’ve been to towns and cities before with my parents before they were killed. But my memories were fogged, being only a small child at the time. When we entered the city, my wide eyes wandered around, taking everything in. The city looked nice, mostly clean, people strolling around without fear and vampires didn’t seem to pay them any attention. It felt like they had a hidden agreement. I was in awe. I have always been told vampires were dangerous. Being in the cities would be risky, but now I saw it wasn't the case.

“Didn’t expect this?” Sin's voice interrupted my train of thought. My eyes flew to his face, a smirk on his lips.

"Honestly, no. Everyone looks...happy” I answered stunned.

"Most cities are not like this,” said Isobel walking in front of me. “We pretty much leave humans alone as long as they provide us with blood. It's a win-win situation"

"I wish I knew about this place a year ago” I mumbled to myself, my gaze jumped to the ground as I slowed my pace.

”Why? Would you come here?” his eyebrow high in his forehead not leaving my side.

I nodded. Biting my lower lip.

"Let’s go!” I heard Celeste from further away from us. The rest of them kept walking leaving me and Sin in the back.

It was interesting to see a different kind of life. Small children were happy with their parents passing us on the streets with no worry in their eyes. If I only knew about this place, everyone I cared about would be alive. We would leave the camp and have an actual chance at a happy life, with the protection of the vampires. I remembered Luca explaining to me that the town nearest to the camp was dangerous, probably never hearing of this place.

"We should probably feed,” said Mattias to Celeste after walking around for hours.

“Yes, let’s go to the Rack” Celeste flashed him a smile, gazing into his eyes.

"What’s that?” I asked cluelessly

“It’s a bar nearby. We can feed over there” said Sasha leading us in the direction of the bar.

Entering the building, the metallic scent of blood and alcohol greeted me. As it hit me, my throat felt like sandpaper. I didn't realise I was this hungry. It was a small bar with few boots around with a blue and brown theme. There were a couple of humans and vampires sitting around with either glass of blood or with feeding on humans. I was surprised when I noticed the humans were willing to get bitten.

"Reine, look what I have” I heard Celeste.

I looked around at her, she was leading two male humans towards me. My eyes widened and colour disappeared from my face when I realised why she brought them to me.

“Um...I think I’ll have a glass of blood” my voice shaky.

“You need to learn to control yourself. There won’t always be the option from the glass.” she smiled at me reassuringly ” plus it was your first time feeding. We all went through it."

This was the last place with everyone around me to try and feed on a human. The last time I fed it felt like someone else possessed my body. I was too afraid but I saw her train of thoughts.

”I’ll be there next to you, I’ll help you through it” she sensed my worries, putting her hand on my forearm to reassure me.

I signed and nodded feeling defeated. She led me to the booth to have some privacy.

“Which one do you prefer. They're both hotties” she asked calmly. My eyes widened and I glanced towards Mattias, he was in deep conversation with Sasha, not paying any attention to Celeste. I catch Sin eyeing me, once his eyes met mine he sent me a smile and slight blush appeared on his cheeks.

“Up to you,” I said nervously, my eyes snapped back towards Celeste.

Sitting down I felt one of the guys taking a seat next to me.

"Do you enjoy it?" I asked him confused as to why would a human want to get bitten.

"I's like a drug. Even better with a female", he winked at me, a smirk on his face. I gulped loudly.

Me being unsure I glanced at Celeste, she gave me an encouraging smile then turned to her male and began feeding on him. My eyes lingered on her a bit longer before I turned back to the guy. He eyes me closely then moved his head to the side, encouraging me. I placed my hands on his shoulders, leaning closer to him and feeling my fangs elongating in my mouth. I slowly sank my fangs into his flesh, letting out a silent groan the second his blood touched my tongue. I took it slowly making sure to take just enough blood for him not to pass out. When I began feeling him getting sluggish I removed my fangs, pricking my finger and pressing it on his neck to stop the bleeding. I glanced at him, his eyes dazed and wide smile on his face. He was in a state of ecstasy.

“See? It wasn’t hard, was it?” She said happily, my eyes snapped back to her.

I beamed at her ”no it wasn’t”

Days went by and I filled my days with combat training. I’d train most days, needing to be prepared for Torben. Just the thought of him made me want to train harder every day. I practised with a bow and arrow refreshing my memory and learning to use throwing knives with a helping hand of Sin and Sasha. I’d often ask Sasha to fight with me because he was nearly the same size as Torben, wanting to get the feel of being in combat with him.

The sky was blue, scattered clouds flew around me as I gazed from the aeroplane window. I was in awe, being the first time on the plane even though the taking of made me feel nauseated. My mind swirled in thought about upcoming days, of the dread that lingered within me of even seeing Torben.

We stayed in the palace of one of the high council vampire member. His name was Don Alessandro Lombardi, he was the one who came up with the absurd idea of having vampires and werewolfs in the same room. This is not going to end well. I thought to myself.

Once we arrived at the palace we were greeted by the ‘famous’ Don Lombardi. He was shorter than Nicolas with dark blond hair and hazel eyes. He didn’t look older than me which puzzled me. I thought all the council members would look a lot older. Then again he was a vampire, we don’t age.

"Nicolas, welcome to my home” Don Lombardi said with a smile on his face.

"Don Lombardi” Nicolas acknowledged him as he bowed his head in respect. “Thank you for having us”

“That’s no problem, my friend. I hope you will find everything to your liking.” he patted his shoulder.

"I’m sure we will” Nicolas replied, a wide smile on his face.

Don Lombardi gestured for us to get inside where the maid was waiting to show us our rooms.

I shared a room with Isobel. Our room was big with a light blue theme and gold accents. The furniture looked antique. The room was filled with two beds, a big wardrobe and a vanity table. As we looked around our room our suitcases were brought to us.

“Did you noticed any werewolfs?” I asked Isobel, gazing out the window.

“No, I heard one of the other vampires from another clan saying that the werewolves weren’t staying here, they’re staying in the hotels in the city,” she said sitting on her bed.

“Good, I don’t want to see them more than it’s needed,” I stated relieved as I turned around to face her.

“You really hate them, don’t you?” She said raising her eyebrows.

“Well...yeah, don’t you?” my eyes widened, eyebrows high on my forehead.

“I don’t necessarily hate them. I know we’re meant to be enemies but we used to accept each other. So far they didn’t do anything wrong to me, there’s no need for me to hate them.” she answered her deep blue eyes boring into mine.

"You do know they are planning war against us, against everyone.” I fumed.

She nodded ” I know and hope it will not come to that.” Then she smiled at me ”but now, I want to enjoy the ball.”

I chucked and shook my head.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I fell asleep after Isobel left. She invited me to join her to explore the castle and to meet the other clans but me being introvert, I would rather stay in the room. Nervousness gnawed on me as the thought of seeing Torben's face hit me. I decided I would stay away as far as possible.

My eyes blinked open after hearing a faint sound of movement around the room. The room was dimly lit with only one lamp on at the far side of the room. I glanced around, Isobel stood by her bed searching for something in her bag.

"You’re finally awake” she stated noticing me.

I slowly sat up in the bed rubbing away the sleep. ”How long did I sleep?” my voice raspy.

"All afternoon, we’re all going downstairs to have a few drinks, are you coming?” she grinned

"Yes” I glanced at my clothes “but I need to change first” I still wore the same outfit from earlier. All day cooked up in the room, I began to get sick of the four walls that surrounded me.

“Then hurry, there’s a glass of blood for you as well” she glanced in the direction of the table, my gaze followed.

I jumped off the bed straight for the blood. I was hungry not eating all day. Entering the bathroom I washed my face, brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I chose a red off the shoulder jumpsuit with a belt and matching high heels. Once I came out she urged me down at the vanity table.

"You need some makeup to complete the look” before I could protest she started putting on black eyeliner and mascara and bright red lipstick. When I looked at myself in the mirror my eyes widened and my mouth slightly agape. I was in awe. I never wore makeup before but I liked it. I looked good. “Thanks,” I said beaming as I looked at her

She grinned ”let’s go"

We entered a large living room. I glanced around, noticing there were few more groups of vampires from different clans. I gulped, hating loads of people at one place. My eyes stopped once I found our group. They were all in the corner of the large room, some sitting on the sofa and armchairs, some standing, with glasses of alcohol in their hands conversing.

As we walk through the room towards our group I felt an arm on my elbow. Sharply turning around I found a vampire standing in front of me with a smirk on his face. His eyes roamed over my body. I crossed my arms over my chest narrowing my eyes at him. I knew he only wanted one thing, but that was the last thing I wanted.

"I saw you at the door and had to say hi", his eyes bored into mine with that cheeky smirk on his face.

I chuckled " said your hi, now if you excuse me-" as I turned around to leave I felt his hand on my elbow again. I turned around again sending him a glare. I heard a chuckle next to me. I knew it was Isobel. I glanced at her, a vampire leaned next to her whispering something into her ear. She blushed and held her hand in front of her lips. I rolled my eyes at the sight but smiled slightly. She enjoyed his attention too much.

"I wondered if you'd like a drink?" The vampire in front of me asked. Before I could even answer he added "we could have chat. Did I say you're stunning?"

My eyebrows flew high on my forehead, slight blush found its way on my cheeks but shock it off quickly "Um... I don't drink" my voice cold hoping he would get the hint I wasn't interested.

"Then just chat, we could find a quiet place" his eyes roamed over my small body again and stopped at my chest area. Anger began creeping in, as my muscles tensed. I cleared my throat snapping him out of his gaze at my chest.

"Why don't you find someone else who is actually interested" I heard Sin's voice next to me.

My eyes snapped to him. He was tense glaring the vampire down. The vampire glared at him back "not your business, go back where you came from"

Sin's jaw clenched "it is my business seeing she's my girlfriend" he placed his hand on my hip and pulled me into his side. Smirk appeared on his face when the eyes of the other vampire widened. My eyes widened at his actions. "Now get lost" Sin seethed.

With that he turned around walking away, pulling me behind him. Once we were further away from the vampire I stopped pulling him to stop as well. "What was that?" I asked him with an angry edge in my voice. His eyebrow furrowed " he wouldn't leave you alone, I just helped"

I let out a sigh my demeanour loosened up "thanks, but next time I can take care of myself"

He chuckled "I know"

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