The Revenge

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Chapter 15

As we sat in the tree I scanned the packhouse. The slaves were working on the fields but not much happened. Despite wearing a thick jacket, we were both soaking and I began to tremble from the cold, Sin didn'tseen too bothered. Thanks to the rain everyone remained inside the buildings.

When Sin noticed my shivering he jumped over to me from a branch next to mine. Not paying him any attention, I thought he just changed his position for better view. Suddenly I felt him behind as he pulled me into him gently. Taken aback by his behaviour I froze and my eyes widened. I felt his chest glued to my back, gently moving while he breathed. One of his arms slouched where my collar bones were, and the other around my waist. I felt his breath on the side of my neck. To me, it was a very intimate moment but I began feeling the warmth radiating from him through my wet clothes. I let out a shaky breath, feeling a bit nervous about this situation.

“You’re freezing” he whispered into my ear “ I'll warm you up”

“Ok,” I mumbled nervously after clearing my throat quietly “thanks”

I didn’t expect this from him, it was very intimate and I liked the feeling of him being so close. Warmth spread across my chest realising he actually cared for my well being, my stomach fluttered, the only other person I had this feeling with was Luca. Perhaps I was ready to put my old life behind me and move on. I missed affection like this. A smile appeared on my face and I felt heat rushing to my face. I wasn't too bothered him seeing me blushing. Thanks to the cold my cheeks were already rosy along with my nose.

Soon after, the rain stopped, Sin let me go. We sat there for the rest of the day but nothing happened. The Alpha must have been inside because I didn’t see him, not even once. Here and there I got a glimpse of slaves running around and the odd werewolf, what looked like helping with the preparation for the celebration.

Once dark enveloped us, the clouds cleared and the night sky was adorned with a nearly full moon and twinkling stars. The slaves were now in their slave quarters and I could hear music coming from the packhouse.

We waited for about two hours and then moved a bit closer to the house. We crouched behind a big bush. I had a good view of one of the rooms from where I was hiding. Sin squatted behind another a bit smaller bush. We tried to listen in on them but the music was too loud. My eyes catch the Alpha mingling with others. Then he left the room and went towards the staircase, followed by his Beta. They must be going into his office. I thought to myself. I remembered very well which window was his office. After all, it was there, where he used to force himself upon me.

Needing to get closer, I carefully scanned around to make sure there was no one around. As I was about to move I heard Sin's silent voice “where do you think you’re going?” ignoring him, I quickly moved crouched to the ground as much as possible until I stopped by the wall of the house under the window. The office was on the first level in the back of the building. After checking no one saw me I started moving towards the back.

I felt Sin on my tail as I reached the back of the building. Once I found the window I was looking for, I turned to Sin “stay down here, keep a watch” whispering as quietly as I could. Not waiting for his reply I began climbing the rain drain pipe silently. Once reaching the first level I jumped onto the window sill that was right next to the drainpipe with my body hanging down, then quietly jumped onto the next window sill and the next one was the one I wanted to reach. Once I was at the window, there was decorative panelling which enabled me to stand right next to the window. I leaned in just enough to see that the Alpha sat in his chair, his back facing me. The Beta was sitting on the couch alongside the diagonal wall.

“Was she there?” I heard the Beta asking

“No, but her clan was destroyed, she will pay for running away from me”

What clan is he talking about? Who else ran away from him and became a vampire.

My eyes widened when I realised who he was talking about. He attacked my clan. The celebration which he held was for killing my clan. Rage and fury overtook my mind. I started taking deep breaths to calm myself down. I looked down at Sin, once he saw the anger written all over my face he knew something was up.

“So where are you going to attack next”

“I’m thinking of going to to the west of Europe then go north. Those leeches have no chance against me.”

“When are you planning to go.”

“As soon as possible, the element of surprise is to my advantage and I need you to come with me this time. ”

“I will but what about the packhouse, you’d leave Luna and your son unprotected?”

“Of course not, I’ll leave some warriors behind and don’t forget Diana is a warrior, she’s well capable of protecting herself and our son. ”

After a few seconds of silence,

I heard “what are you planning to do with that slave when u catch her”

“First I thought I’d kill her, but when I saw her at the ball-.... I need to have her” he said possessively.

Upon hearing this I gulped, I would rather die than be his toy again.

Deciding I heard enough, I jumped off the building and landing on my feet right next to Sin “we have to go” I whispered urgently not even looking in his face.

“What happened?” He asked his black eyes filled with worry, eyebrows high in his forehead.

“Not here” meeting his eyes ,I whispered grabbing his hand and began running towards the forest in our supernatural speed.

After a few minutes, we passed the border of the pack. Once we were far enough from their territory Sin suddenly stopped grabbing my elbow.

“What did you hear” his voice sharp, commanding.

"He attacked our clan" I felt warm tear rolling down my cheek.

His black eyes widened in horror. “No, this can’t be happening”

I looked to the ground, more tears escaped my eyes as guilt began bubbling inside of me. Each second my guilt grew stronger until I felt drowning in it. The beast was after me, it was my fault they were killed.

This time Sin grabbed my arm and we started running back towards our home. We ran through the thick forest, with the moon our only source of light. Both of us processing the news about our clan being attacked and both drown in our thought, neighter of us made any noise. A sense of dread began accumulating inside of me the closer we got. I couldn’t help but think that more people died because of me. The beast ripped my life apart again. All the people I ever cared about were dead.

At that moment something snapped inside of me. I promised myself that I would never stop until he was dead and everyone he ever loved. I would destroy everything ever build. I would no longer be scared of him.

The sky was still dark when Sin all of a sudden stopped.

“Why did you stop” my voice barely whisper as I stood right behind him.

“Listen,” he said concentrating, his eyes scanning our surroundings.

I focussed on the sounds around us, the river flowing nearby, the cold wind flying around us, the owl hooting, and then I heard faint barely noticeable footsteps, it didn’t sound far but someone was trying to be quiet, someone followed us. I was amazed by his hearing, I would have missed it.

Sin was already staring in the direction of the footsteps when I looked. He quickly grabbed my elbow and jumped high into a tree above us. Once we landed on a thick branch we waited, anticipation and fury filled my body. I was sick to death of werewolves at this point. It wasn’t long until we heard thumping sounds, suggesting that someone was running in our direction. Seconds later six werewolves emerged right under us. They were sniffing the ground, then the air above them. The mixture I made to mask our scent must have worn out. Their yellow glowing eyes were boring into us.

One of the werewolves shifted into his human form and got dressed right there not bothering to hide behind the tree. When I saw the others shifted into the human forms too I knew they weren’t a threat. They could still attack but they were stronger in their wolf forms. I had my bow ready when I jumped off the tree couple of feet in front of them with Sin beside me with his throwing knives ready to attack.

“Leave us be if you don’t want to die” I sneered, glaring daggers at them.

“You don’t exactly have an advantage here” stated what looked like to be the leader with his arms crossed on his chest. He was about the same height as Sin but with a bit more muscle, had long dirty blonde hair in a high bun with brown eyes and a short beard. His entire upper torso and arms were covered in ink.

“We’re not here to attack you,” a man said next to him calmly but cautiously. He was the same build as his leader, had short red hair shaved on the sides of his head, dark brown eyes and a long braided beard.

“What do you want” asked Sin next to me. I was still holding my bow aiming at the leader. This could have been a trap.

“Talk,” the leader said flatly.

“Talk?” I laughed out loud then shook my head in disbelief.

Sin’s anger was radiating off of him. “Last warning” he sneered with his teeth clenched together “leave or you’ll be killed”

“We need to talk, it’s important” said the red head, his eyebrows furrowed.

“I don’t trust anything you say werewolf.” I hissed through my clenched teeth.

“We have the same enemy,” the leader said as a matter of fact.

I cocked my head in confusion.

“Our only enemy is your leader,” said Sin a lot calmer. He put down his weapons.

I glaned at Sin “this could be a trap”

He gave me reassuring nod to lower my bow. I signed and did what he asked me to. I was still tense ready to use my knives if they decided to attack.

“It’s not a good idea to talk here in the open,” the leader said “our packhouse is a few hours away”

I looked at Sin, my eyebrows furrowed, my lips in tight line, doubt written all over my face. He just nodded and I rolled my eyes at him.

I signed “ok”

They changed into their wolf forms and began running through the forest with me and Sin behind them.

After three hours of running, the sky began to change its colour. Orange hues were spreading across the scattered clouds. We crossed its border and we’re greeted with two werewolves. They just looked at me and Sin cautiously but didn’t try to do anything. Once we arrived, the house was a lot smaller than Torben's packhouse, it was surrounded by a lake and fields with forest. A bit further away from the house were smaller family houses.

We stopped in front of the house where a woman stood with clothes in her hands. The werewolves shifted into their human forms and got dressed quickly. I looked anywhere but them. I wasn’t used to so much nakedness. I glanced nervously at Sin. His eye were boring into mine “We’ll hear what they want to say and leave”

“Ya, I don’t want to stay here any longer than necessary,” I said cautiously, biting my inner lip.

The two men that talked to us earlier approached us "who are you" I glared at them, still not believing this wasn't a trap.

“I’m Alpha Erik,” he said smiling, his eyes seemed sincere.

The man next to him introduced himself as Beta Gunnar and we nodded to both of them.

“Sin” he stated then pointed at me “Reine”. They both nodded.

“What do you want to talk about,” I asked impatiently, itching to get away from the place. Too many werewolves made me really nervous.

“Let’s go inside,” said Erik

Once we got into the house, it looked bigger than from outside. It had a homey feel with dark furniture floors and stairs. It was very quiet inside being very early morning. He led us into his office with Gunnar walking quietly behind us.

All four of us entered the office. Eric gestured to us to take a seat but I was still hesitant. I decided to stand and Sin as well. We were both looking at them waiting for them to start talking.

“As I said before, we have the same enemy. Alpha Thorben.” Stated Erik.

“And you want us to work together,” my voice sharp, my eyebrow rose.

Both of them nodded in agreement.

“Why is he your enemy,” asked Sin as he held his chin with one hand and the other over his chest.

They looked at each other “we don’t agree with this war, we want to stop him.”

Me and Sin looked at each other, both of our eye wide.

“How did you know where we were,” I asked suspiciously, my eyes narrowed at them.

This time Gunnar answered “we went to your clan, but we were late. Nearly everyone was killed.”

“Nearly?” Sin asked raising an eyebrow.

“A vampire woman was still alive we came but she died minutes later.” Answered Erik.

My body tensed and my fists curled in frustration. “Did you get her name?"

“Isobel,” Erik said looking me in the eyes.

Tears started filling my eyes but I blinked them quickly away. I looked at Sin and sorrow flashed through his eyes.

“She told you where we were?” I mumbled

Eric nodded.

I turned to the side, I couldn’t look at them at that moment, I knew they didn’t kill our clan but it was their kind who did it. My body filled with rage and frustration for not being there with Isobel in her last minutes. Sin noticed my distress and hugged me tightly. I was glad he was with me.

Once Sin released me from his embrace he asked ” why did you come to our clan in the first place”

“We need allies if we want to stop Torben,” said Gunnar, his demeanour very calm.

“Why our clan, there are hundreds of clans in Europe.” sin's voice became harsh, suspicious.

"We were looking for the one who Torben is obsessed with” both of their eyes on me as they said it. Under their gaze I began feeling smaller by the second. Nervous, my hand reached for the necklace around my neck.

After eavesdropping on Torben I knew he was obsessed, that wasn’t news for me. But why were they looking for me?

“You mean Reine?” his wide eyes met mine, eyebrows high in his forehead.

“yes” I heard Erik's voice and my eyes snapped to him.

“How did you know he’s obsessed and why were you looking for her,” Sin's voice commanding almost possessing.

“Well to answer your first question, my cousin is his Luna, she told me everything” Erik said

My jaw dropped to the ground, eyes wide even more at that revelation. I was speechless, I didn’t expect that.

He continued ”to answer the second question, we hoped you’d want to kill him,” he said looking at me.

“Ok I think I’ve heard enough,” I said “time to go”

Sin was about to stand up from the chair he was sitting on when Erik said. “You can stay, you have nowhere to go, your clan was destroyed”

I turned around to him and looked him dead in the eyes ” thanks for reminding me” I sneered at him.

“Look, we haven’t fed in twelve hours, we need blood or someone will end up dead. And that’s not me threatening anyone, that’s me being very hungry” stated Sin, slightly opening his mouth to show his fangs.

“We have blood, and your room is ready,” said Gunner, eyes wide at the sight of his fangs.

Me and Sin looked at each other contemplating whether to stay or leave. All of a sudden my stomach started making loud noise and we both looked in the direction of my belly. Then he turned around to them “ok we stay”

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