The Revenge

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Chapter 16

When Gunner brought us to our room, my eyes automatically scanned the place. It was a good size room with twin beds, situated on the opposite wall. The room was simple with dark furniture, a dark wooden floor and light walls. There was a big window across the door and bathroom. Before Gunner left, he said he would send someone with blood and spare clothes.

“Do you trust them?” I found myself asking while I placed my weapons on the table.

“Yea” he answered calmly, gazing from the window as if we weren't in the house full of werewolves.

“How can you trust them so easily” I snapped my eyes to the back of his head.

“I can read people pretty well” he met my eyes with a smirk on his face.

“What if you’re wrong and this is a trap” I narrowed my eyes at him, crossing my arms on my chest. I couldn't get over how he could trust them so easily.

“I’m never really wrong” a confident smile appeared on his face.

I rolled my eyes at him ”I’m going for a shower”

Getting into the shower was the best feeling ever, after being this dirty for days. I watched the water beneath me changed into reddish-brown colour as I scrubbed my hair and body with soap that was there. I took my time soaking up the heat of the water and watched the steam fill the room.

In the meantime, my mind swirled with the thought of Nicolas and the clan. It was all fresh and I couldn't help the tears escaping my eyes.

Nicolas. I lost another family.

After finishing and drying myself, I realised I didn't have any clothes. I shook my head at my own stupidity and wrapped the big towel around my body and used the smaller one to dry my hair.

When I entered the room, Sin sat comfortably on the vanity chair sipping a glass of blood. His jacket and t-shirt were off, wearing only a tank top and pants. I couldn't control my eyes roaming over his upper body, I had a perfect view of his chiselled muscles.

His eyes slowly took in my body from top to bottom. I didn't miss the growing desire in his black depths. Heat rushed to my cheeks, averting my gaze and quickly went to the stack of clothes that were lying on the bed. In the meantime, I heard the movement that led him into the bathroom.

Not wanting to get caught naked while dressing, I put on the khaki pants and white t-shirt with lighting speed. This sleeping arrangement wasn’t good, but I couldn’t be picky at that moment.

Not that I didn’t like his company but I could feel the sexual tension slowly growing between us. I always thought of him as a friend. Never even crossed my mind that he felt like this. I admired his handsome features from afar and always thought any woman would be lucky to have him with his charming personality.

Ever since Sin told me about his feelings, something changed in me. I found myself thinking about Sin more than before and it was scaring me. Even just a thought of Sin made me feel like I betrayed Luca and Suren in a way. I couldn't help the feeling I let them go without realising it and move on so soon.

I loved Luca dearly, he would always be in my heart but I was also afraid that if I let something happen between me and Sin, he would be in danger. Torben loved to kill anyone I ever cared about, I was terrified Sin would be next.

My growling stomach snapped me out of my thought. I looked around the room for blood remembering Sin drinking. I found it on the table next to his empty glass. I grabbed it and walked over to the bed closer to the door. I greedily drank the blood in one go, not realising how hungry I was.

Sin emerged from the bathroom only seconds later, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. I couldn’t help but look at his body. Water droplets glistened on his skin, some of them slowly rolling down. Just as I realised I was gawking, I tore away my eyes, glueing them to the empty glass I held in my hand.

“You get flustered very easily,” his voice penetrated my ears and I snapped my eyes towards him. One corner of his lips was raised creating a smirk on his face.

“You should get dressed," I said a little bit more coldly than I intended to before my eyes glued to the wall in front of me. I didn't want him to know how uneasy he made me.

“Why...I feel rather comfortable,” his voice was playful and my gaze snapped to his once again glaring.

“You’ll catch a cold,” I said knowing full well vampires don't get sick. When I realised it, I mentally slapped myself.

He let out a loud laugh as I stood up and walked over to the table to put down the glass, feeling more stupid by the second.

As I placed the glass down I didn't even realise he stopped laughing. Turning around I bumped into his hard chest. His body was so close to mine I could feel his heat radiating from his body. I gulped, my eyes fixated on his chiselled chest not daring to look into his eyes. However, I had no choice because his fingers found my chin as he lifted my head gently. He locked me in with his black eyes. I couldn't move my eyes as I stared into his endless black orbs. I couldn't tell where his pupil and iris met.

“Why are you so scared,” he asked with a husky voice, his finger gently moved alongside my jaw.

“I’m not scared” I muttered nervously.

“You are, of my touch” his eyebrow raised slightly.

“I’m not” butterflies began to slowly flutter in my stomach. The feeling was unwelcome, my brain went one way and my heart the exact opposite way.

“Then let me kiss you”

I was still locked in his gaze, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t look away and I couldn’t talk. I was lost in his beautiful eyes telling me that they want me.

He lowered his head slowly, once his head was close where I could feel his breath on my skin he waited for me to change my mind and pulled away bud I didn’t. I was captured by his eyes, by my desire, I wanted this. He gently brushed his lips against mine then kissed me. When I kissed him back I let his tongue inside my mouth.

He tasted me and I tasted every millimetre of him as our tongues danced with a passion. My hands started moving from his pectorals passing his collar bones to around his neck. He snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me into him. I felt every inch of his body and with every second the kiss deepened. His hands went from my waist slowly down over my bum and stopped at the back of my tights. He lifted me with one swift movement and I embraced his hips with my legs.

He slowly walked us over to one of the beds, never pulling away from the kiss. He gently placed me down with my legs still around his waist. I felt his hard cock against my wet core gently rubbing. One of his hands found its way under my t-shirt, his gentle yet eager touch caused goosebumps all over my body. He agonisingly slowly moved his hand up until he reached the curve of my breast. He gently massaged it then touched the hard peak, rolling it and flicking it between his fingers.

I couldn't control the moan of pleasure that left my lips. He pulled away and lifted my t-shirt over my head exposing my bare chest to him. He immediately kissed my breast while holding the other. I melted with pleasure under his touch. When he took my hard nipple into his lips and gently sucked, my back arched at the torture he inflicted upon my body.

He kissed towards my neck then my jaw and then claimed my lips passionately while he opened my pants and slid his hand under my panties. His fingers glided through the lips of my core finding me soaking wet. He found my little bud of pleasure and began massaging and flipping it. I moaned into his mouth, my hips lifting automatically, looking for more pleasure. He pulled away, his fingers hooked on the pants and underwear, pulling it slowly off of me.

Once my pants and undergarment were off I felt his finger slowly entered my slick core, his other finger massaging my clit. He was thrusting it in and out then added another finger.

After a few more thrusts, I couldn’t take it anymore “I need you inside of me” my voice was heavy with the desire that possessed me.

He smiled as he pulled his fingers out of my dripping wet core and put them to his lips, licking them.

" taste so good” watching him doing that and saying it made me even more turned on. I began rubbing my core against his big hard cock coating him with my wetness.

His towel fell off his hips somewhere between carrying me to the bed and playing with my pussy.

He took him into his hand, stroked him a few times while he watched me sprawled across the bed. I watched him, taking my fill of him while my pussy yearned for his attention.

He leaned over me, kissing my lips readying himself at the entrance of my core. He slowly pushed him inside. We both softly moaned. Once I was adjusted to his size he began thrusting him in out gradually going faster and harder.

”Oh my feel amazing” he groaned his eyes closed. I was beginning to reach the peak of my orgasm and felt my fangs elongated. Every thrust brought me closer to my climax. Sin picked up a pace his breathing became shallow, getting closer to his orgasm as well. He trusted one last time and with that, I felt his body tremble and his fangs sank into my neck as his sperm coated the walls of my pussy.

I expected pain, but instead an overwhelming burst of ecstasy seared through my body, and with that my orgasm spilt over hitting me hard. I felt an irresistible urge to taste his blood so I sank my fangs into his neck. My body shaked and I still felt his cock pulsating inside of me.

After he pulled away from me, we both laid next to each other breathing heavily as if we just ran the marathon. My eyelids felt heavy and I closed my eyes as I turned away from him on my side, not caring about my nakedness.

Suddenly I felt a blanket being thrown over my naked body. Sin’s hard chest was against my back as he laid down behind me, placing one of his arms around my waist pulling me even closer into him.


Upon entering Erik’s office we were seated across his large wooden table. We have been summoned to discuss our plan against Torben. However, my mind swirled in another direction. I couldn't get Sin out of my head and what happened last night. When Isobel said vampire sex is on another level, she was right. I never felt it so intense.

It's not the time. Snap out of it. I scolded myself.

Sin's voice entered my ears, and that got my attention.

“So what’s your plan” he inquired, leaning in the chair both of his arms crossed over his chest.

“We have to contact the vampire council, we can’t attack him only with my pack. After we have help from vampires, we can surprise him. He wouldn’t expect an army of vampires if he thinks he’s only attacking a clan” Erik stated as he leaned in his leather chair, his fingers intertwined and resting on his flat belly.

“How do we know where to find him.” Sin's eyebrows furrowed “he could be anywhere East from here”

Erik opened a large map of Europe on the table in front of us. He pointed his finger at an area that was showing large European cities east from his territory.

“He is going to start here, it’s closest to his territory” me and Sin followed his finger on the map and I shook my head in disapproval as the gears in my brain started working.

“This isn’t going to work, ” I said calmly meeting Erik’s eyes. “By the time we get to the vampire council, he can be anywhere else. I have a better idea, but you won’t like it”

Erik's eyes narrowed at me but let me talk. Sin’s intense gaze was on my face as well.

“His territory will be unprotected. I want to go there and kill everyone...take his son and Luna as bait. Once he finds out we have them, we can meet him with the army and attack him” my voice was steady and confident.

Erik’s eyes widened in horror. “I don’t want to involve Diana and Thorin. He is only a child”

“As much as I want to kill Diana, I won’t touch her. They’ll be only used as bait. Torben will do everything we want to get them back.” I understood his concern but this was a better idea than what he proposed.

“If you really want to stop this war, it’s necessary...but if you don’t want to do this, just say the words, but I will go there and kill every single werewolf...whether you like it or not.” my voice was laced with steel. I tried to control the sudden anger growing steadily inside of me.

Erik’s demeanour was serious, his stare locked into mine. He didn’t make a sound for a few seconds as if considering his options. After what felt like ages he let out a deep breath and looked away ”ok, I don’t want a scratch on them, do we understand each other?” his eyes narrowed at me once again, his voice threatening.

I nodded my head in agreement. The corner of my lips lifted a little bit but it didn’t meet my eyes.

“Before we do anything, we should contact the vampire council” spoke Sin rubbing his chin, his eyes flicking between me and Erik.

“Ya, we leave tomorrow morning”

After finishing our discussion, me and Sin left the office. Arriving in our bedroom, I tiredly laid in my bed. I still felt tired from our espionage, even though I had the best sleep in a while with Sin sleeping next to me. It was only yesterday when we arrived at this packhouse. Sin sat at the edge of his bed with his gaze on me.

“I don’t understand why vampires don't attack him. What are they waiting for? They are leaving him to destroy their clans” I felt confused staring at the ceiling.

“He is a very powerful werewolf, he is a couple of hundred years old” stated Sin, at this revelation I lifted my head leaning on my elbows staring at him with disbelief.

“What?” I said with my voice higher-pitched than usual, my eyes wide.

“There is a reason why he is ruling over Europe.” his gaze met mine.

I blinked my eyes. “How powerful he is?”

“Powerful enough to murder the whole town by himself. He is a lot stronger than a normal werewolf. He nearly killed Nicolas the first time he attacked him”

I knew Nicolas was a strong vampire. The older the vampire the stronger they were. And Nicolas was one of the strongest I ever met.

“What do you mean, the first time he attacked him” I inquired.

“He never told you?” He asked his eyebrows raised.

I shook my head.

“He had a family a few hundred years ago. Wife and even a child. The Alpha slaughtered everyone. Nicolas only survived because another clan came to their rescue but they were late.”

A memory flashed through my mind when I first met Nicolas, after my first feed. He mentioned the same thing that happened to him but didn’t go into any details. That’s why he saved me from killing myself.

“You know... it’s going to be nearly impossible to kill him” he stated his shoulders slightly fell his voice lower than usual.

“Honestly... I don’t care if I die, as long as he’d be dead.” I mumbled as I leaned back on the bed.

“Do not say that” commanded Sin “we will kill him together, there won’t be any dying for you” his voice was harsh, a little bit possessive.

Silence overtook the space between us. When I glanced at him, he sat at the edge of his bed his elbows leaning on his knees holding his chin. He was deep in thought, his eyes glued to the floor.

Sin broke the silence between us “why is the Alpha obsessed with you”

My eyes widened slightly, not expecting this question. I didn't want to tell Sin of my history with the beast. But I guess it was time. "He raped me multiple times while I was his slave... Honestly, I don't know what he sees in me. I'm nothing special. He raped other slaves but never got to the point where he got obsessed."

Sin’s eyes widened in shock. He was about to say something when I got up from the bed and entered the bathroom. I didn’t need to do anything in the bathroom, I was just done with the conversation. I wanted to be alone. I leaned against the door and slid down the door. I hugged my knees, my mind drowned with thoughts.

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