The Revenge

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Chapter 17

It took us two days to get to the city of Exeter on foot.

The city was situated on an island, west of Europe. That’s where the vampire council was held.

From afar, I could see the high buildings towering over the sky as we slowly got closer.

As we approached the large metal gates, two vampire guards stood in front of them. Their eyes watched us like hawks, suspicious of newcomers. They let us pass, sensing we were vampires.

Once I passed the gate, vampires along with humans were bustling around, getting on with their life. Everyone seemed to be living in harmony.

We continued walking the streets, passing houses, shops and parks. I scrunched my nose at the sight of my surroundings. Bags of rubbish were scattered all over the streets, and at some places, I could even see rats. At the sight of them, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I shivered.

Rats and spiders would be the death of me. Every time I saw them, I couldn't help the urge to run. Yes, even when I was a vampire. Even though humans and vampires seemed to be living in peace, this place was disgusting. It was a stark contrast to our city which was always clean and the camp, which I called home for so many years.

When we passed to the other side of the city, we arrived at our destination. It was a tall modern architecture with glass windows, that were covering the whole building and a revolving door.

Upon entering, we were greeted by the receptionist. She smiled kindly at the sight of us. “Hi what can I do for you”

“We are here to talk to the council” answered Sin.

“Do you have an appointment?” one of her eyebrows raised.

We looked at each other then Sin answered “no”.

“I’m sorry but you need an appointment,” she said flatly, her smile disappeared her gaze went to the tablet, she had laid in front of her.

I glared at her “an appointment? There’s a war happening and you won’t let us talk to the council?” my voice was sharp, anger growing within me.

She glared back at me, not liking my tone of voice, then picked up the phone. I heard her talking to someone on the other end. She waited for a bit and then hang up.

“Mr Williams will see you.” She informed us then she gestured towards the elevators. “the fifth floor”

I smiled at her sweetly but that didn’t quite meet my eyes “thank you”

When we entered Mr Williams office, he was comfortably sitting at his huge sleek desk. At the sight of us, he politely stood up to greet us and smiled. We shook his hand and he offered us a seat. After introducing ourselves we went on to tell him about our plan.

“We need the support of other clans, we need an army if we want to defeat him” stated Sin.

“I will need to inform the other members of the council and come back to you with the answer,” said Mr Williams with his hands resting lazily across his desk.

“We need to get back tonight with an answer,” I said with a sharp edge to my voice. I clenched my fists, anger slowly taking over my body.

It seemed to me, they didn’t t want to get involved in the war, but they already were whether they liked it or not. The Alpha killed the clans and they didn’t seem to care. Shouldn’t they have an army ready?

“I’m sure you can wait for few days” stated the vampire coldly with his eyes narrowed at me.

“No, we can’t wait. I don’t know if you are aware of what’s happening on the mainland but we need an army. If you are too afraid to fight for the survival of our kind then at least contact all the clans.” I hissed at him. My anger slowly threatened to spill over.

I felt a warm touch on my hand. Sin tried to calm me down. I gazed at him, worry flashed in his onyx eyes. At the realization that I just snapped at a powerful council member, I slowly exhaled, trying to calm the raging storm within me. Then I looked in the direction of the vampire that sat across from me cautiously.

“Give me an hour,” he said with a sharp edge to his voice. He didn't like the way I talked to him. At least he didn’t rip my head off for disrespecting him.

After leaving the office, we found ourselves in a nearby pub ordering glass of blood. We chatted while we drank. The hour flew by quick and we were on our way back to Mr Williams.

As we entered his office he eyed us with irritation “I have informed the other council members of your plan. They agreed and are in process of contacting the clans”

We both thank him and we’re about to leave when suddenly Sin stopped “it only occurred to me now. How are we going to contact all the clans?” Disappointment flashed in his eyes.

Only the council members could contact the clan elders telepathically, and vice-versa.

Mr Williams was rubbing his chin, deep in thought. We were still standing there for what felt like an hour waiting for his response. Then he finally said “there’s a vampire who can communicate telepathically. He is in Rannes, his name is Markus. He already knows you’re coming to get him.”

We said our thanks to him and left the building.

“Do you know where Rannes is?” I asked as we walked through the city.

“Ya I know, it’s going to be a little detour”


Six hours later we entered the city of Rannes. Like any other vampire city it was full of vampires but only a few humans. Being in the war, it was understandable. I knew from first hand how much werewolves were terrifying, not knowing when they would attack. If I was still a human, I would be hiding too.

“How are we going to find him,” Sin asked frustrated “we should have set up a meeting place”

“We need to find the clan house” I stated as I looked around. “Maybe he is a member of the clan”

“Good idea”

I ran up to the first vampire I spotted “do you know a vampire named Markus”, he shook his head watching me cautiously, I signed ”do you know where we can find the clan that rules here?"

“Ya it's that way,” he said pointing to a big mansion towering over the city. Sin chuckled at his response.

Of course, it would be the big mansion on the hill overseeing the city. I thank the stranger and we were on our way.

As we approached the big metal gates of the mansion a voice came from the little box that was situated on the side with the camera above it.

“How can I help you,” said the voice

“We are sent here by Mr Williams to talk to Markus?” I said in a shaky voice unsure if this was the place to find him.

The voice was quiet for a few seconds and then we heard the gate buzzing. Sin pushed the gate opening it and we entered.

We walked through an enormous front garden filled with trees and right in front of the house towered a stone old-style fountain with a circular driveway. We walked up to the door and as we approached, it opened.

There in front of us stood a platinum blonde hair female vampire with the lightest blue eyes.

“Hi, you’re looking for my brother” she stated cautiously, her eyes narrowed at us. As we both nodded a man appeared behind the female vampire. Caramel shade of hair was messily framing his face reaching the top of his shoulders, hazel eyes and a short beard adorned his face. He was slightly muscly and a bit shorter than Sin.

“You must be Reine and Sin,” he asked raising his eyebrow as he eyed us from head to toe.

“Yes we are, you are Markus?” Sin asked standing beside me, eyeing him the same way.

Markus nodded “yes the famous Markus” he joked, a wide smile appeared on his face as his demeanour shifted from cautious to playfulness.

“We have to go, there’s no time,” I said urgently. Time was of the essence and I didn't want to waste any more than necessary.

His playfulness left his gaze and turned to his sister “I’ll see you in a couple of weeks. Take care of father” then he kissed the top of her head while he hugged her.

He grabbed his bag throwing it over his shoulder and we left.

“So what’s the plan,” asked Markus walking through the city.

“What did Mr Williams tell you,” asked Sin carefully.

“Only that I’m needed and you would come and get me” then he added, “I’m guessing you need me for my telepathy?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Yeah, we will need you to contact all the clans,” I said as I reached into my bag for blood.

“Will you fill me in on your plan since I’m part of the team?” he wiggled his eyebrows.

Me and Sin looked at each other “there is something you need to know” I said in between sipping my blood.

“Ok,” he answered running his hand through his messy hair nervously.

“We are working with a werewolf pack” Sin stated.

“That’s where we’re going” I added “they are allies and want the same thing we want. To end the war”

Markus nodded bitting the inner of his mouth. Me and Sin explained our plan and he closely listened without interrupting us.

“Well, it sounds like a good plan.” Markus acknowledged.

“Yea, I’ll have him exactly where I need him,” I said calmly.

Once we exited the city we ran using our vampire speed. We stopped only to rest and drink. We didn’t want to be out in the open risking getting attacked.

After what felt like aeons we finally arrived at Erik’s packhouse. He greeted us in front of his house.

“Did you do it?" He inquired then his eyes landed on Markus. He looked at me and Sin while one of his eyebrows raised in question.

"Ya we did it, the clans are waiting for our instructions,” I said then suggested with my hand to my left where Markus was nervously running a hand through his hair “this is Markus, we need him” I explained.

“That’s Alpha Erik” I suggested with my head, looking at Markus. He nodded in acknowledging Erik.

Later that day after having a shower and resting, we were called into Erik's office. Upon entering his office he was standing by the window, Gunnar sat on one of the comfy-looking chairs. Hearing the noise of us as we entered, he turned around.

"So when do we attack Torben's territory?" inquired Gunnar as I sat at the other chair, Sin standing between me and Gunnar.

"As soon as possible," I answered.

"We will leave in two days. I will have my warriors ready by then" stated calmly Erik.

I nodded "There should be only a handful of werewolves left to protect them."

"Diana is a warrior, just warning you, she won't go down so easily." Erik's eyes flashed with worry.

I noticed it and reassured him "I won't hurt her if she doesn't try to kill me."

"We'll take the boy first, she won't fight if she sees we have him" stated Sin holding his chin.

"Ok, just make sure Thorin doesn't get hurt" insisted Erik.

"We won't hurt a child" stated Sin, his voice sharp, his onyx eyes narrowed at Erik.

Silence fell upon us for a few seconds, everyone drowned in their thoughts. Gunnar's voice interrupted the calmness in the room.

"Why do we need the other vampire" he narrowed his eyes at us.

"He can communicate with the other clans, we can't" I crossed my arms on my chest.

"Oh...I thought that vampires can mind link each other" his eyes were wide.

Sin chuckled "only you werewolves can do that. Do you think we would be travelling so much if we could just mind link each other. I wish we had phones, everything would be easier" he sighed, then he added "Markus have a gift, he can telepathically communicate with everyone"

A soft knock came from the door, then a young female werewolf walked in. She shifted her weight from side to side and scanned the room, once she found Erik's gaze she said "um...I'm sorry for interrupting, the warriors are asking for your presence"

"I'll be right there, thank you, Anna," said Erik standing up from his seat and walking out the room.

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