The Revenge

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Chapter 18

Outside the packhouse, I sat by the lake in the soft grass, entertained by my thoughts. The sun began to slowly set behind the horizon and the water glistened like a million diamonds scattered across the lake. The sky began to shift from its blue colour to orange with pink and purple hues in scattered clouds.

Sitting on the ground and hugging my knees, I closed my eyes as I listened to life around me. I heard the water splashing against the rocky shore, the faint wind brushing against the trees making the leaves move, and the birds singing far in the forest. It was a long time ago when I could just sit and enjoy the calmness around me.

Tomorrow, it's all beginning. Finally.

I was finally moving forward with getting justice for my vampire clan. For Nicolas who saved my life and gave me second chance at life, Celeste and Isobel, who always put a smile on my face and I could always count on them.

And for my human family. Thomas and Freya were always there for me, she was like my sister and Thomas like my older brother. Luca my love my soulmate, a huge part of my heart died with him that day. Every cell of my body was longing for his touch. My baby girl Suren, I would do anything to see her just for a few minutes. To feel her little arms around my neck and to inhale her scent. To feel her silky hair through my fingers and to see her beautiful grey eyes glistening with happiness while she smile.

At the thought of them, my heart sank and I felt a lump forming in my throat. My eyes began to slightly burn as heavy tears formed. I didn't try to stop them, they rolled down my cheeks dripping onto my arms while I rested my head on them.

I couldn't help but feel all of their deaths were my fault. I wasn't there to protect any of them. Maybe if I was there they would be alive. I would willingly go with Torben just to save them.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps brushing against the grass behind me. With every step, they got louder. I quickly wiped my face with the palms of my hands and took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. The footsteps stopped right behind me. I knew the person was a werewolf as their distinctive smell of fur along with pine trees hit my nose. As the werewolf sat down next to me, I glanced at the intruder, it was Erik.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" He muttered, staring into the sunset.

"Ya" was all I mumbled. I didn't want him to know I cried just seconds ago from my raspy voice. Plus the lump in my throat was still there. I didn't want him to see me in my vulnerable state.

"I always come here to watch the sunset" he explained calmly.

When the lump in my throat disappeared and my voice felt normal I stated "just wanted to enjoy the peace before tomorrow."

He just hummed in response.

"Did I interrupt you?" he gave me knowing look. He could probably hear my soft sobs from far away.

I quickly looked away from him towards the sun "no, I wasn't doing anything in particular"

"I heard you, you know...there's nothing wrong with crying and grieving. It's natural. Grieving helps with healing it's just part of the process" he muttered. His eyes bored into my soul. A flash of sorrow flashed through him, then quickly looked away.

"What have Torben done to you that you're against him. I mean he's your family" I raised an eyebrow at him. I couldn't help but ask him. It has been bothering me since I first met him.

I waited for his answer but it never came "you know everything about my past, it's only fair you tell me why you're really doing this"

"I guess you're right" he took a deep breath "he killed my mate" he whispered. If it wouldn't be for my heightened hearing I wouldn't be able to catch it.

I was quiet for a few seconds "I'm sorry" was all I could say. We sat there for a few more minutes. I should have known Torben would do something like this. He was ruthless and didn't seem to have a care in the world.

I put my hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently as I got up and left inside the house. There was no point talking about it or asking any more questions. I knew his pain, there was nothing I could say that would help him at that moment.

When I got into the room Sin laid in the bed. On his back with his arms under his head, his breathing steady with closed eyes. He was asleep. I got my clean pyjama ready and headed into the bathroom.

Taking off my t-shirt, Sin walked in, thinking the bathroom was empty. I jumped, my heart skipped a beat at the fright he gave me.

"Sorry," he muttered awkwardly. When his wide eyes found mine his eyebrows furrowed. He stared into my eyes and just then I realised my eyes must have been bloodshot red and puffy.

"What happened?" He asked worriedly, his eyes roamed over my face looking for an answer. He walked over to me, one of his hands caressed my cheek with the back of his fingers.

"Nothing", I answered looking away from him. He took my chin and gently lifted my head to meet his gaze. He understood what was going on. His eyes were boring into mine and I found myself once again swimming in the depths of his dark endless orbs.

I put my arms around his waist and stepped closer to him resting my head on his chest. His presence kept me calm and collected and I didn't realise until that moment. All my emotional turmoil was momentarily gone.

He brought his arm around my waist resting his chin on top of my head. I took a deep breath, smelling his scent of sandalwood, mint and orange. After few seconds of listening to his strong heart, he let me out of his warm embrace and was about to leave to let me have my shower.

"please stay". I found myself saying without even thinking about it.

He turned around one of his dark eyebrows raised high on his forehead "you sure you want to?" He asked carefully, giving me a chance to back down.

I nodded and gave him reassuring smile. He stepped closer to me, never leaving my eyes and slowly lowered his face to meet my lips with his. He entered my mouth with his tongue tasting me, then he suddenly pulled away and looked me in the eyes again "I've been wanting to kiss you again, but didn't know if you wanted."

Blood rushed into my cheeks. "I want it"

A wide smile appeared on his face as he pulled me into him tightly and kissed me passionately. I pulled away, my lips were swollen from the kiss, I reached for the hem of his t-shirt pulling it over his head and running my fingers gently over his chiselled abs and chest.

Opening his pants I pulled them down gently, they fell to the ground and pooled around his feet. He pulled me into him tightly once again feeling his hard cock against my lower belly, then unclasped my bra. We kissed again and I opened my pants and pulled them down with my underwear. I wiggled myself free and stepped into the shower. I glimpsed at him, desire shining in his onyx orbs. While I switched the water on and put on the perfect temperature he took off his underwear.

He stepped into the shower, both of us under the stream of the warm water. He held me at my midsection kissing my neck, his arm slowly moving up to the curve of my breast. My hands were resting on his shoulders moving upwards into his hair. I couldn't help the moan slipping from my lips when I felt his mouth kissing and sucking gently my nipple.

Wetness exploded in my core. His hands went under my tights lifting me and I curled my legs around his waist. Once I felt his rock hard cock on my wet core I began to grind against him, wanting to get some friction on my bundle of nerves in between my legs.

He groaned and his kiss got more hungrier and deeper by the second. I couldn't take the teasing anymore and lifted myself enough for him to enter my core. Entering me roughly I felt him stretching me, pleasure seared through me and I let the moan slip from my lips.

He started thrusting in and out harder and quicker. My back rested against the cold tiles but I didn't care at that moment. I felt the pleasure building inside of me. With every thrust, I was closer to my peak.

He picked up a pace kissing my neck, that sweet spot where he would bite me. Thinking about his bite, made my climax reach quicker. I moaned out loud and felt a burst of pleasure reaching every cell of my body. My fangs elongated and sank into his neck. The second he felt my fangs, I heard him moan and his fangs entering the skin on my neck. He roughly trusted into me one last time, filling me with his hot sperm.

My body tensed and my toes curled at the overwhelming pleasure. He quivered, letting out hard shaky breaths after he pulled out his fangs. I took them out and rest my forehead on his shoulder. We stayed like this for about a minute catching our breaths then he gently put me down.

I smiled at him and turned around to start washing when I felt his arms around my waist, his chest pressed on my back "I can't get enough of you" he whispered into my ear. He gently kissed my neck and I giggled at his affection.

Upon getting dressed in my pyjamas, I left the room a few minutes after Sin.

I found Sin lying in his bed sleeping. I laid in my bed shutting my eyes, but my mind was running a million miles an hour. No matter how much I tried I couldn't stop thinking about tomorrow and the future.

What am I going to do once I kill Torben? Will my family find peace? Will I finally be happy? I can't let him destroy any more lives. I would rather die trying to kill him than live in a world where he would rule over everyone.

Laying in the bed for a few hours attempting to sleep, I decided I needed to do something to distract myself from Torben. I got up, put on some pants with a t-shirt and combat boots. I threw a hoodie over my body and left the room. The house was quiet, the dark corridors were empty.

As I wandered around I came across the training grounds. They were submerged into darkness. The only source of light was the full moon high in the sky. I shivered when a cold wind passed by me then noticed someone was there.

"Can't sleep?" Asked the silhouette. That deep voice was familiar. When the person got nearer, his face emerged from the darkness, his features got more visible. Gunnar stared at me.

"No, I guess I'm a bit nervous" I answered. "I was just wandering around"

"Do you want to join me?"

Without even thinking about it I nodded. What else was there for me to do?

We stood across from each other a few feet away ready, waiting for the other one to strike. When I saw he wasn't going to strike first I went for it. I lunged forward, he dodged it. I lunged again going for his midsection. Once I landed that punch and went for another one straight into his jaw. He didn't see that one coming and stumbled back holding his jaw "not bad" he chuckled "you're fast"

A smirk appeared on my face but then quickly went back to concentrating on his movements. Suddenly, he lunged at me, I bounced back behind him and landed a kick into the back of his knee. He collapsed to the ground. I waited for him to get on his legs.

He leapt forward hitting me to the side of my ribs while holding my arm twisting it around. A sharp pain seared through my arm and I squealed in pain like a small girl. He let go of me instantly.

We were battling like this for a few hours when he decided he had enough. I was covered in sweat, my baby hair sticking to my forehead and neck. My body was aching from the punches and kicks I got.

When I got into the room, I had a quick shower, again and then headed to the bed. This time, once I rested my head on the pillow, my eyes closed and darkness consumed me.

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