The Revenge

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Chapter 1

The sun was beaming down on me. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and my back. My lips were flaky and my tongue was sticking to my upper jaw. Being enslaved and getting food and water once a day was normal. One would think I would be used to it, being a slave to the werewolfs for over ten years. However, the dead heat was unbearable, especially this year.

If life wouldn’t be so rough I would appreciate the scenery. It was beautiful here with lush green hills and forest that was filled with wildlife.

When I was seven my parents died. We were moving around from town to town since I can remember. No one was ever safe since werewolfs and vampires made an appearance about twenty plus years ago according to my mother. She used to talk about life when she was a child. How peaceful and beautiful life used to be without the creatures. Everyone was happy, everyone was free.

One day, out of nowhere everything came crashing down. Werewolfs and vampires attacked us, they planned it for decades and we weren’t ready for it. Since that day it took a year for all the governments to fall. After that, there were no more individual countries, only continents. We tried to fight them, but we had no chance. Werewolves and vampires possessed more strength and speed. They killed off our army first, there was no one to protect us anymore.

Naturally, humans that were once on top of the food chain were now on the bottom. We were hunted or killed. To the werewolfs, we were just toys and slaves, to the vampires we were blood bags and pets.

Like every other day, I was working in the field. Wiping the sweat off my forehead I heard a scream not far from me. I glanced towards the noise and saw a werewolf beating a girl with a whip. This was a daily occurrence, well, not the whip but the beating was on daily basis. She couldn't be any older than thirteen. The other slaves didn’t react to it one bit and I shouldn’t either if I didn't want to get beating. But this made me angry. The werewolf was tall and intimidating, muscles were covering every inch of his body. She was small and skinny and whatever she did, she didn't deserve a whip. The whips were there to only scare us. Which worked might I add.

Quickly looking around I found a stone on the ground. When I picked it up I threw it at the werewolf hitting him in the back. He turned around and saw me staring at him. His yellow glowing eyes narrowed at me and furry took over his body. He came over to me, hitting me in the face. I flew across the crops, and once I hit the ground he came at me again kicking me in the stomach.

“Next time you do this, I’ll kill you” he spat at me angrily.

Then he turned around and left. Still laying on the ground held my stomach, pain was radiating from there. My jaw was throbbing with pain. I was surprised my teeth were still intact. When I got on my knees I peeked at the teenager, she was just getting up off the ground, blood oozing from her wounds across her legs and back. She met my eyes and the corners of her mouth lifted a little bit.

We weren’t allowed to speak to each other or make any noise. The rest of the day was thankfully without any incidents. Once the sun started setting, I heard a whistle. It was a sign that our ‘shift’ was finished and time to go back to our slave quarters.

Once we were all in they have given us a piece of bread, cheese and water. We never got a cooked meal, only the bare minimum to keep us going. After that, we were allowed to have a shower. Well, I wouldn’t call it a shower. More like buckets of cold water that you have to pour over yourself. In this heat, it felt nice.

Once I got into the bed I saw the teenager walking into the communal bathroom. I looked around to check if werewolfs were around. It was clear, so I got up and went into the bathroom too.

When I entered she stood in front of the sink washing her face. I walked over to her.

” You’re new here. I haven’t seen you here before” I whispered to her.

“Thank you for what you did. He would probably kill me,” she whispered back.

”You should be more careful. Don’t draw any unnecessary attention to yourself, if you don’t wanna get more beating.” I said and smiled at her. Then I turned around and went back to my bed.

As I was finally falling asleep I felt someone poke my shoulder slightly. My eyes shot open, a woman was standing next to my bed. Her nose scrunched and annoyance was written all over her face. She just looked at me and left. I knew she wanted me to follow her, so I did. She left the communal room into the hallway.

“Alpha wants to see you. Now.” She growled at me, then she started walking. I was still standing there wondering if it’s because of what happened today. God, I hope not, I’ll be dead by morning. I thought to myself.

Alpha Torben was cruel. Any slave that was summoned to ‘talk’ to him never came back. He hated humans. He saw us as dirt on the bottom of his shoes. Who am I kidding, any werewolf hated humans but Alpha was next level. With any little excuse, he would kill with a smile on his face. He hated us with passion.

He ruled over Europe. Other Alphas were ruling over North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Werewolves were the superiors. Even vampires kept themselves away from the werewolfs. I personally never even saw a vampire, me being a slave and never leaving this hell.

Today was my last day on earth. I hope my death will be quick. I was accepting my fate. When the female werewolf glanced at me from across the hall, she stopped. I didn't move, I was still at the same spot. I looked at her and saw her eyes flashing yellow. She was angry. That managed to pull me out of my thoughts. I began running towards her not wanting to make her angry any more than she already was. Once I caught up with her she began walking again and I walked behind her quietly.

Once we entered the huge pack house, my eyes went wide I was surprised. It was beautiful. In all my years being a slave in this place I never visited this building. It was light and sleek with sharp edges. She led me up the stairs. We went through the hall and stopped in front of a white french door.

She knocked on the door and then opened them. With a wave of her hand, she urged me to walk in. I looked at her and gulped. Then I mustered all the bravery I had and walked in.

Alpha Torben sat at his table doing paperwork. When I walked in he looked at me a slight smile appeared on his face. He put down his pen and stood up. Few steps into the office and heard the click of the door closing behind me. I looked behind me the female was nowhere to be found. Not that she would help me.

Glancing back at the Alpha, he was good looking, tall with blue eyes and light brown hair cut short. A short beard adorned his face. Tattoos were peaking out of his shirt, on his arms and neck. Through his shirt, I could see the muscles that we're bulging under it.

He walked over to me, watching me roaming over my small skinny body. I only wore a pyjama, well, the oversized t-shirt I found under my bed from another slave that used my bed before me. The end of the t-shirt hit mid of my thighs. When I noticed he was looking at my body I felt very self-conscious. I put my arms around myself to hide from his gaze. Not that it helped.

He stopped a few steps in front of me, amusement twinkled in his eyes from my little act. I moved my gaze to the floor not wanting to see his mocking face.

“You will do” I heard him say coldly.

My eyes snapped to him “You’re not going to kill me?” I asked surprised by my voice cautious. When I saw his eyes the hair on the back of my neck stood up. They were full of hate and lust.

He scoffed ”No, It would be such a waste. I will fuck you until I’m bored of you and then I’ll kill you”

I was terrified, this was worse than death. Death would be a better fate than be his toy he can use anytime he likes. With that, he took a step forward and I took a step back. Every time he took a step forward I took a step back until I couldn’t move anywhere. My back was glued against the door. I couldn’t escape.

He put both of his hands on the door on each side of my head and leaned closer to me. Lowering his face until he stopped just in between my ear and the base of my neck and deeply inhaled my scent.

”I will enjoy this.” he bored his blue eyes into mine and I saw a flash of possessiveness. Panic filled my body, I tried to escape, to push him so I could open the door and run but he was like a mountain. He didn’t even budge. All of a sudden I felt pain across my cheek and nearly fell to the floor, he slapped me. Anger took over my body and I spit in his face. I wasn’t even thinking at this point. His eyes began flashing yellow. Wiping his face, he banged me against the wall so hard the air left my lung, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and started seeing black spots. A second later blackness engulfed me.

Before I even opened my eyes I felt a sharp pain and fullness in my vagina. I heard him letting out low groans as he was thrusting in and out of me roughly. My eyes shot open and began to fill with tears. He held my hips tight. I laid on my front with my bum over the edge of his desk. When he noticed my consciousness he said ”fuck, you're so tight”. His voice was husky, he leaned over kissing the back of my neck and inhaled my scent. "You're driving me crazy" My lips were letting out soft whimpers and I was praying to be over.


8 days later

"Luna wants to see you" stated the werewolf.

I glanced in his direction confusion written over my face with my eyes wide. Putting the shovel down I walked towards him, my head watching the ground. He turned and led me to the pack house. I wondered why she wanted to see me. She never even looked in my direction what did she want? I knew nothing good would come out of it.

As we entered the big luxurious pack house he led me down the stairs. It was dark and the smell of mould hit me in the face. I gulped and began to fidget with the hem of my t-shirt. My breaths became shallow as panic started taking over me. He led me deeper and deeper into the darkness until he opened the door.

We entered, the room had small window across from the door, letting in a little bit of light. Luna stood there in the corner. Her head snapped to me and I can sense the pure hatred she felt for me. Her eyes were flashing yellow and she was tense. I immediately moved my eyes to the ground. The werewolf locked the door as I glanced towards him. I gulped loudly, eyes began to fill with tears.

"You little slut" I heard Luna's voice full of disgust. "I'll show you what happens when you try to seduce Torben"

My eyes widened I knew what she's going to do to me. "No please" I pleaded "he took me, I didn't do anything"

She moved towards me, her hand found its way around my neck and she squeezed. Cutting off the air I beg and clawed at her arms. She hissed and let go off me. My knees collided to the stony ground as I clutching my neck trying to catch my breath. Suddenly I felt steering pain in my abnomen

4 weeks later

Tonight was the night I was going to be free. Either free or dead, still better than Aplhas toy and Luna's punching bag. A party was held in honour of Alphas son being born a few days earlier. That baby was the future Alpha of this pack and he was going to become the ruler of Europe. It was big deal and a huge party. Every Alpha and their Luna in the continent was attending.

After my first rape, I was shaken and petrified. He was raping me every other day like he couldn't get enough of me. Every night I prayed he wouldn't call for me, I was shaking every time I was in his presence. My life became hell, even more, when his Luna found out about me. There were a few times when she had me beaten so much I was out of it for a day or two. I was constantly covered in bruises and cuts. They never had time to heal.

After working in the field all day we were rushed to go back into the slave quarters. We had food, a shower and a bed.

After hours of waiting, pretending to be asleep, darkness filled the room. I quietly walked over to the window and looked out. I saw the packhouse, the party was in full swing. I heard faint music and laughter coming from there.

I quietly walked to the other window next to the door and saw a werewolf sitting in front of the door. His head was pointing down and he was slouched. Was he asleep?? I thought. Without a sound I walked over to my bed, putting on my pants and hoodie over my pyjama and my old ripped shoes, I headed to the door.

While opening the door as quietly as possible I prayed I wouldn’t get caught. When the door open and the werewolf in front of the door didn’t move I glanced back to make sure no one watched me, then walked out. I scanned around making sure there were no werewolfs around apart from the sleeping one next to me. I began running cautiously, keeping in the shadows making sure no one saw me.

Once I got to the high metal fence I began to climb. When I was over the fence I ran towards the forest. It was dark and eerie but nothing compared to how scared I was of Alpha Torben. I ran for hours never stopping, I had to get away as far as possible. Once they would find out I escaped they would be after me. With their sense of smell, they would pick up my scent easily. Getting as far as possible was my only chance.

I ran for a few days only stopping for water and when I came across eatable berries. Thanks to my parents I remembered which ones were good to eat. I allowed myself a few hours of sleep in the trees. Not knowing how to protect myself and without any weapons, I didn’t want to risk anything.

On the fourth day, I woke up on the branch in the tree. It was fairly high but not high enough to not see what was happening on the ground. There was a group of four guys sitting under the tree. I didn’t make a sound. They didn’t look like werewolves. Seeing werewolves every day, I recognised them. These guys under the tree were humans. Would they kill me if they caught me?? I decided waiting was my best option until they were gone. Then I would be on my way.

When they were out of sight I got myself ready to climb down the tree. All of sudden one of the branches cracked under my weight and I fell. Colliding with the ground, the air was knocked out of my lungs. I started seeing black dots and heard steps and voices. Someone ran towards me. Shit, I’m dead.

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