The Revenge

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Chapter 20

2 days later

"We should contact him" suggested Erik holding his chin. He sat behind his desk leaning back in his chair.

"Ya we should bring Markus in, we can do it now" stated Sin as he sat in the chair across from Erik.

Erik glanced at Gunner "can you bring him in?"

Gunner nodded once then stood up leaving the room. I didn't even realize when I started pacing around the room. I felt both of their gazes on me and stopped. Erik raised an eyebrow, Sin just smiled at me reassuringly. I signed and sat down. I didn't even know why I felt so nervous. Maybe I was afraid of Torben's reaction. He had to know by now, wouldn't he? No, I promised myself I won't be afraid of him. Click of the door snapped me out of my thoughts.

I glanced towards the noise and saw Gunner and Markus entering the room. Markus browsed the room then smiled at the sight of me and Sin. He was still nervous and cautious around Erik but seeing us there he seemed more composed. With every other werewolf from his pack, he was a lot calmer. Something about Erik's aura was keeping him on the edge as he explained to me yesterday. I understood where he was coming from. Erik's aura was strong and dominating but it did nothing to me or Sin. Erik was nothing compared to Torben.

At the sight of Markus, Erik gestured him to sit down. He sat down on the last available chair next to Sin and I walked towards him, standing next to him a put my hand on his shoulder. He looked at me.
"It's time to contact him" I stated smiling at him.

He nodded "what do you want me to tell him"

"Tell him we have his Luna and son, and if he doesn't cooperate they'll end up dead." I retorted. "once you tell him we go from there"

Markus closed his eyes and sat still. Noone made any noise. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin dropping to the floor. His breaths were falling into a rhythm.

He shot his eyes open. "He's livid. He's saying he'll kill all of us. And he is asking who is us"

"Tell him" ordered Erik his voice calm with a stoic facial expression.

"He is asking what we want" stated Markus, his eyes looked at all of us.

"Tell him, we want to meet him outside Arlon city in two days" I stated. Arlon city was situated in a valley and was perfect for a battle. He wouldn't see us coming.

Markus nodded. Seconds later he replied "he will be there"

After leaving Erik's office I went into the training grounds with Sin and Markus. I needed to train, there was no going back now. I needed to be ready to face Torben.

My eyes didn't let Markus's body. We stood across from each other each of us waiting for the other to make the first move. I wiggled my finger suggesting to him to make a move with a smirk on my face. He lunged forward his fist curled going for my jaw. Just in time, I put my arm up covering my face and he hit my forearm. When he was distracted with his punch to my jaw a millisecond later I landed a punch to his abdomen. He took a step back and gasped and I smirked at him again. A determination was written all over his face when he went for a kick and I jumped away. I leapt forward going for a punch but he expected my movement and before I hit him he caught my fist then grabbed my wrist, pulled me closer to him and twisted it to an uncomfortable angle.

When I looked around other werewolves were gathered around the fighting ring watching us and cheering. Me and Markus were fighting like this for another half an hour when Markus decided he wanted to fight Sin. Markus was good but nothing compared to him.

He was a trained warrior and fought multiple wars hundreds of years ago, that's what he told me two days ago after he declared his love to me. After that, we chatted about our lives, well mostly about his life.

I watched mentally taking notes of Sin's movements, trying to remember them. One day they would come in handy. Another hour, they were finished. We watched the werewolves battling then went inside the house.

Before going into my bedroom I stopped in front of the kitchen. "I'm getting some blood, do you want as well?" I asked Sin.

"Ya, I'll be in the shower"

"I'll bring it into the room"

He softly kissed my lips and left. I entered the kitchen and walked towards the cabinets. After looking in a few of them I finally found glasses. I took out two and then went to the fridge and picked up a bag of blood. When I closed it Diana was standing there staring at me with hatred in her eyes. I jumped a bit, my heart skipping a beat at the sight of her.

I turned away walking towards the glasses.
"What do you want," I asked annoyed, my back facing her, my body tensed and my senses were on high alert. She was one of my enemies.

"I will gladly help Torben to kill you" she barked at me.

I turned around to her "that's all you came to tell me? That's no news to me" I said calmly trying to look like her presence didn't affect me. "Torben should be the one receiving your hate, not me"

"I knew exactly when he slept with you, every time he came to me, he smelled like you, he even talked about you in front of me." She hissed her eyes were boring into mine with so much loathing, the hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I never left her gaze, my anger towards her raised and my jaw clenched "he fucking raped me every single time!" I roared at her "your jealousy is ridiculous, take it out on him. Just the thought of him makes my skin crawl"

I turned back to pouring the blood into the glasses. She was still standing there anger rolling off of her. Erik marched into the kitchen, he must have heard me shouting.

"What's happening," he asked looking between me and Diana. He looked somewhere lower in her direction and his eyes widened. I furrowed my eyebrows and turned to see what he was looking at. Her fingers had long thick black claws and white fur covered her skin.

"Diana don't do this" warned Erik with a stern voice as he glared at her.

Her gaze flipped from him to me and when she noticed I stared at her she lunged at me. I leaned back, her claws missed my face by millimetres. I quickly grabbed her arm with her claws and with my other hand I grabbed her neck roughly and pushed her into the fridge. I squeezed her neck roughly, letting my anger out. She gasped for an air. "Touch me one more time and I will kill you" I sneered through clenched teeth. Erik ran towards us my eyes snapped to his as he stopped right next to me. When I saw his wide pleading eyes, I let her neck go. She coughed holding her neck and taking a deep breath.

I looked at Erik "keep her away from me" I said coldly grabbingthe two glasses and left the kitchen.

Once I arrived in the room Sin was still in the shower. Putting the glasses on the table I started pacing around the room, my jaw was still clenching. I even lost my appetite after the encounter.

When Sin came out and glanced at me still pacing around the room trying to calm down, his eyes widened at the sight of me. He came over to me "what happened" he asked with concern in his voice. I looked at him, my hands were curled into fists. He gently took my fists in his hands. The second I felt his warm touch on my skin my body relaxed. I exhaled loudly and he pushed away a strand of my hair behind my ear and placed his palm on my cheek. I closed my eyes holding his hand that was touching my cheek. "What happened" he gently asked. "Nothing, me and Diana had talked, that's all" I mumbled.

When I gazed into his gorgeous black eyes I saw a flash of worry. "I'm fine now" I added and gave him a reassuring smile. He lifted my chin and slowly lowered his lips to mine. His tongue was gently dancing with mine tasting me. I pulled away and he groaned in disagreement. "I need a shower," I said smiling at him, playfulness plastered all over my face. "We'll finish this after you're out of the shower" he winked at me.

In the shower, I was drowned in my thought, it started being routine for me. My mind would always be running a million miles an hour. My thought went to Sin. Lately, he was always in my thought. My feelings were growing for him every day. It was amazing how only his touch could calm me down. The way my body reacted to him astonished me.

To my dismay, Diana came into my thoughts. She was lucky Erik was there, I wouldn't be able to control myself if I was with her alone. That woman was psychotic, the same way as her mate was. She better not cross my way again.

I stepped out of the shower, finished washing. I only put a towel around myself and exited.

Stepping in the bedroom Sin was waiting for me sitting on his bed comfortably and leaning against the headboard. One of his legs was bend and his arms rested on his knee. He only wore sweatpants revealing his toned muscles on his abdomen. How I loved the look of him.

He roamed his eyes over my body stopping on my face. His eyes were full of desire. Smelling the blood in the room I turned to the glass that was standing on the table and started drinking it. Me being clumsy, few drops of blood escaped from the corners of my mouth down my chin and chest. I blushed when I noticed Sin was watching me. I glanced down at my chest and was about to wipe it away. I felt a gush of air and he was standing in front of me so close I felt heat leaving his body. His breath was on my face when he lifted up my head to see my face. His eyes went straight to my mouth and then down to my chest where the blood dripped.

He locked his eyes to mine, moved his hands under my bum and lifted me up, curling my legs around his waist. He walked us over to the bed and gently laid me down on my back. He laid in between my legs when he licked the droplets of blood from my chest the went upwards to my chin, corner of my mouth and stopped at my lips where he began kissing me passionately. I closed my eyes in the act, my nipples hardened and my core burst with wetness. His hand pulled open the towel I wore exposing my naked body. He pulled away from the kiss, his eyes filled with lust, I felt his hard cock on my core and I couldn't help but to began gently grinding against him. His sweatpants were getting wet from my movement, groan escape his lips. I felt his cock getting even harder. He leaned down hungrily kissing my soft breast until he found my hard peak. He sucked it then flicked it with his tongue and when he gently took it in between his teeth I let out a moan and my back arched from the pleasure. He went back to kissing my lips when his hand slid down to my pussy. He ran his fingers between the folds, feeling the wetness. "I want to taste you," he said with a husky voice against my lips. In the next second, I felt him move in between my legs. He opened my legs wider giving him better access. He found my clitoris and started flicking it with his tongue then gently trusted one finger into my pussy. Then slide in another finger still licking and flicking my clitoris. He was thrusting his fingers in and out when I closed my eyes and started clenching the blanket underneath me. Every cell of my body began to feel my peak of pleasure. I put my hands in his hair pleading with him not to stop as my climax came, my toes curled I moaned loudly and my body began trembling.

He lifted his head and gave me wide smile as he crawled over me in between my legs. He quickly took off his sweatpants and capturing my lips with his tasting myself on him. With one flawless movement, I was on top of him straddling him. I kissed his neck went down to his chest and lower his abdomen until I got to his cock. I gently licked the soft head, as I did so pre-cum oozed out and I heard him let out a quiet moan. I took him in my hand licking down from his head to his balls and up. Then I slid him inside my mouth sucking him. I pushed him as far as I could into my throat, he moaned and I pulled my head away, catching my breath. "If you keep doing that I'll finish early," he said with his voice lower than usual. I didn't want to finish early I wanted to feel him inside of me. I crawled over him, lifting myself off him and taking his cock into my hand readying him at the entrance of my pussy. Then I lower myself, him sliding deep into my pussy. I put my hands on both sides of his head. With one hand on my bum and one on my upper back he pushed me down on him and began to hungrily kiss my lips, and trusting into my pussy. With every thrust, he picked up a pace and got stronger. And with every thrust, I was closer and closer to my climax.

I sat up with his hands on my hips, I felt my peak coming, and my fangs elongated. He sat up too and just as my climax came he came too. My body bursts with pleasure and I sank my fangs into his neck. Just as I did it I felt his fangs sinking into my skin. We both let out moans and with the last thrust, I felt his cum squirt inside of me and his cock contracting.

I pulled my fangs out of him and rested my head on his shoulder while he did so too. I glanced at him and he smiled revealing his fangs with my blood at the tip of them. I pulled away from him and naked walked over to the wardrobe and pit on my pyjama. I was ready to go to sleep. He got up and got dressed too.

Lying in my bed on my side I felt the blanket lifting and him sliding behind me. His hard chest was against my back. His hand was on my belly pulling me closer to him. I felt his breath near my neck and with the last kiss on my neck, he gave me I closed my eyes and blackness enveloped me.

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