The Revenge

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Chapter 22

Hours became days and I lost any sense of time. Torben kept me locked up in the dungeon, the only interaction I had was the first day with him and the werewolves that brought me blood once a day. They didn't talk, giving me only dirty looks which weren't new for me, remembering their treatment when I was nothing but a slave.

Blood once a day and only less than one third I should usually drink, made me weak. It only kept me alive but not powerful enough to attempt to break free. I felt weaker than when I was a human. My olive skin became pale and the constant hunger left my fangs aching. A throbbing headache decided to keep me company.

Days without anyone around me, my thoughts were the only company I had. First I thought about all the good memories and Sin, I tried to be positive. I imagined he would burst open the door and came rushing to rescue me. When there was no sign of anyone rescuing me, despair settled in the pit of my stomach and negative thoughts replaced the good ones. I lost faith someone would ever rescue me.

The room was pitch black, but thanks to my vampire vision that didn't bother me. I sat in the corner of my cell hugging my knees, trying to get warm. The coldness and moisture seeped into my bones and I shivered. I moved back and forth, humming a song Suren used to sing to me.

The corners of my mouth slightly raised and I closed my eyes, thinking about my baby girl. Her sweet little voice flowed around in her bedroom when I heard the melody. I never knew the song she sang, Freya must have sung it to her. After hearing it about hundredth times it stuck in my brain.

I imagined being in my old house in the camp, sitting on the floor and watching Suren dancing to the song. The happiness shone through her eyes and a wide smile on her face.

Approaching footsteps snapped me out of my daydreaming and I stopped humming the melody. When I looked up, I saw four werewolves standing there, one of them holding keys.

I eyed the keys; maybe this could be my escape. Realising that they were four of them, my hope came crashing down. There was no way I could kill all of them, I was too weak.

The one with the key came forward and began opening the cell door. He had a wicked smirk on his face. Seeing his face made my heart beating erratically, fear washed over me. However, I didn't show them my fear as I narrowed my eyes at them and watched their movements.

When the others walked in, two of them came up to me, grabbing me harshly by my elbows and roughly pulling me to my feet. The fourth werewolf walked up to me holding an injection filled with yellow liquid. My eyes widened, panic filled every cell of my body and I began fighting them.

Whatever was that liquid, I didn't want it in my body. It couldn't be anything good. I tried to escape, pulling away from them and I even managed to kick one of them into their crotch area but it was all in vain. I cursed at my weakness.

The only reaction I got from them was laughter and glare from the werewolf I managed to kick. Without saying anything he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my head to the side. Pain seared through my skull and I began to once again crash around and scream.

The beast holding the injection had a sinister smile on his face. My skin crawled just looking at him. Sharp pain resonated from the side of my neck, the second he injected me with the drug, I felt my head getting lightheaded, soon after that, my head was spinning. My vision got blurry and painful, and as much as I was fighting it my eyes closed on their own, throwing me into the blackness.

My eyes slowly opened, the first thing I noticed, the room was mostly dark. There was a faint light coming from the corner of the room and I was laying on something soft. I wasn't in the dungeon anymore. The smell of mould and damp air wasn't present.

Memories of the werewolves and the drug being injected into my bloodstream began rushing in. My eyes widened and I tried to sit up but couldn't. As I tried I felt a sharp pain coming from my wrists. Hissing, I looked up above my head, my arms were chained to the bed. I was unable to move them at all and I couldn't even sit up.

Looking around the room, I tried to see where I was and anything that could help to escape. I managed to glance at myself and instantly frowned when I saw the lacy panties.

Then I heard his deep voice "'re awake"

I gulped and my eyes widened. Indescribable fear took over my body. My heartbeat quickened to the point where I thought it would stop beating and goosebumps erupted all over my body. He was in the room with me, I wore only underwear and was chained to the bed. At that moment I wished for only one thing, death. I knew what was coming.

I heard slow footsteps getting louder as he walked towards me. Appearing at the foot of the bed, a devilish smile plastered over his face. His eyes roamed over my naked body and a bulge started forming in his pants. His gentle, feather touch on my ankle caused a shiver to run across my body. If it wouldn't be him, trying to force himself on me it would be nice. I managed to kick his hand away as much as my restraints would allow me.

"Aren't you just beautiful, I love when you try to fight me" his husky voice echoed in the room. My breaths became shallow and quick, tears formed in my eyes but I tried to blink them away. I refused to cry in front of him, it would only give him pleasure.

He began slowly undressing. Unbuttoning his white shirt and then his pants. I moved my eyes away from him, I couldn't look at him anymore. The disgust I felt towards him became unbearable.

"Why can't you just leave me alone, find yourself someone else to torture" I hated how weak and shaky my voice was.

He stopped his movement for a second, his eyes collided with mine. The only thing I saw was lust so strong, the air left my lungs.

"Because you're mine." His voice roared throughout the room.

"Don't you love Diana? Isn't she your mate?" I hoped he would stop what he was about to do if I mentioned his mate. Surely he had to have feelings for her.

"She was never my mate and I never loved her."

"Loved?" I raised my eyebrow.

"She's dead" a smile appeared on his face. "Now stop talking about her, I've waited for you to wake up for hours and I can't wait anymore"

He walked next to the bed and lied down next to me. Lowering his head over to my neck he inhaled my scent deeply and let out a loud breath like he just got his fill of drug.

I pulled on the chains around my wrists trying to free myself. After he pulled away he started tracing gently over the shape of my breast with the tip of his fingers. Goosebumps raised all over my body from the touch and to my dismay, my nipples hardened. I groaned in protest, hating my body at that moment.

"Why are you so obsessed?" Tears rolled down the side of my temples into my hair.

"Something about you is driving me crazy" he whispered into my ear " you're mine, ONLY mine"

"I'll never be yours!" I screamed into his face. He just stared at me, his eyes flicked between mine and then he looked at my lips "when I get the chance I'll kill you" my jaw clenched and my body shook with rage.

He let out a booming laugh, tilting his head backwards. "If you get the chance,"

I knew my chances were slim to none but I couldn't help the anger. And I hoped to intimidate him at least a little bit. It didn't seem to work.

He took off his boxers and ripped my underwear off with one swift movement. Pulling my legs apart against my fighting he lied in between my legs. I felt his hard cock on my pussy. I was trying to fight him, trying to kick him off of me but it was useless. He kissed my neck, going down towards my breast taking my nipple in his mouth sucking and gently biting. His hand moved in between my legs playing with my clitoris.

" wet" he murmured. At that moment I hated my body for betraying me like this. I didn't want to feel any pleasure from him and yet, my body wanted more. He slid a finger inside of me and began thrusting in and out.

My eyes were shut, not wanting to see his face. He pulled out his fingers then I felt his cock against the entrance of my pussy. He roughly trusted his cock inside, letting out a moan. "Fuck, you feel better than I remember." As he started thrusting in-out roughly I felt my orgasm reaching.

I didn't want to give him the pleasure of knowing that my body was reacting to him like this. With every hard thrust, I was closer and closer until I came. I let out a loud moan and my body began to tremble. I fought the urge to sink my fangs into his neck. Seconds later, I felt his thrust harder and a moan escaped his lips and his cum flooded me inside.

He lied on top of me for a second staring at me before pulling away from me. I felt his sperm oozing out of me. My nose scrunched at the feeling. He gave me genuine smile. I didn't understand how can be someone happy from someone else's misery.

He left the room what looked like into the bathroom. I still lied on the bed chained.

Few more minutes later, he walked out naked, his cock hard in his hand. My eyes widened and flicked between his face that had a triumphant smile and his cock in his hand.

"You thought we were finished?" He laughed out "not even close, we have all night" with a smug smile he walked over and violated me again and again.

Hours passed, I was exhausted physically and mentally.

Sometimes during the night, I managed to get him angry by biting his lip until he bled when he attempted to kiss me on my lips. He hit me across my face, a split lip was adoring my face now and my cheek was aching. I also had bruises on my thighs from him holding me roughly and bruises on my wrists from the chains. That night was the longest night of my life.

After he finally finished with me, he left me chained to the bed. I screamed and cried for someone to let me off the bed but no one came.

I've never felt so hopeless before. I was used and left there like a piece of rubbish. No one cared or wanted to help me. I was beginning to think I'd never be able to escape. I'd rather die than have another night like this.

The word 'hatred' was an understatement. The feeling I felt towards Torben was indescribable.

My face was wet from all my tears. I was beyond exhausted, when I closed my eyes I instantly fell asleep.

Opening my eyes, I noticed the light in the room. It must have been a day. I moved my arm and noticed the lightness and no pain. I looked up, the chains were gone, a blanket was thrown over me. I sat up on the bed, feeling disgusting.

I stood up, severe pain seared through my neither region. I groaned and slowly limped into the bathroom. After I used the toilet I jumped into the shower. I scrubbed myself like I never did before. I wanted to scrub off all of his disgusting kisses and touches. His smell was all over me. I took my time until I was as clean as possible and I could no longer smell him.

When I limped out of the shower I glanced at myself in the mirror. My lower lip was red, swollen with a scab. A darkening bruise appeared on my cheek and I had dark circles under my eyes. My eyes were lifeless, puffy and red from crying so much. My usually glowing olive skin was extremely pale making my eyes look like black holes. The paleness of my skin made my eyes look even darker nearly black.

A different person stared at me. Individual who was lost and desperate. Someone full of misery and sorrow. And someone who couldn't keep their promises. Someone unable to finish what they started.

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