The Revenge

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Chapter 23

Days went by, I barely had interaction with anyone apart from Torben when he came to have his fun with me. I fought him every single time. And every time, I ended up with more bruises and cuts on my face.

To my disappointment, no one came to rescue me either. I didn't know whether they couldn't find me or just gave up.

The thought of Sin being dead lingered in my mind. At first, I refused to believe it. I knew he wouldn't leave me, at Torben's mercy. The longer I was there locked up, the more I began to believe Sin was dead. Since Torben was alive, I knew Erik wouldn't chance anything. Torben was still the Alpha of all Alphas in Europe.

I felt worthless and disgusted by myself; morbid thoughts filled my head. How did I let this happen? I should have been more careful. I thought every single day.

I looked for a way out or some kind of weapon I could use, on daily basis. There was nothing around. He never left the door unlocked or the window, he still kept the blood doses small for me to feel weak. I began to feel a lot weaker than I did at first few days. The constant hunger and pain wore me down.

Weeks later, Torben was still coming to me every night. Sometimes he tortured me all night, sometimes once was enough for him. I didn't understand his obsession. How could someone be so infatuated with a person, yet treat them so badly? My only explanation was that he was psychotic.

The clicking of the door being unlocked caught my attention. I knew who it was before he entered. The same werewolf came and brought me blood every day since I was abducted. He was large and intimidating, always had a weapon on him just in case I tried attacking him.

I never did, I knew it wouldn't end well for me. I wasn't strong enough to fight someone like him, I felt utterly useless, the despair and constant guilt wore me emotionally down even more.

My eyes shot to the door as it opened. Seconds later, my eyes slightly widened but I quickly concealed it as the werewolf stepped in. He was a lot younger, smaller and leaner than the werewolf that usually brought me the blood.

He nervously looked around the room and once his brown eyes landed on me, he froze for a second. Hesitantly, he walked into the room, placing the small glass of blood on the table. I noticed he had no weapon and at that second, I realised this could be my way out. I wasn't strong but if I would be quick I could manage to surprise him.

Just as he placed the glass down and his eyes left my face, I jumped to my feet and as fast as I could I reached for him.

Nothing was planned ahead and I had to take everything as it came. There was no time to think everything through.

The first thing, I felt his strong heartbeat on his wrist while I held one of his arms. The next thing I did was pulled him into me and my fangs sank into his neck deeply. His strong heartbeat lulled me, called for me to take a drink from his blood.

As soon as his blood touched my tongue, my taste buds exploded. He tasted heavenly. I have never tasted anything like him. I never heard of any vampire drinking werewolf blood and it was probably forbidden since they were the leading species. It was better than human blood. Human blood tasted blunt compared to a werewolf.

I couldn't help the groan escaping my lips. I began taking large gulps, holding him as tight as possible. He tried to wiggle out of my grasp but it was no use.

With every gulp, I felt my body getting stronger and stronger while he got weaker. Since I needed all the strength I could get, I drank until there was no more blood. Pulling my fangs out of his neck, I let go of his body. He fell to the ground with a loud thump.

I let out a deep breath. The power I felt from his blood seared through my veins. I noticed the bruises on my wrists fading in front of my eyes. When I touched the fresh cut in my eyebrow I got last night, it didn't hurt as it slowly disappeared.

At that moment, I felt hope. Hope I could escape and maybe even kill Torben on the way out.

Wearing only a skimpy nightie which was the only thing Torben allowed me to wear, I quickly took off his pants, the hoodie and shoes. They were on the bigger side but that was all I had. I couldn't complain.

Once dressed, a sinister smile appeared on my face as I imagined my revenge.

Let the games begin.

As I opened the door, in the corridor, I came across my first victim. He noticed me and before he could do anything, with my vampire speed I was in front of him punching him across his face with all my strength. He flew, colliding with the wall. As he fell to the floor I grabbed him by the collar and bit him into his neck drinking his blood.

If one werewolf gave me the power, I wondered if another would give me more strength. It was a risk I was willing to take. I needed all the strength I could get.

I heard footsteps approaching. I quickly let go of his neck and got on my feet. The power that gave me his blood rushed through my veins. I've never felt this powerful in my life.

I glanced in the direction of the footsteps. It was another werewolf. I ran then jumped at him. He braced himself but before his punch met my face, I kicked him to the side of his knee. I heard the bone crack and he let out a scream.

I heard other footsteps and voices coming towards me. I placed my hand on his temples and roughly turned his head until it snapped. I didn't even wait for his body to fall to the floor when I took off towards the voices. Seconds later, I was facing two werewolfs in front of the stairs. They both had alarmed expressions on their faces.

I rushed towards them, without stopping I kicked one of them into their midsection. He went flying colliding with the wall then rolling down the stairs. At that instant, I stood next to the other werewolf.

He punched me into my face, catching me off guard. I stepped back a pace and then just as he threw another punch, I caught his hand and turned it behind his back awkwardly. I put more pressure on it until I heard a loud sickening crack. He cried out in pain and I pushed him off the stairs. He went tumbling down hitting his head hard once he landed on the ground level. I shoot towards him and quickly grabbed his knife. Five more werewolves appeared around me.

They attempted to hit me first but I moved and jumped out of the way. One of them I stabbed with the knife I got from the dead werewolf, another I kicked so hard in his jaw he blacked out. I fought until I was the only one standing. I came over to one of them and drank his blood. I needed more.

More and more werewolves rushed towards me. They punched me, kicked me. I felt a knife slicing across my belly but thanks to the blood I drank it healed me instantly. I returned all their punches, kicks and stabs. I defeated them one by one. I glanced around the large foyer, dead bodies were everywhere, blood splashed all over the floor and walls. I defeated all of them but one.

"TORBEN!" I screamed into the silence around me. I looked around and strained my ears for any indication he heard me and was making his way to me. While I waited for him I collected knives I found at the corps. I put them behind the belt I wore. When I heard Torben footsteps and ragged breathing from afar slowly approaching I stepped outside the house.

I was graced by the stunning view of the sea. Waves crashed on the shore and the hot sun was beaming on me.

"TORBEN!" I screamed again as I leaned my head back and enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my skin.

Deep breaths resonated from somewhere behind me. I rapidly turned around, Torben stood there with his son. They must have run, they were both out of breath.

His wide eyes stared at me as he took a few steps towards the house. I knew he could smell all the blood that lingered in the air despite the breeze from the sea. He stopped in front of the door and glanced inside.

He sharply turned his head towards me once he saw all his warriors dead. Horror flashed in blue eyes before they began to glow gold and the horror he felt a second ago shifted into a rage. His posture tensed, his hands curled into fists and his jaw clenched. He opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it.

"Send him away," I said coldly. He looked at me with his eyebrow raised.

"Send him away or I'll give him the same fate you gave my daughter" I hissed through clenched teeth as I took a step closer to him.

His son was innocent in all this but so was my daughter. But I wasn't going to kill him. One thing that made me different from Torben was the fact I didn't have the heart to kill children.

Torben turned to his son, kneeled in front of him and hugged him. I couldn't help the uneasy feeling forming in my chest as I watched the exchange. I felt sorry for the boy. If I managed to kill Torben, he would be an orphan.

"I'll find you" I heard Torben's voice. His voice was lower, meant only for the boy.

The boy looked at him, tears lining his eyes "promise?"

Torben nodded and the boy hugged him once more before he ran away from the beach. Torben watched him until he was out of sight.

"You will die for this" I sensed Torben's anger rising, his eyes glowing yellow.

"I'm counting on it, I'd rather die than be your sex toy" I snapped at him. "It's about time you pay for everything you've done to me"

I took off the hoodie I was wearing. I needed better access to my knives. He took the remaining steps until he stood in front of me. I watched him intensely, my gaze never left his body.

He didn't wait for any second longer, all of a sudden he tried to kick me in the face but I expected his movement and blocked it with my arm. I kicked back and he blocked it too and attempted hitting me in the face, I moved out of the way. Just as I did it I kicked him into the side of his leg and he took a step back.

He gave me a surprised look then fury took over him once again. I went in first this time, punching him into his face then his abdomen. He returned the punch hitting me in my face. I stumbled back, my vision blurred. He didn't wait for my recovery and landed a kick to my belly. I flew across the sand, landing on my back.

He rushed towards me, straddling me and crushing my throat. I gasped for air but none was coming through.

"You thought you could kill me?" He asked through clenched teeth. My nails were digging into his flesh but he didn't budge.

In a panic, I did the next best thing. I grabbed a handful of sand and threw it into his face trying to make as much damage as possible.

He instantly let go of my neck. Air rushed into my lungs and I greedily breathed in and out as much as I could. I clutched at my neck and winced slightly upon feeling my raw skin. But the fight wasn't over. He was on his knees trying to wipe the sand out of his eyes frantically and cursing under his nose.

I came over to him and punch him with all my strength in his jaw. His head whipped to the side and he spat out blood. He held his jaw for a second his glowing eyes meeting mine as he stood up. I watched him cautiously as well, slowly getting to my feet.

Once again we were standing across from each other. He attempted to kick into my belly but I blocked it. I send out another punch in his way colliding with the side of his head. Then put my hands behind his neck, pulled him lower and with my knee, I kicked him into his belly a few times. He stammered back holding his midsection. I went in again not losing this window of opportunity and hit him into the side of his knee. I heard a crack and he cried out in pain as he knelt on one of his legs while clutching the other.

"That's it, feel the pain. That's nothing compared to what you've done to me"

I punched him in his cheek with all my strength and he fell to the ground. He didn't attempt to get up. He rolled on his back, blood dripping from his face and the sand stuck to him covering one side of his face. I grabbed a knife from my belt and stabbed him in one shoulder. When I pulled out the blade I licked his blood of, his eyes widened.

"Mmm... Who would have thought that werewolf's blood would give me such strength"

Just as I said it I stabbed him into his other shoulder. "This is for my human and vampire family. You deserve much worse than to be killed. I hope you will go to hell" I sneered as he whimpered, fear flashed in his eyes.

A triumphant smile plastered over my face when I moved the knife to the side of his neck and stabbed him there then sliced through to the other side. He let out a gurgling sound, blood rushed out from his mouth and his neck.

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