The Revenge

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Chapter 5

It was early afternoon, the sun was high in the cloudless sky, its rays beaming on us as we walked through the field towards the water. The water sparkled like tiny diamonds reflecting the sunshine. The weather was still warm, despite being the end of September.

Getting closer to the glistening water, I couldn’t hide my excitement. Since getting into the camp, I haven't had a chance to come here. A beach, magnificent with white sands and bright blue water appeared in my vision. The sea breeze gently brushed through my hair and I breathed in the scent of the salty moist air. I couldn’t tell where the sea stopped and the sky started.

A wide smile crept into my face as I took in the view. It was breathtaking. It was the first time I saw a beach and it surpassed my expectations.

I never had a chance to see the beach since I was locked up in the pack's territory most of my life. But the little I heard about it from my mother and the other slaves that felt like socialising, I always dreamed about it.

Luca's warm hand was still holding mine as he led me into the warm sand. My feet sank into the dry sand making walking rather difficult.

When we got nearer to the sea we sat down next to each other. I couldn't help but close my eyes and just soak in the relaxing noise of waves crashing down the beach. After the news I received this morning, this was exactly what I needed.

"This is my favourite place. I always come here when I need to loosen up. ” Luca's eyes were roaming over my face when I opened mine at the sound of his voice and snapped my head towards him.

"It’s beautiful, I’ve never been to the beach.” my eyes bored into his grey orbs. I was locked in his gaze mesmerised. He let out a soft chuckle, snapping me out of his gaze. Pink colour found its way onto my cheeks. I quickly looked away trying to hide my blush and embarrassment at the same time.

"Will you tell me why were you so upset?" He asked raising his eyebrows still watching me. I kept my eyes on the sea nervously playing with the sand. I didn't want to tell him. Not yet. I needed some time to process everything.

"It's my family, I just miss them" I answered nonchalantly.

My eyes flicked back to Luca. His eyebrows were furrowed and his eyes narrowed at me. He didn't buy my excuse.

I signed loudly my eyes went to the sand "I'm not ready to tell anyone yet. You'll be first to know once I am ready."

Feeling his knuckles on my cheek, my eyes found his. "Ok...I just want you to know, I'm always here for you" he said softly. After hearing his words a slight smile appeared on my face and warmth spread across my chest.

We sat there for about an hour chit-chatting when we decided to head back. After few steps into the field, Luca grabbed my hand pulling me behind him and running towards the forest.

Fear washed over me knowing something or someone was there. He glanced behind us once we were in the shadows of the tall trees but then picked up the speed again running deeper. I saw the look in his eyes full of panic and apprehension. I never saw him like this, he always looked calm and collected even when I first met him. This made my fear reach to the new hights.

“What’s wrong," I asked once we stopped running, trying to catch my breath. My hand was on the bark of the tree as I was leaning against it, my body exhausted and covered in sweat.

"I saw vampires on the other side of the field near the beach,” he explained, his voice was serious with edge to it. He was scanning the way we ran in.

“Oh” was all I said. My eyes were wide. I never came across vampires and I didn’t know what to expect. I knew they were dangerous just had no idea how much.

“Shit!” I heard him, before I could even ask what was happening he grabbed my hand once again and we ran even deeper. The deeper we ran, more darker it got. After a few seconds, we abruptly stopped. A tall very light blonde woman with pale skin blocked our path. She smiled at us devilishly and her fangs peeked from behind her upper lip.

My blood ran cold through my veins, the hair on my back stood up and my hands began to shake slightly with the sheer terror searing through me. Luca's hand squeezed my hand stronger and I felt him tense next to me. Behind me, I heard a deep voice and the colour from my face disappeared.

“Don’t worry we are not going to kill you. We are just hungry and in need of a bit of blood.” I quickly turned around and my eyes quickly found his face. He was tall, blonde with soft brown eyes that were boring into me. He had a genuine smile on his face which made my fear even stronger. They both had the same facial features, they looked like siblings. When the male vampire noticed how terrified I was he added with a soft voice “we don’t want any trouble we are just passing through. If we didn’t need blood we wouldn’t bother you.”

I glanced at Luca. The fear from earlier must have diminished, all I saw was anger bubbling within him. He protectively pulled me closer to him as if shielding me from the vampire.

"Leave us be, or I will kill both of you” he hissed through clenched teeth reaching for his dagger.

The female vampire had her arm slightly stretched out with her pointing finger up and waved with it “tsk, tsk, tsk...this is not how it's going to go down.” she said menacingly.

The next second, I felt a hand on my elbow as I was pulled away from Luca harshly, crying out in the process. The male vampire was holding me tightly with an iron grip as I was facing him, one hand on my back while the other held my head to the side. I tried to fight him, to push him away with all my strength but it was all in vain.

Then he lowered his head and whispered into my ear “don’t worry little one, I won’t kill you” after that I felt his fangs piercing through my skin with searing pain as I screamed.

I heard him let out a guttural groan as he took large gulps of my blood. I felt my warm blood running down my chest while I began to feel more tired and cold with each ounce he drank until I started seeing black dots and then blackness enveloped me.


Slowly opening my eyes, a headache began to form in my skull. I slowly scanned my surroundings and relaxed when I recognised the familiarity of the room. I was in my bed. Then memories of what happened started crushing down. The vampires bitting me and drinking my blood. The sense of hopelessness I felt at that moment returned for a second until I heard movement and the door opened. Freya entered the room, her stunning face usually looking calm and carefree, was now full of worry and exhaustion.

" Thank god... you’re finally awake” her voice sounded relieved.

“Is Luca ok??” I asked concerned.

“Ya, he is fine. He brought you back to camp.” I let out a breath I didn’t even know I held. I furrowed my eyebrows when I saw Freya's eyes glowing with sadness. I knew something wasn’t right. Both me and Luca were alive. Then what was wrong?

“What’s wrong Freya. If Luca is fine then why do you look upset?”

She took my hand in hers and sat on the bed next to me“It’s your baby Reine...You miscarried. The blood loss was too much for the baby”

After Freya said those words, heavy tears sprang out of my eyes. I instinctively put my hand on my belly, sobbing. Freya gently hugged me and that made me cry even more. I only found out I was pregnant but that didn't mean I didn't love the baby or didn't want it. Yeah, it made my life a bit complicated but the baby was innocent and it deserved a life.

A soft knock on the door snapped me out of my thoughts. I was still crying. I looked at the door when Thomas walked in. He looked relieved to see me conscious. He smiled and walked over to the foot of my bed.

“How are you feeling?”

"I’m ok,” I said as I was wiping my face with the palm of my hands. Freya was still sitting next to me. I looked at her ”how long was I out?”

“Three days. But that’s mostly because of the miscarriage. It was a big shock to your body.” My eyes flicked to Thomas as she said it. He was watching me with compassion.

“I’m gonna go tell Luca you’re awake... he’s in bad shape, blaming himself for what happened.” Said Thomas when he noticed how uncomfortable I was.

I turned to Freya after he left the room “They know about the pregnancy?” my eyebrows were high on my forehead, dread filling my core.

“Ya, after Luca brought you in, your pants were soaked in blood. You were losing the baby while you were in Luca's arms. There was nothing I could do and he wouldn't leave your side"

I couldn't help the tears rolling down my cheeks.

There was another knock on the door. As I was wiping the tears again from my face Luca walked in. He had dark circles under his beautiful grey eyes and his hair was messy sticking out everywhere. He wore grey sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt. Sadness and guilt marred his handsome features. He looked at Freya, she was watching him. She just nodded at him then she turned around to me “I’ll be back later” and left the room closing the door behind her.

He glanced at the floor as he walked over to the chair by the wall and sat down. He let out a loud sigh "I'm so sorry" his voice was raspy. He was leaning his elbows on his knees and held his head in his arms. I could feel the pain radiating off of him in waves. Not physical but mental pain. My heart sank at the sight of him. I realised I never want to see him this broken ever again.

"Luca," I said and he slowly raised his head. "It's ok, it's wasn't your fault"

"It is my fault, if I never took you to the beach it wouldn't happen"

I signed and patted a spot on the bed in front of me. He hesitated for a second but then stood up and sat at the spot. I placed my hand in his "you couldn't know it would happen. Stop blaming yourself" my voice was soft and steady.

"How can I not blame myself. You lost the baby" his eyes were boring into mine as he said it. A single tear escaped my eye and I glanced at the blanket that was over me. I felt his finger wiping away the tear "I am sorry Reine, I will never forgive myself for it" his voice was low but soft at the same time and I felt deep regret rolling off of him.

I pulled him in for a hug. Resting my cheek on his shoulder as he moved his arms around my waist. I inhaled his intoxicating scent "you need to stop blaming yourself, I will never blame you for it. Please?" I didn't want to see him like this.

Before I pulled away from him a placed soft kiss on his cheek. A slight smile appeared on his face and that brought a smile to my face.

As I leaned back into the bed he said "seeing you unconscious It made me realised something" his eyes found mine. They were serious and something else glistened in them.

"What was that?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

"That I love you"

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