The Revenge

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Chapter 7

Months have passed and our relationship blossomed. I have never been happy this much before. Luca was my rock and my best friend. He kept training me in self-defence and I became good, my body got even stronger. I wasn’t frail and defenceless anymore. A sense of pride filled my core every time I thought about it.

I became good at hunting as well and enjoyed the walks in the forest and the thrill of hunting. I wouldn’t go for hunts as much because most of my days were filled with Freya in the ‘surgery’. She still trained me, it would take me a few years to be at the same level as Freya was.

Freya and me became even closer, she was like my older sister and Chris treated me like a daughter. I loved them and I was finally happy, I had a family. It was something I yearned for since I could remember.

After our encounter with vampires, no one from the camp came across any more vampires nor werewolves. Life was good.


3 years later

"Deep breaths!” Said Freya as she sat next to me on my bed.

She was feeling my pregnant belly, checking the position of the baby. I was in the middle of a labour. Every contraction I had was incredible pain. Hours went by and with every contraction passing, I was closer to holding my baby.

That was my mantra, that was what kept me going. Luca was next to me the whole time. I held, no crushed his hand every time I had a contraction. He didn’t even flinch. Instead, he gave me words of encouragement and I was happy I had him by my side.

After more than twenty-four hours of being in unbearable pain, I was finally holding my newborn baby girl.

“What are we going to call her?” Asked Luca as he kissed the newborn on her forehead.

“I let you name her,” I said exhausted. When I found out I was pregnant with Luca's baby I was excited and the word happiness that I felt was an understatement. We couldn't agree on any names, so decided to let him name our baby as long as it was nice.

He thought for a minute while I watched my beautiful baby girl. She was all scrunched up from being in my belly and amniotic fluid for nine months. She had a lovely pink colour. I was proud of myself that I was able to bring this beautiful angel into the world. Every second I looked at her and held her I loved her more. I never thought I could love anyone more than Luca. Oh, how wrong I was. This little angel in my arms already stole my heart.

“What about Suren?” He looked at me expectantly.

“Suren,” I said trying it on my tongue

"yea it’s perfect,” I said I looking at the newborn.

A soft knock came from the door. Then Thomas and Chris came in. They both smile at us.

“Congratulations,” said Chris as he hugged Luca. “About time you finally gave me grandchild” he joked, patting his shoulder.

He walked over to me hugged me and kissed my forehead. After that Thomas gave us hugs and congratulated us.

“She’s beautiful....what name did you give her.” Asked Thomas as he walked over to Freya

“Suren,” said Luca proudly.

“That’s a nice name. It suits her” said Chris.

“Soon Suren will have a cousin and best friend,” said Thomas as he rubbed Freya’s pregnant belly.

"Oh...can you imagine them playing together,” I said smiling at Freya and Thomas.

Freya was seven months pregnant. I was happy for her. She and Thomas were trying for a baby for years and it finally happened.

“You should try and feed Suren,” said Freya when Thomas and Chris left.

“And you should go and rest. I’ll be ok. You must be tired.”

“I will, if you need help just send Luca ok??” She said as she got up from the chair. I just nodded.

After feeding Suren, Luca wanted to cuddle her. I gently placed her in his arms. He sat in the chair where Freya sat before and I was just watching him and smiling. I couldn’t believe how I got so lucky. I had the most amazing man and a beautiful baby girl. I couldn’t ask for more.

“What are you smiling about,” asked Luca when he noticed my face.

"It suits you to be father.....I think you will be amazing.”

He smiled at me then looked at Suren as he stroked her tiny cheek. "Daddy's little princess" he coed at the newborn.

Then he turned his attention to me “And you will be a very good mother. ”

After a few minutes, my eyes began to feel heavy. I tried to fight it but was failing miserably. ”Go to sleep, my love. I’ll wake you up when Suren wakes up” I heard Luca across the room. With that, I closed my eyes and fell to sleep instantly.


5 years later

“Suren! Breakfast is ready” I called while I was in the kitchen sipping my coffee. Seconds later, I heard a pounding noise. It was Suren running down the stairs.

“Slow down, you’re going to fall” I heard Luca saying.

Then they both entered the kitchen. A mischievous grin appeared on Suren's angelic face.

“Good morning mummy,” she said sweetly.

“Good morning...I made pancakes, your favourite.” I smiled.

Luca came over to me and kissed me on the lips while Suren sat on the chair digging into her pancakes.

“Mmmm... they’re delicious,” said Suren with her mouth full of pancakes.

Me and Luca sat down at the table as well.

“So what are you going to be up to today?” asked Luca.

“I’ve been asked to go help hunting for the celebration,” I sipped my coffee "What about you”

“Have to help dad. Now that I’ll be taking over the leadership I have to be by his side. ”

I just nodded ”Freya offered she’ll look after Suren while I’ll be gone,” I said eyeing Suren. “I hope you’ll be a good girl...I don’t want you to be getting into a fight with Remi” I said sternly with my eyes narrowed at her.

Remi was Freya’s and Thomas’s son. He was born a few months later than Suren. Even though they grew up together they always teased each other and fought. Any time Suren had an opportunity she would tease Remi. Suren was fiery, hot-headed and loved good old mischief. Remi on the other hand was quiet, timid and let Suren do everything she liked. I often had a talk with Suren about treating her cousin nicely. It usually came in with one ear and left with the other.

“I will mummy...only if he won’t tease me,” She said seriously.

I signed "I heard you're the one who starts it" raising my eyebrow at her.

She gave me mischievous smile.

" cheeky monkey" I stated. Luca laughed next to me and shook his head at Suren's antics.

After breakfast,t Luca went to his father and I brought Suren to Freya’s house.

“Hi Reine..are you ready,” said Thomas as he approached me and Freya.

“Yea” I turned to Suren and picked her up.

“Be a good girl and listen to aunty Freya ok?” I said as I kissed her on her cheek. She nodded hugging me tightly.

"I love you, mommy"

"I love you too"

She giggled "I love you more"

I gently pinched her cheek "no, I love you more"

“I’ll be back later,” I said as I put her down kissing her forehead.

“Oh...we are going to have so much fun,” Freya said cheerfully as she held Remi in her arms.

Thomas kissed Remi and Freya and we were on our way.

We walked into the forest and chatted. There were another two hunters with us. It was the middle of the summer, the sun was shining through the trees and the sky was blue without any clouds. It was a beautiful day.

We were all excited about the celebration that was held the next day. Luca was going to become a leader, it was time for his father to step down. I was proud of Luca. To become a leader he had to earn it. He worked hard and people chose him. He always was a people person, everyone loved him in the camp.

To the left of me, I heard a noise. I ducked down and signalled the others to do the same. Everyone instantly became quiet. About thirty feet away was wild boar. Since I saw the animal first it was my shot.

I got my bow and arrow ready waiting for the right moment. Once the wind calmed down and I had a clear shot, I took it. I let out the arrow and it flew past trees until it hit the boar into its belly.

All of us walked over to the dead animal and I ripped out the arrow. “Good shot,” said one of the other guys. I beamed back at him ”thanks”

One of the guys threw the animal over his shoulder and we continued on our hunt.

Thomas managed to catch nice sized deer, the other guy caught another smaller boar and we managed to catch four rabbits as well. The sun began to dip lower towards the horizon and we decided to head back to the camp.

When we were closer to the camp we heard loud howls and smelled smoke. My eyes widened in terror as I looked at Thomas. His face mirrored my facial expression. We dropped everything and began running towards the camp. When we were nearer we saw flames illuminating the darkness.

As we entered the gate of the camp, there were dead bodies everywhere and some of the houses were still on fire. Thomas took off towards his house, and I ran after him. alive. I beg you...please.

Deep down I knew they were either dead or taken to be slaves.

When we got into the house it was eerily quiet and my body filled with dread. I ran towards the kitchen. On the floor I saw streaks of blood, my heart sank as I followed the dark crimson liquid until I saw Luca’s unconscious body in a pool of his blood.

”No no no no” I cried out kneeling next to his body. I tried to find his pulse but there wasn’t any. My eyes filled with tears then started rolling down my face as I held his head in my arms clutching it to my chest. I let out loud sobs and low whimpers.

I brushed his black hair out of his face memorising his handsome features. I wanted them to be carved into my memory.

My tears were falling over his face. I held my forehead to him for a few minutes wishing he would open his eyes and stare at me. I wished it was a nightmare, that I would wake up and he would be sleeping next to me.

From the back garden, I heard loud sobs. I gently put Luca’s lifeless body back on the floor and walked over to the door that led to the garden. Thomas held Freya’s and Remi’s bodies.

A bit further away from them was Suren's body laying in the grass. I rushed over, picking her small body, she was covered in blood. I tried to find her pulse but there was nothing. I let out a loud scream into the air above me as rage, despair and sorrow run through my body. I leaned over her holding her face in both my hands and her forehead was touching mine begging her to open her eyes. I was rocking back and forth with tears rolling down my cheeks.

In space of hours, my life was destroyed. All the people I loved and cared about were gone. I never felt such pain in my life. Physical pain was nothing compared to this. My heart was shattered into a million pieces. Once that first tear broke free when I saw Lucas’s body the rest followed and I couldn’t stop it. I didn’t want to stop it. I wished I was dead with them.

I sat there for hours watching my baby’s face. I brought her next to Luca’s body and just watched them as I sat on the floor. I wanted to stay there, just to watch them never leave them. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I turned around Thomas was standing there. His face was wet with tears and his eyes bloodshot red filled with pain. I stood up and hugged him tightly and he hugged me back. ” We need to bury them,” he said as I pulled away. I just nodded.

He went outside into the garden to get a shovel. I followed him grabbing another one and started to dig in the garden. I helped him dig a grave for Chris then right next to it we dug a bigger grave for Freya and Remi and then a grave for Luca and Suren. Before putting them into their graves I kissed all of them on their foreheads as the last goodbye. Thomas did the same. Tears started rolling down my face again as we covered them with soil.

”Rest in peace,” I said. Thomas hugged me tightly and I felt his sobs against my shoulder. That day both of our lives shuttered into a million pieces. We were both in agony and had only each other.

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