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When the sons of God came to the daughters of men, their union birthed mighty warriors of renown. Those who cause others to fall were known as the Nephilim. Millenia after their extinction, humans’ curiosity has birthed new troubles for them. What was once thought lost has been revived, but this foolish arrogance came with its own downfall. The accursed Nephilim have returned, but have these children no right to live once granted life? What humans thought they could control now search for their connection to a world that has forgotten their fear of the titans of old. Can Nephilim grasp a sense of humanity and live freely in this new age, or are they merely the destructive giants the stories claimed, seeking to dominate their human creators?

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When the sons of God came to the daughters of men, the children of their union birthed mighty warriors of renown. With stature so tall, men compared themselves to a grasshopper beside them. None could challenge their might, so these giants earned glory that rivaled worship. It is believed God sent the great flood to wipe these giants from the world, but some survived the cataclysm. Those who cause others to fall were known as the Nephilim.

Millenia after their extinction, humans’ original sin has birthed a new curse upon them: curiosity. What if something lost could be returned? Long as humanity desired to unlock the potential for more within themselves, but it has always been at the cost of another’s vitality. Perhaps it is God’s absence that tempts them to play creator. What was once thought gone forever has been revived, but their foolish arrogance came with its own downfall.

Thus, the accursed fate of the Nephilim returned, but have these children no right to live once granted life? Are they denied the wasted peace of mankind? Or was the true sin against them to begin with, waiting to be avenged...?

A man sat alone, sipping tea at the center of a large, circular room. He was finishing the last of a pot of black tea. Dressed in pale gray, linen pajamas, the kimono-styled top rested loosely against his broad build. His complexion was a fired clay color, pale brown with red undertones. As the sole inhabitant of the room, his tall stature was almost forgotten when the furnishings were tailored to his height and reach.

Aside from the table setup, there was a long, platform bed with the head against the wall and the foot facing the center of the room. A long-footed, dark wood credenza stood beside the bed with a fresh set of matching linen pajamas. The tall ceiling’s skylight allowed plenty of natural sunlight inside for the plants littered about the room, and a water fountain trickled a tranquil rhythm that echoed off the sky blue walls.

The wall window ran the length of half the room. Beyond the glass boundary appeared to be a grassy field beside a forest. The lush greens and browns were soothing in tandem with the indoor garden. It seemed a perfect paradise had been made for this man, enjoying his tea. As he opened his eyes, yellow-green pools stared lazily at the only door in the whole room.

The door slid to his left inside the wall, revealing a nervous man in orderly scrubs carrying a tray. Setting the large teacup down on the polished table, the tenant watched the man approach cautiously as the door closed behind him. His annoyed gaze blinked as he sighed lightly. Once the attendant reached the high table, he set the tray down to pick up the teapot and cup. The difference in height made the newcomer looked dwarfed by the man.

“How much longer do I have to wait?” A deep voice bellowed from the taller man, making his attendant freeze.

“The doctors would know more about that, Adam...” The answer was timid and soft as the speaker tried to avoid the other's gaze.

“I only agreed to this arrangement because they promised they would find her.”

“I-I know,” the orderly stammered as sweat soaked into the neck of his scrubs. “I just look after your daily needs and care. You’ve just finished a meal, so they should speak with you soon.”

Adam leaned closer to the pallid attendant. Looking over the man's tremulous form, he paused when he could feel the heat radiating through his skin. He sniffed at the glincing skin where the neck met shoulder with interest. A tear escaped the orderly’s left eye, catching Adam’s attention.

“Something troubling you?” The calm tone made the man shutter.

“Honestly...” the man’s strained voice replied, “... I’m just scared of you taking your frustration with the doctors out on me.”

“Oh?” Adam blinked with genuine surprise at the man’s vulnerable honesty. Backing up to observe the fear in his evergreen eyes, a pleasant smile sprouted on the giant's lips. “Your badge says your name is Jonathan. I value honesty, Jonathan, so as long as you remain honest with me, you have no need to fear me. Is that not reasonable?”

Jonathan locked onto the yellow-green orbs, searching for some sort of verification to the promise. Despite the civil expression on Adam’s face, the orderly knew of his violent tendencies when moved to anger. It was all he could do to remember to breathe any time he had to enter this room. Why had the doctors even made such a being to begin with...?

“Yes... That sounds reasonable,” he replied softly. It wasn’t as if Adam gave any of them much of a choice.

“Good, I’m pleased we have found an understanding then, Jonathan.” Adam stood to his full height, towering over the attendant to walk over to the window. “I look forward to seeing you next time. Let’s hope my doctors have good news for all of us.”

“I hope they do, too, Adam.” Jonathan took a deep breath before picking up the tray. He turned to leave, walking slowly to lessen the rattling noise of the tea set from his trembling. He stole one last look over his shoulder at the titan, staring outside at the field, before taking around step forward. The door opened on the cue, allowing Jonathan’s escape.

A security guard stood ready on the other side, reaching to take the tray from him. Jonathan relinquished it willingly, and once the door closed again, the orderly dropped to the floor to sob quietly. The guard exhaled heavily as well as a female nurse rushed to Jonathan’s side.

“I swear he thought about killing me this time...!”

“Hang in there, Jon.” The nurse knelt beside him to try helping him to his feet. “As long as he never catches you in a lie, he won’t snap on you.”

“How much longer are we going to be trapped here, Rae?!” Jonathan cried, jerking his head up to look at her worried face. “We’re gonna to start stroking out at this rate!”

“That’s on the doctors,” the security guard answered tiredly, making them both glance up at him. “They started this mess, and Adam knows it. For what it’s worth, Adam doesn’t lie either, and he’s promised to cooperate as long as we don’t lie to him. It’s all we ask of you when you have to go in there.”

As Jonathan leaned into Rae’s shoulder to cry, the nurse hugged her friend, knowing all too well how terrifying it was to enter that room. It wasn’t as charming for them inside as it was for Adam. They just hoped the secret garden they had prepared for him would pacify him until they could meet his demands...

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