Red roses

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Fred is a 15 year old boy Marcy Jones is the smartest and most beautiful girl in school however behind the lives of both of them hides a horrifying secret not only that but it is a secret that they both uncover when around each other and as they do so there love is not held back no matter how much others try to hold it back and Fred learns the truth about life and a little something about Marcy too.

Fantasy / Poetry
A. L Elmer
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Chapter one

Dear diary my name is Fred yones I live with my mum in a small Village called oakmore. We have lived her for 2 months and today I finally unpacked my room. We came from mayfair the place in London. I never new my dad he died when I was 2 I have no memories of him at all. However mum never talks about him which is odd but yeah grief I guess. Right now I am 15 year old I go to the village school oakmore school I love playing football by the way. And school life is ok my best mates name is Jake he is in my school he has brown hair and always wears a woolly hat but you know. Oh and there is this girl at school that every boy likes (you know like likes) Marcy Jones she has brown hair and beautiful browny ready coloured eyes her hair goes to just past her shoulders and her best friend is called Amy she has blue eyes and blonde hair. Oh and if you are wondering I have blonde coloured hair and have blue eyes and well I am quite tall mum has blonde golden hair. I am on the school football team which is fun but there is this one boy called Greg boarding he is very muscular and he is great at football Jake thinks he is on steroids because he is so muscular and good at football. All the girls at school fancy him which is annoying. He has black hair and dark with a green tinge eyes he is ok however he is one of those boys that is handsome and knows it. Marcy said Hi to me today in the school corridor today I thought I was going to melt. One thing that make Macy different from other girls is that she doesn’t talk badly about others with the rest of the other girls in school she is kind to the people that are treated badly by them and she keeps herself to herself and sits on the bench reading and chatting with Amy who follows her around like a lap dog. For some reason I am not sure why... 🤔

by A.L Elmer
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